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  1. Why not cut chicken in two along backbone and keelbone? It's flat, easily maneuvered on an uneven fire and, overall, a whole lot easier to deal with. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Nice looking meal. That yellow fin would cost me $8.97 a pound at my local H-E-B.
  3. Goose season may be open for you, but we have two months to go here.
  4. Done ... I hope. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Congratulations. Now get that little guy black and smoky.
  6. Great looking biscuits; I generally cook my biscuits in a cast-iron skillet, and I've yet to lose one overboard. But the dog always is hopeful.
  7. Keeper, you just beautifully explained what hunting is all about. Thanks.
  8. @Grabber70Mach Just curious what the check-out clerks do. Call a supervisor? Or comply with one of your options? Thanks.
  9. FYI, Home Depot limits you to 5, and Lowe's has a limit of 2.
  10. Good read. Thanks. I'm the cynic who nails everything down before it gets stolen. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I'd love an update on your hunt and cook, keeper. Thanks.
  12. With Poppa at your side, I suspect you will knock down enough doves for a fine meal, keeper. Those model 12's are fine examples of great old shotguns. Enjoy.
  13. Apparently the patch is not urgent enough for my iphone to get an update message.
  14. How do you think the FireDisc will do on a windy day? I bought a fish fryer that I can't keep lit when it's windy, which is most days on my patio. So that thing proved to be downright worthless. I'd love to have something outside to use for frying, among other things. Thanks, John.
  15. Tater Tots on the grill. Wow, who'da thunk it? Great meal. Thanks.
  16. Jrow scores again. Thanks for the recommendation.
  17. I bought that book a while back. It remains a great resource.
  18. Thanks to jrow, I have a Weber grill light attached to the handle of my Primo, and I have a backup headlamp.
  19. Very nice. Love the spinning concept. Great idea. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. I didn't have to re-sign in when I visited this morning. Yay!
  21. Am I the only one who has to sign in anew each time I visit? And, yes, I check the "Remember Me" box each time.
  22. I read a lot of tongue in that seller's cheek. Thanks for posting.
  23. Thanks for the update/explanation. How's your anxiety level, John?
  24. Kamado Guru topics and recipe section
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