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    Jesus Medina reacted to CanAkorn in Akorn Mods & Fixes   
    Okay, I have just removed the bottom vent assembly and run a bead of Permatex black behind it, and fastened it back up.
    I have also been struggling with leaks around the lid seal when closed due to the rivets pushing up the gasket material originally supplied with th Akorn. I did spend my saturday at my fathers house who has a BGE, I took a good hard look at it, and it gave me an idea.
    So on my way home I popped into a local BGE dealer and bought a roll of the X-Large BGE gasket material. I then placed this material around the lip of the grill (where the lid seals to). I ran my thumb around afterwards to make sure I got a good coverage (especially at the rivets). I am extremely happy with the fix and also noticed that this added some pressure to the seal when I latch the lid closed. A roll of this material is about $10 to $20 depending on your area.
    Here is the gasket joint (begining and end)

    I am going to give the gasket some time to set but I will report back when I give it a run.
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    Jesus Medina reacted to John Setzler in Baby backs too tender   
    Babyback ribs don't normally take much longer than a total of 4 hours to cook low and slow.  2-1-1 should do the trick in most cases.  2 hours in the foil made them that tender. 
    Good news tho... I bet they still tasted AWESOME
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    Jesus Medina reacted to Mr Cue in Bone-in Pork Sirloin Roast   
    I love roasted pork as much as BBQ'd pork and after seeing a nice roast that another member did I wanted to do one on my Akorn. I picked up a nice 5.25 lb bone-in sirloin roast and decided that I would season it up with some salt, pepper, and a blend of Herbes de Provence I made. I fired up the Akorn with RO lump and a stick of Pecan wood to 375°F and roasted the pork to 170° IT, about 120 minutes. The outer crust was very good, reminiscent of a nice BBQ bark, and there wasn't a dry spot of meat in the entire roast. I love that great pork taste you get from a nice piece of roasted pork and my wife thought it was pretty nice too. All in all, a good, cheap meal.
    Rubbed with salt, pepper, and herbs

    Fresh off the Akorn

    Rested and sliced

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    Jesus Medina reacted to DerHusker in Pollo Asado Tacos   
    Have been dieting so I’ve cooled it a little on the grilling. Decided this would be a healthy meal that I could make and still totally enjoy.  
    Start out by making some Salsa Fresca.

    Then put some Costco bought Pollo Asado on the grill.


    When it was done I slice it up into strips.

    We put out the Taco Bar.

    And enjoyed!

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    Jesus Medina reacted to John421 in Akorn Mods & Fixes   
    Whatcha going to do when the Volcano closes on you?
    You are going to spring into action.
    First off thank you Marty, philpom & Blues Daddy for the advice.
    I set up my charcoal basket via the moflicky method with one modification. I added a "Porch Swing Spring" in the center of the basket & the arms are threaded through the mesh & the grate. The spring via Lowe's is 1 9/16" X 7 1/4". The spring OD is the same as the ID of a toilet paper roll & 1 1/2" longer. Now you have a way to lift out the charcoal basket & you will always have the center open to air flow.

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    Jesus Medina reacted to JSX in Akorn Mods & Fixes   
    Hey guys, great forum! Picked up a CG Akorn at Lowes a couple weeks ago after researching BGE alternatives and finding JMSetzer's videos on this grill. I got the last one in town! I am having fun playing with this thing so far, definatley a step up from my little Weber Q 200 I have been using for years.
    Here is my fix for the latches. Like others have said, the latches on mine didn't close up very tight and the gaskets leaked, so I bent the wire on the latches a little to shorten them up. Now the latches actually snap closed like they should.
    Before and after

    Bent them with a couple crescent wrenches like this

    Ash pan latches

    Lid latch

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    Jesus Medina reacted to John Setzler in Akorn Mods & Fixes   
    This post will contain links to commonly used modifications and fixes for the Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Kooker Grill & Smoker. If you think a thread should be included on this list, please let me know...

    Charcoal Grate, Split Diffuser, & Searing Basket
    High Heat Searing Basket Video
    Rain Hat for the Akorn
    Sealing Air Leaks w/BGE Gasket Material

    Needed: Additional pictorial demonstration of sealing the air vent / ash pan
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