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  1. I like to cube it while raw and roll in rub. Cook until tender then glaze it with bbq sauce until it sets. They are good.
  2. mikep

    Detroit style pizza

    Pizza looks great. I cook a lot of kenji lopez recipes too. Tonight im doing his oyakodon which is really good.
  3. mikep

    Don't stone me but....

    Can always look towards the middle east. They have amazing looking food that should inspire
  4. I took a page out of it
  5. mikep

    About time

    Cant seem to edit the post. Pastrami and swiss on rye. It was from the smoked pastrami. Tuna sushis and spicy tuna in a bowl with rice. Beef braised in coconut milk with garlic onions mushrooms carrots and cilantro. Very ugly but it was real tasty.
  6. mikep

    Hard Apple Cider

    You cider fans should look into making it. It is very easy.
  7. More you open more oxygen. I dont know any way to prevent the spike but they dont seem to be detrimental.
  8. mikep

    About time

    Thanks eveyone. Ill try to add some more updates this week.
  9. mikep

    First Pastrami

    It was a 3-4lb flat
  10. mikep

    First Pastrami

    I think im going to do another in a week or two.
  11. Smoked my first pastrami this week. I cheated and used a corn beef from the store, but it was delicious.
  12. mikep

    About time

    I just like beer and food lol. Ill try to update more often.
  13. mikep

    About time

    katsudon panko snapper ,cilantro lime rice, mango salsa seared tuna. The yellow pile is grated dehydrated egg yolk breajfast of champions chicken katsu a smoked pastrami that will be turned into reubens tonight.
  14. I bought the bge because the dealer is literally across the street from my house. I really wanted the joe to be honest. Me and two other friends bought them at the same time so we were able to negotiate on the price also. This was about three years ago before bge had their own dividing sytem. Ive never had any warranty issues so I cant help there. Something about that red kamado joe still makes me wish but my bge has been a great purchase.