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  1. Hopefully you made it down here to the Gulf Coast (the best coast). Pensacola is definitely a hidden gem.
  2. I totally hear you A1Acc3, and as a former small business owner I have a soft spot in my heart for "ma & pa" and boutique specialty type stores. That being said times are changing as you are well aware. With social media, blogs and forums the average customer coming into a store to purchase a Kamado (or virtually any item) already knows as much about the product as any clerk on the floor, and in some case a lot more. If a product is not on Amazon or in the Big Boxes, they will die on the vine. Kamado Joe has really made huge gains on Primo and BGE through aggressive marketing. I owned an independent funeral home that I founded in 1997. In 2004 I sold it to a firm that owned 3 funeral homes. They just sold it to a firm that owns 5 locations. Eventually it will get bought by a Nationwide conglomerate. The days of the little guy are numbered. The "ma & pa's" will survive for a while, but eventually they will go the way of the old independent neighborhood gas stations and grocery stores. The trick is to find your "niche". I have to challenge your statement "Although KJ may see success at first with their new venture, ultimately it will backfire". Without it they would just be another Vision, Pitt Boss, Saphire, etc. Kamado Joe has bigger fish to fry. Although someone may be able to gather plenty of info on a product before they even enter an establishment via the internet, nothing beats the information they receive when they walk into a dealer who has dedicated, passionate sales staff who have hands on knowledge on a particular product. I'm not just a dealer for their product who blows smoke up customer's butts as to why KJ is better than the alternatives. I practice what I preach and try to always expand my knowledge when it comes to using my KJ's. Obviously you do quite a lot of cooking with their product, I've followed your posts for quite some time. Normally our opinions are similar, on this particular subject however, they differ.
  3. Although this may be deemed a success by some, it is certainly not a success when you're one of KJ's smaller dealers like me. It's already hard enough to do business as a brick and mortar store competing with online retailers such as Amazon. We'll see if KJ holds the big box store to the same MAP guidelines that they hold their small dealers to. There's a reason you don't see BGE, Primo, Vision, etc in big box stores... Good luck finding a salesman at Lowe's or HD that knows their ### from a hole in the ground when it comes to KJ. Although KJ may see success at first with their new venture, ultimately it will backfire.
  4. I've transported my Big Joe, on a trailer in it's table, Classic, sitting in the bed of my truck out of the cart, and Joe Jr. in the stand and have never had any issues. I don't remove any of the internal pieces. I do however take care enough to secure everything properly. I have never had any issues, thank goodness.
  5. It's hot here in Pensacola too! 95* with a heat index of 110* and almost 80% humidity!
  6. Lets be honest about it , there is obviously a problem. It has been brought to the forfront of a few conversations. Now someone has been injured to the point of 23 stitches and a thousand bucks. I didn't just run out and tighten my springs all the way down, I tightened them enough to hold the lid up and they finally ran out of adjustment. I am not slamming the manufacturer at all , I am just saying the potential for a real bad result is there and some want to he haw around like some others don't have enough sense to know how to adjust their grills. This post isn't directed at any one person so please don't think I meant it that way. Some people save long and hard to shell out the kind of bucks a big joe cost and I can imagine the bad taste it leaves. I have probably violated some kind of bashing rule but I will think safety first any day!!---Ken I couldn't agree more... If it wasn't for the fact that there were a few people around my Big Joe while I was preparing the grill, I would've taken a direct hit to the back of the head... I wasn't thrilled to say the least. There is definitely an issue that needs to be resolved. I'm at the point now where I'm either going to cross drill the hinge where I can pin the lid up, or I'm going to get rid of my Big Joe and get a Classic and a Joe Jr. I've replaced my hinge and spring assemble once but the problem persists even with the replacement. I absolutely LOVE my KJ, but I'm getting tired of having to keep my hand on the handle whenever the lid is open, because I can't trust it.
  7. As far as I know they all come with the warning sticker in the same place. I ripped the sticker off leaving some of the paper and slapped the upper vent on. No issues so far. I've done the same thing on both my Classic and BigJoe.
  8. I'm on my second set as well. I figured out that by over tightening the springs actually caused more problems than actually just snugging them and allowing the springs to do their job. Although my lid will still come down on it's on, especially if I am cutting something on my table and the table rocks slightly.
  9. I too have had my grill lid fall on me! I was grilling hamburgers and turned my head as I was flipping a burger and the grill lid came down directly on my wrist on shot the burger off the spatula right on to the inside of the dome. My springs and bands were tight and my grill stays maintained. Seems to be a common issue. I wouldn't have purchased the Big Joe if I would've known of these issues. I already owned a Classic, I should've just bought another Classic instead of selling it and putting the funds towards a Big Joe.
  10. A1Acc3

    2016 KJ

    I would have to say a heavier duty Big Joe hinge. Or at least one that uses some sort of locking/latching mechanism once the dome has reached the fully raised position. I've had to replace my hinge once already, even with the replacement I still have to be alert while the lid is open. (It's already fallen on me once, and yes, I know how to adjust the hinge I am a KJ dealer) I have to agree with a better gasket, the original ones seem to burn up rather quickly. I have also seen a few carts that the upper portion doesn't like to stay in the base. It's hard to put any sort of torque on the Phillips head screws that are used as set screws. Perhaps an Allen head screw or hex head would be better. (Although I'm sure a Phillips head was chosen due to the fact that most homeowners own a screw driver). A table with the grill opening offset would be nice as well. (For the Big Joe especially) Overall fantastic product!
  11. I really wanted to keep my classic but I used the funds from selling my Classic to offset the cost of the BigJoe. I'm planning on purchasing a Joe Jr. within the next few weeks that I'll be able to take camping plus use to cook sides or other items if my Big Joe is full.
  12. I've owned a KJ Classic for a little over a year, decided it was time to upgrade! (Hopefully I won't regret selling my Classic) I can't wait to get Bertha (short for BIG Bertha) home and fired up! I've heard mixed reviews as far as charcoal consumption is concerned comparing the Classic to the Big Joe. We'll see what happens, either way I'll be pleased with the extra cooking area!
  13. Spatchcock is definitely the way to go! I cook my birds spatchcock, direct, 375*, until IT reaches 160* in the breast. Then I let it rest for 5 minutes or so.
  14. Was it windy/breezy out while you were cooking?
  15. Looks great Andy! I'll definitely have to give this a go!
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