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  1. Rub and marinade caused outside of ribs to char but taste was great.... And juicy!!!! Yes! At least I was able to hold @230-250 throughout the 4hr cook. Used a pizza stone on top of webber grate as diffuser... From other posts that may have helped regulate the temps....
  2. Thanks!!! Loving the grill and the forum....
  3. Thanks!!! I'm taking all the advice I can get right now.... I'm sitting on the back deck smelling the great smells coming from the ribs that are smoking in the akorn... It's sitting at 250....
  4. Gonna do a rack of baby backs..... Fixing to prepare the coals as we speak.....
  5. Got our new Akorn put together and grill seasoned yesterday..... Going to fire her up today and see just what kind of cooker she (or I) is (am) .... Couldn't go the BGE price and no Coscos in the area... Been cooking on gas so this should be an experience.....
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