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  1. So with 6 kids in sports this past season, I had literally no time to grill or smoke much food. I've been away from this site for a while but hope to get back on more consistently. Last time I was here there was a forum for beer making. Is it gone?
  2. I have cooked a full brisket on the top grate. Many times I have had one pork butt on top and two on the bottom rack...no problems. When I cook one butt by itself, I always cook it on top near the end of the cook and have a foil pan of baked beans on the bottom grate so it catches all the meat drippings. heavenly.
  3. Absolutely. I take mine camping and tailgating. Very safe.
  4. I've got my first batch of all-grain brew fermenting in this as we speak. Very cool and affordable! https://www.thefastrack.ca/main/fastferment
  5. Welcome from up I-35 in Denton
  6. That's a good idea with the magnetic tape.
  7. This is an awesome thread. I too am looking to expand my grilling to more healthy options.
  8. this cat is probably just yawning...
  9. I've replaced my gasket once already from doing several high temp cooks. They are super easy to replace and I had no issues calling BKK and ordering the replacement. I got 2 for down the road.
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