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  1. Im a machinist so I drill a lot of ss. Order some good cobalt drill bits. Order a good cutting fluid too or some kind of oil for the bit. If you are only doing four holes you are probably fine with cheaper bits from home depot. Just dont spin too fast or you will probably burn them up quick.
  2. i add chorizo to mine also. Lends a great flavor and makes it more filling.
  3. I like to cube it while raw and roll in rub. Cook until tender then glaze it with bbq sauce until it sets. They are good.
  4. Pizza looks great. I cook a lot of kenji lopez recipes too. Tonight im doing his oyakodon which is really good.
  5. Can always look towards the middle east. They have amazing looking food that should inspire
  6. Cant seem to edit the post. Pastrami and swiss on rye. It was from the smoked pastrami. Tuna sushis and spicy tuna in a bowl with rice. Beef braised in coconut milk with garlic onions mushrooms carrots and cilantro. Very ugly but it was real tasty.
  7. You cider fans should look into making it. It is very easy.
  8. More you open more oxygen. I dont know any way to prevent the spike but they dont seem to be detrimental.
  9. Thanks eveyone. Ill try to add some more updates this week.
  10. I think im going to do another in a week or two.
  11. Smoked my first pastrami this week. I cheated and used a corn beef from the store, but it was delicious.
  12. I just like beer and food lol. Ill try to update more often.
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