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  1. I am learning about kamados before I get one. What are the recommendations for things like crab legs and mussels? Take them out of the shell to get some smoke or just grill? I like scallops and conch too when I can get it.
  2. Red-Ducati

    First Cook - Carnitas?

    Congratulations on the first cook. I am anxious to get my own kamado and went to my first kamado back yard bbq last weekend. Pico de Gallo and tomatillo or siriachi sauce would be great on those.
  3. Red-Ducati


    What is the difference between the oval grills and the round ones? I like the lifetime warranty on the BGE and it looks like it has all the necessary features.
  4. Red-Ducati


    Hello everyone, I have been interested in the ceramic Kamado grills for a while now and I was wondering if anyone in the Dallas area is on the forum. I don't have a grill yet. I have been looking at the Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe and Komodo Kamado models. If someone experienced is near by that would like to grill some steaks and talk about bbq, let me know. I'll bring the steak. tsmobley@gmail.com