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  1. Thanks for all the help went with big joe everyone says get the joetisserie so I will anything else I have my old basket but guessing it’s to small for big joe so I’ll have to get another don’t feel like I would use the joe pizza oven that much I’m fine with just cooking it on the stone but any other options of must haves I’d appreciate it
  2. Thanks for all the great info went with the big joe 2
  3. Names mike and I love cooking, I’m Going from the bayou classic which is 18” to either the Kamado joe 2 or Kamado big joe 2 Besides the obvious size is there any other differences With my bayou classic I felt it was hard to do dual zone cooking which is making me want to go big do they have the same amount of accessories what’s the best cover it will be outside in the northeast all year long thanks for any and all help stoked to be in the forum
  4. Time for a new grill was deciding between the Kamado joe 2 and the big joe 2 besides the obvious size any thing else that’s different. Do they have the same amount of accessories thanks for any input Also gonna need a good grill cover any suggestions
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