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  1. Great looking meal, and great pics. Hope it tasted as good as it looked.
  2. I use the Bose in ear sport and they are amazing. Comparable in price to what you got, but I found them on sale. They lock in the ear just like what you bought and sounds great.
  3. Should be going on sale in the next couple weeks for a much better deal. Usually buy 1 get 1 for Memorial Day...I think.
  4. Great movie for sure and he was an awesome soldier. I only wish I was that good during my 20 yrs. He has my upmost respect for sure. RIP
  5. Great looking bikes you guys have there. I would love a Cannondale for my next ride. I had a Trek while I was in Korea due to that being all they had. Hope you enjoy your new purchase.
  6. I do mine at about 275 until they are done...I think they come out ok.
  7. Mcohen

    Where Is....

    I'm still here....not posting much, still cooking and recovering from my shoulder surgery.
  8. The tortilla stack was my take on this Tostada Stack recipe. http://datenightdoins.com/tostada-stack/ There are many great recipes on that site...check em out! He had a blast!! I do bet he would blow some stuff up in a lab..but it would be fun to watch!
  9. Thanks Dub...nothing feels bionic now at all...this sucks. I do know it will be worth it in the end though!
  10. I go in direct at about 375 for 45-60 min. I also finish over direct heat for extra grill marks.
  11. Did Mr grill need his scarf? Also, hope you enjoyed the trinkets from Beechcraft...my best guess was you were somehow involved in aviation...being in Wichita and all... No, he did not need the scarf here, but he is headed to Alaska, so it will get put to good use. I did enjoy the trinkets! I have been in the Air Force for over 19 yrs and will retire in 9 months so you were definitely right on the money. Beechcraft would be a great place for me to get a job after I retire wink wink. lol..Hopefully getting my shoulder fixed now, will help with the job hunt in a few months.
  12. Lol...I'm a maintainer...no pilot here...lol
  13. Well Mr. Grill arrived a couple days before the long Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately I had to work, so Mr. Grill went to work with me. I am a Fuel Systems Craftsman on the KC-135 Stratotanker as seen on Dirty Jobs. http://youtu.be/2ALHwJsIHYE Ironically, this was filmed where I work. Well here he is at work during Labor Day weekend. Being a Fireguard Making sure no tools are left in tank Closing the tanks filler cap Zip lining down the wing Trying to fly the plane Finishing the job and closing tanks Misc Pics Now I am done with work and we had time to do a couple of cooks. Mr. Grill was a big help. Starting the fire Lid closed and primo warming up Ready to season some chicken with Spicy Creole Chicken waiting for the grill Mr Grill says the chicken is about done Off the grill and ready to eat The next day we decided to thaw some pulled pork and make a tortilla stack. Here are the ingredients and also Mr. Grill getting real close to the pork to give his approval. A couple layers in to the stack All stacked and ready for the smoke Needed some guac, so Mr. Grill whipped some up…it was perfect! Stack ready to come off Cut and plated…it was delicious After dinner we sat back and enjoyed some Apple Pie Moonshine. No pics because we drank too much. Enjoyed the time we had together and he is welcome back any time. He is on the way to Alaska now. Thanks for the visit and hope everyone enjoys these pics. One handed posting is no fun. Mike
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