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  1. We do waternelon, feta, and cucumber. Very good!
  2. Can you share your sauce recipe? I can't seem to find one that I love.
  3. Well, using my old akorn i could run with nothing. I upgraded to an egg a few weeks ago so I'm still learning a couple things.
  4. When I cook something like a butt or other bbq I only use the dome thermometer. I know it's not super accurate but if I'm a little hot or cold there is no worry.. If I'm cooking something a little more temp senstitive I'll pull out the maverick.
  5. You also could of been way hotter than 700 if your counting on your dome thermo. I leave the parchment in the whole time usually 5-600 degrees. Judging by the top of your pizza id say you had the grill super hot too.
  6. Yup I would of left it whole and not put the slits in it. Also, wrapping in bacon won't make it any more moist on the inside.
  7. Thats one of my favorite cuts. I cooked some here at work yesterday on an electric skillet i keep around. Yours look great.
  8. I don't have a food processor, so i just take the head of cauliflower and grate it. Works good but makes a little mess.
  9. you can always try a braise too.
  10. Hot and fast just like how you would cook a steak for yourself.
  11. Mojo is always a classic on whole pigs too
  12. Theres a method that I saw on meatheads site for those thin steaks. Get a charcoal chimney going good, put a grate on it, and cook directly on there. I ha en't tried it but always wanted to, since those thin steaks are much cheaper.
  13. I tried making it, but ended up with a version of dirty rice. Still ate good though lol
  14. Does it add anything to the flavor of the fish, or is it kind of a novelty thing?
  15. I'll take that as a compliment. They have a lot more money than me lol