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  1. Any interest in an unused Big Black Joe with all accessories? cant buy them anymore, stlill available!
  2. Brand new Black Big Joe still for sale to a good home!
  3. The Big,Beautiful,Black,Never Used, Big Joe is still available....
  4. Sr56....Fort Mill SC, about 15 miles south of Charlotte. Interested?
  5. My wife purchased me a Brand new Big Joe from the Costco road show a couple of years ago. She told me I could not use it until we moved into our new house, which was delayed considerably by our HOA awaiting pre-sale permission to put in a pool and Lanai. Long story short, after delays getting the pool built, I am about ready to use it but love the new features of the new Big Joe, though I would rather have it in black...:) The grill has the divide and conquer system, slit deflector plates,cover, etc. There is absolutely not a scratch on it. I figure someone would appreciate a black Joe, especially since they are no longer made. Please let me know if you are interested. Bearque
  6. Agree, Big! Want one. Thanks Andy for the Heads up!
  7. Andy, Any updates on the Joetesserie? Availability for the Big Joe? Thanks! Tim
  8. Perhaps they could be distributed by Kamado Guru Inc. since John sold so many to start with….
  9. An aside to all the Akorn newbies.... When Mr. Toe speaks, please listen. One of the most helpful Gurus on the site. Tim
  10. Reidan, Great topic! Thanks for sharing your experience so we can all learn. I would imagine that Ben's CI skillet would do the trick for you. Did the BGE deep dish pan have some tips for non-sticking? Tim
  11. Agree with Andy that the thread has run it's course and appreciate mfbabs response. Thanks dude! Tim
  12. Arky is getting tough, no doubt. Bill, any word re an OC for the Dawgs?
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