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  1. 5698k

    Ribs what doing wrong

    Forget the wrap, it adds too many variables, plus it’s not magic. Just season them as you care to, and cook them indirect. A good baseline is 250° for roughly 4 hours. This is a rough number, and each time is just a little different. You’re looking for meat pulling back on the bone.
  2. 5698k

    Questions about moving an older Kamado

    I would definitely consider disassembly, but be careful about doing that too, parts are likely brittle. I wouldn’t remove any internal pieces except for grates though. Is renting a truck with a lift gate out of the question?
  3. 5698k

    2 zone cooking...on KK

    It’s just size, and price of course. Yes, the basket splitter would be similar to the d&c system. All kks are built with the same materials, held to the same quality standards, and same warranty, which is lifetime. I suggest you call Dennis, he loves talking grills, or at least visit the kk forum, so you can chat directly with owners of all sizes and get a feel for what you may want. Regardless, no matter what else is said, kks are the absolutely finest Kamado available.
  4. 5698k

    2 zone cooking...on KK

    As in basket splitting? I believe all of them. The splitters are an accessory purchased separately, but I believe they all have the option. I have a 19” table top, and a 23”, and have splitters for both.
  5. 5698k

    Smoking Baby Back Ribs

    Not at all. You’re looking at about 4hrs minimum, likely more depending on how long you were closer to 225°.
  6. 5698k


    I have returned the fireboard. I just wasn’t impressed with a new technology controller that didn’t work as well as the old. I sent a note to bbq guru explaining what happened, mostly to just let them know about my experience. I got a reply, within a couple of hours, letting me know that they were sending me a new cloud unit so I could see their new technology for myself. If if anyone asks, I’m a bbq guru guy.
  7. If you want to wrap, that’s fine..but it’s completely unnecessary and extra work. I believe you simply cooked too long at that temperature. For fotb ribs, at 270°, 4-4.5 hours is enough. You can adjust as you care to, a lower temp may give a more desirable color, but I’m into flavor, not color so much.
  8. 5698k


    I’ll start by saying that for those of you who aren’t very familiar with me, I’m an old timer with cyberq’s. I still have the pre cloud unit, version 1.7, and it works, I’ve been using it for over 5 years. This thing is solid, my temps are usually within one or two degrees of set point, and lid opening, and other influences are dealt with by the unit easily. I got my my fireboard last week, with the adapter cable to allow use of the pit viper fan. The app, and controls are easy to set up, no problem here. It was a relatively short cook, (ribs), so I was able to keep a close eye on things. I had it set for 250°, and the only time it was at that temperature was when it was passing it in either direction. At one point, it got as low as 205°, at which point I manually opened the vents to keep the fire from going out. When it finally stopped going down, I set the vents to their normal position, and watched the temp go to 290°, at which point I again intervened. I think my point is made here, my first experience with the fireboard as a controller was a disaster. I’ll try it again, but since controllers aren new to me, I’m not enthusiastic about the results.
  9. 5698k

    Lighting from ash tray

    That’s a great fire for searing steaks, pizza, or welding, but it’s a bit hot for lo/slo.
  10. 5698k

    Lighting from ash tray

    The airflow is from bottom to top, and your fire wants to migrate towards the air. While lighting from the bottom will likely work, I can’t imagine it’ll be a better fire than one lit from the top. That said, I guess a fire is a fire.
  11. 5698k

    Wood Alternatives

    What about trex, or azek, the synthetic boards? They’re exspensive, but don’t require any special tools or skills, assuming you’re already adept at carpentry?
  12. You simply can’t plan a time for pork butt. Stick with 250°-275°, it’s way more predictable, and take it to 205° internal. That’s when it’s done. If you finish early, wrap in foil, towels, and put in a cooler, it’ll stay hot for hours.
  13. 5698k

    Chewy steak

    Marbling is good. This is fat that runs throughout the fibers, the exterior fat is irrelevant, unless you like to eat fat. Wherever you buy your steaks, ask your butcher for prime, you’ll be in good shape.
  14. 5698k

    Chewy steak

    Well, that’s your problem. If you don’t have a good quality steak in the first place, it really doesn’t matter how you cook it. Since it was pre seasoned, I’ll bet it was select, strike two. Go go buy a prime ribeye, season it with salt and pepper, and cook it (shudder) well done, my guess is you’ll be happy.
  15. 5698k

    Chewy steak

    What cut, grade of beef was the steak?!