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  1. Had a similar problem last weekend, did 2 7lb butts and then opened the vents up to cook pizza for my son and his wife who had come over for dinner, It wouldn't get over 450:(. Tbh although they took longer to cook, they still tasted great, sorry forgot to take photos.
  2. Coincidence ; Been looking at growing a Szechuan Peppercorn bush this year for Chinese pepper spice. Still looking for a plant/ seed source in UK.
  3. I have read other threads on here saying it was not possible / best practice to use wood in your Akorn, other than chunks for smoke. I believe there is insufficient airflow to maintain a burn?
  4. This is the biggest problem over here, unless you buy in bulk in the summer you cannot buy charcoal in any local shops/outlets. The only way is via online sales ( that I have found).
  5. Recipe looks well worth doing. I have made bread before in electric oven but not in kamado yet. Not sure on your use quantities I.e. 4# and 1# means what weights/sizes. I am thinking in terms of a 2lb loaf tin. I need to work out the quantities correctly due to the wife's diet.
  6. I am sure you will impress your wife with your culinary expertise
  7. Looks fantastic, I must try this. Supermarket selling off loin joints after christmas, I bought one and cut it up into loin steaks, best I shoot down and get another
  8. Damn that looks good, are those chips cooked a the griddle?
  9. She who must be obeyed says to always cook with strong cheese if you want to be able to actually taste it in the dish. Personally I prefer a milder cheese for eating cold, but use strong for cooking with. Loin looks great btw
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