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  1. It's hard to tell from the photo, but if the charcoal grate is cracked or starts to warp over time I would replace it as it can expand and apply pressure to the firebox and fracture it. We have a new charcoal grate design for the Oval XL. The reason I mention it is that a grate is inexpensive compared to replacing the firebox, since there is no warranty on a used grill. Our gaskets are Nomex, but it's up to you on the brand...I would replace them. Gasket material around the neck of the dome will eliminate the need for the screw. Our new thermometers can be calibrated, but once again go with the thermometer you prefer...If the clip on the probe of the existing one will tighten it, then I would go with it. Thermometer only offer an approximation since it is not reading the temperature at the cooking grates. Finally, if you want a metal cart with no table top it's around $300...it's Primo item #368. Otherwise, you have the ceramic feet and I have seen some Primo owners use cinder blocks and a ceramic tile for a quick and inexpensive pedestal. Enjoy!
  2. BigCaddy, Please call our main office at 770-492-3920 and explain your issue. Have photos ready to email and we'll get it resolved for you. You can PM me here anytime. Best, Derald
  3. Primo is running a special offer May 1-31, 2017 for a FREE Orion Cooler. Fire & Ice Promotion Details1. Make a qualifying purchase of Primo products at a Participating Primo Dealer.- The Participating Primo Dealer store finder will be available on this webpage beginning May 1, 2017.- A qualifying purchase includes any combination of Primo products.- Non-Primo products, sales tax, delivery charges or any other charges are not considered in the total purchase amount.Qualifying Purchase Amounts:- A purchase of $1,500.00 to $1,799.00 Qualifies for a FREE 25 Qt Orion Cooler- A purchase of $1,800.00 to $2,299.00 Qualifies for a FREE 35 Qt Orion Cooler- A purchase of $2,300.00 or more Qualifies for a FREE 45 Qt Orion Cooler* You may select a smaller cooler model based on the qualifying purchase.2. The Participating Primo Dealer completes the Orion Cooler Rebate Online Form with your shipping information and attaches a photo of your purchase receipt.3. Expected delivery of your FREE Orion Cooler is 4-6 weeks.
  4. As others said, it will turn black the more you cook with it. Mine has a shiny black patina after 400+ cooks. Interestingly, I helped a Primo owner this summer who had received an Oval JR from a friend. It was thick with grease to the point that I could not remove the firebox. I heated the grill to 600°F for over five hours, then let it cool. When I opened it the interior was coated in white ash, and when I brushed it off the interior was tan in most areas AND the Made in USA stamp was as good as the day the grill was produced. Best, Derald
  5. I take out the charcoal grate and use a large plastic cup.
  6. I like the plate to conduct heat to help roast the food.
  7. Here is what I do... Option 1 Lit charcoal on one side with divider and no HD rack and plate. Option 2 Lit charcoal on both sides with divider and HD rack and plate on one side. I prefer option 2 a little more, but both will work. Best, Derald
  8. Excellent ODK. Yes, three feet works better than four IMO...that's what I do. You only need to cover the top for your application. Personally, I think it looks better than a full cover. Enjoy and welcome to the Primo Family! Best, Derald
  9. The forum is up and running with the upgrade. I just logged in with no issue. Everyone's computer setup is different, so I would try logging in manually and see if it works. If not, use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the forum home page. Best, Derald
  10. Great looking set-up and inaugural meal. I enjoy ingenuity to save a few bucks...I'm the same way. The slight gap between the deflector plates will not affect your cooking. Mine do not perfectly match on my Oval XL. You can put a sheet of aluminum foil over the gap, but it's really not necessary. Welcome to the Primo family! Best, Derald
  11. Hi Ratman, Take a look at the Primo YouTube channel with Primo University and the video recipes. The channel should give you a good start and be sure to subscribe to get a alerts to new videos. There is no break-in period...start cooking. Snug the hardware after your first cook and periodically; the repeated expansion and contraction can loosen them up until it settles in. Welcome to the Primo family! Best, Derald
  12. Great looking ODK and the advice you are getting here is right on the mark. Welcome to the Primo family. Best, Derald
  13. Thanks for all the well wishes. I should be back to normal in a month or so the doc says. I opted to move the Primo to the patio to cut down on the walking back and forth from the parking lot. Fresh Royal Red Shrimp, Red Snapper and asparagus was the faire for dinner. I was treated to some inland fishing yesterday by a business contact. We caught Speckled Trout, Red Fish and Black Snapper...I ended up with about 15lbs of filets and can't wait to grill some; especially the trout. I was told it tastes like Walleye.
  14. I had a half dozen people heading out for dinner ask what I was cooking. We went out to the local seafood restaurant two days ago...Suzanne and I agreed that we'll be cooking here the rest of the week. Less expensive and far better food off the grill.
  15. To celebrate Independence Day, I fired up the Oval JR in the GO for some grilled corn, Italian sausages with grilled onion and pita bread and topped with homemade tzatziki sauce. I had planned to take the JR down to the beach, but with a torn Achilles I'm restricted to cooking on the tailgate in the condo parking lot. On the bright side I found a great seafood market that brings in fresh fish from their commercial boat. I picked up some Grouper, Red Snapper and Royal Red Shrimp.
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