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  1. 5698k

    BGE vs Kamado?

    How many times do I have to show this. Ross did it, some time ago, but it happened. It was ignored.
  2. 5698k

    BGE vs Kamado?

    If a mod come on the kk section and calls kk owners pathetic, there’s crickets. If anyone goes on the kj section and says anything, oh no! I’m the measurebator? Seriously John? Am I truly perceived that way? If so, no problem.
  3. 5698k

    BGE vs Kamado?

    It’s more than green vs red, it’s red vs pretty much everything else here. I’ve been attacked by mods here for pointing out differences in my brand vs the others. My brand owners have been called pathetic by mods...I’m essentially called a liar for things that I say, or didn’t say elsewhere, and now my posts get ignored. I pretty much much just lurk here for the occasional new cook or technique, because otherwise, I’m ignored.
  4. 5698k

    New knives

    I guess a better question, do you have any specific knives in mind?
  5. 5698k

    New knives

    What about the white #1 do you like?
  6. 5698k

    Brisket help

    Fat isn’t bark, it’s just fat, try fat down. You say you wrapped at 150°, that’s too early, if there was any bark, it hadn’t set yet. Wrap when it enters the stall, or roughly 165°. Did you probe it before you pulled? Brisket can be done anywhere between 190°-210°, so probe tender is key.
  7. The fact that you’re saying good red wine, I’m thinking Mr B’s, but regardless, it looks like traditional New Orleans style BBQ shrimp. Thanks!
  8. 5698k

    Dry underside of pork belly

    It will look dry as the bark forms, that’s a good thing. Fuel will only affect burn time, and flavor, but not general cook quality. Try one rind down, and ride it out. Cook to probe tender, not a specific internal temperature.
  9. 5698k

    Dry underside of pork belly

    Flip it over. The rind, or fat cap will protect the bottom from drying out. If you believe meathead, which I do in this case, the fat layer does nothing to help with moisture. Additionally, 195° may not be done yet, particularly if you’re thoroughly re heating the next day, it sounds like you’re finishing the cook.
  10. 5698k

    Not very welcome

    Like I said Ben, that’s not exactly what happened. You didn’t see the entire thread, but I have a screenshot of it.
  11. 5698k

    Not very welcome

    The other individual in the exchange did not take offense, nor did he make an over reactive remark in response.
  12. 5698k

    Not very welcome

    I didn’t take a stance, I said that what burgermeister said isn’t exactly what happened.
  13. 5698k

    Not very welcome

    That’s not exactly the way it happened.
  14. 5698k

    BBQ Bootcamp

    That’s a class I’d like to attend!