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  1. I always recommend not using foil for ribs for the very reasons you experienced/described. The catchy number method has created more problems than I can count. Great job! It only gets better from here
  2. First pork spare ribs help!!

    Trigg, along with most of the big dogs foil for two reasons. First is because they’re using so much smoke wood, they’re regulating how much smoke gets in the ribs. Second, they re rub, add honey, and squeeze margarine to get a specific flavor that will get the judges attention. I took Trigg’s class, I hated the ribs. I do not foil ribs, it’s a pain, you have to decide three different times, instead of one. Get your grill somewhere around 250°, plan on roughly 4 hrs. The meat will significantly pull back from the bone once they’re ready. Quite literally when you think they’re close, cut one off and try it. There’s not much carry over on ribs, so if they’re not quite where you want them leave them on. Don’t overthink this, which is exactly what this cursed 3-2-1 stuff is..overthinking.
  3. Hey 5698K..I tried PMing you but it says you can't receive messages for some reason.  I ran across your post with the recipe for the Coffee Cardamon rub and was wondering if you think it would be good on a prime rib?



  4. Help Needed!!!!

    How much fire did you light in the first place?
  5. Brisket Wrap Test: foil vs butcher paper (video)

    I guess I haven’t noticed a longer cooking time for a naked brisket. Perhaps you’re simply over cooking, and that’s why it’s dry? I’ve done both paper and naked, and for the extra trouble you go through to wrap, I’m stickin with naked. I also never peek while cooking, until it’s close to done, I’ve noticed that when I open my grill mid cook, my glasses fog up, so there’s a lot of released moisture in there. The Franklin videos show the three methods, the cook times are close enough that you can’t really say that wrapping definitely made a difference. Each individual brisket behaves differently no matter how similar they are. He also goes by jiggle, not a specific temperature, or a probe. The last brisket I cooked I got the jiggle he was talking about, and it was perfect!
  6. Brisket Wrap Test: foil vs butcher paper (video)

    I’ve done the paper with similar results. Shuley, have you done one naked? If you’re cooking prime, it’s my favorite, plus it’s easiest.
  7. Ribs did not turn out

    This seems counter intuitive. The whole point of wrapping anything is to retain moisture.
  8. Impending first brisket

    The point won’t render as much as the flat, that’s normal. This is why you should always probe in the flat, if you probe in the point, the flat is likely overdone. It’s also why the point is used for burnt ends, it can stand the additional cooking. Great brisket BTW!
  9. So, it’s a fancy way of calling it wagyu?
  10. What exactly is American Kobe beef?
  11. Impending first brisket

    Your plan is good, I wouldn’t really change a thing. It’ll stay at least 5 hours wrapped in foil, towels, cooler, I’ve done 6 and the brisket was still warm enough to serve. I’ve found that a longer rest is beneficial anyway, so don’t sweat it. I cook fat down, the fat protects the bottom, and allows for that wonderful bark to form. If you believe meathead, (I do), the fat cap doesn’t baste the brisket, because fat can’t swim upstream, so there’s no real benefit to fat up. Good luck, let us know how it goes.
  12. Brisket

    You can get away with a lesser grade of beef if you wrap. In order to stick with your frugality, do just what you did, wrap at 160° ish, and cook until probe tender. Your final cook temp is about right. They can be done at 190°, but it’s rare. I believe the dryness was simply due to your individual brisket.
  13. Brisket disaster

    This does sound a bit baffling. The bark sounds good to me, I love a crunchy bark. You said the meat underneath looked dry, did you taste it? When it felt really tender, did it go in like warm butter? Where did you probe for temp and tenderness? In more than one spot?
  14. Ribs did not turn out

    I can’t count how many times I’ve seen “I did the 3-2-1 method but”, this catchy name but disastrous method creates problems for so many, I truly don’t understand how it got so much recognition. Foil is used by stick burner users, and a lot of competition cooks for a few reasons, it stops smoke absorption, and it allows the introduction of flavors, like brown sugar, honey, apple juice and so on. It is absolutely not necessary to get juicy ribs in a Kamado, as it’s design requires very little airflow, air obviously partially responsible for food drying out. For tender, juicy ribs, as is with most things, keep it simple. Cook temp really isn’t that important, anywhere between 225°-275° is fine. Always use a deflector when cooking low and slo. For babybacks, and most St. Louis ribs, start with a formula of 250°-275°, and cook for roughly four hours. This varies due to final cook temp, meatiness of the ribs, and how done you like them. All the on off, wrap, on, off, unwrap, back on, off is confusing, labor intensive, and it makes maintaining steady grill temps more difficult.
  15. Search coffee cardamom, it’s excellent! I don’t use fresh garlic or oil, I make it strictly a powder rub. Oak or hickory is always good with beef.