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  1. Fantastic. How well do you think those would do in the mail?
  2. No problem. I work cheap. Cold beer and good wine.Well at the moment I have good beer chilling in the fridge and cheap wine. Let me know if that works.:D Today would not be the day for me to start being picky.
  3. No problem. I work cheap. Cold beer and good wine.
  4. “Oh, yes I did!” Howdy fellas. I hope all is well in your pit. We had some friends over the other night and I decided to mix it up a bit on the ol’, new BBQ. So, I figured I’d go out on a limb and see how big of a mess I could make grilling stuffed peppers. Now, we’re not talking the ol’ buy-in-your-grocer’s-freezer stuffed peppers…oh, no sir…we’re talking made-from-scratch-right-out-the-garden-but-not-my-garden stuffed peppers. Yeah, baby! The real thing! Well, in order to keep people distracted while I destroyed my grill, I decided to make a few appeteasers… First up…..Boudin! Now, some of you are saying, “What is this boudin that he’s talking about?” Well, I’m here to tell ya, it’s not what you’re thinking….and I know what you’re thinking… “Queue the Boudin picture!” Wait a second…um… Well, never mind... Back to the boudin. Now, let’s see here. Let me get out my trusty Webster and give you a proper definition so I don’t screw this up. “humina humina humina…yada yada yada. Oh, here it is!” Boudin noun \bü-ˈdan, -ˈdaⁿ\ - a sausage-like, wiener-lookin, thingamajobber that my Cajun buddies like to eat while they’re drinking cheap beer and waiting for the crawfish to cook. “Queue the correct boudin picture!” That, my cyber-friends, is a 100%, Grade A, piece of pig intestine filled with other pig parts, a bit of rice, and some spices…AND BOY IS IT GOOD! One of those crazy Cajuns will tell you that you’re supposed to boil that thing, but I’m here to tell ya to not listen to people that eat nutria. So, I put mine on the grill. Now, a not-so-daring-and-handsome-but-a-bit-smarter man will probably put a piece of tin foil down on the grill before dropping that thing on there, but me?....no way. Straight on the flames baby! Be sure to turn it a bit early because a well-grilled pig intestine can get a bit brittle. “…and flip!” See, it’s already starting to fall apart a bit. Once it gets a bit of direct flame on it, I move it to the griddle…juuuuust in case that thing wants to do a Greg Louganis into the grill. I pull the boudin and make way for the ahi tuna because….well, there’s just nothing like half-cooked fish covered in pork grease….HEEYOOOO! “FISH ON!” This is a very quick process. Probably a couple minutes of total cook time. I put them on and as soon as I’m done putting the ones in the back on I’m flipping the ones up front. …and on the plate. Eat with soy or teriyaki or both or none. Heck, I don’t care what you eat with it, I’m still eating boudin… Now, I know what you’re thinking at this point. You’re thinking that the space-time continuum of our universe is usually interpreted from a Euclidean space perspective, which regards space as consisting of three dimensions, and time as consisting of one dimension, but once you’re done thinking about that you start wondering what I was drinking, right? Well, here ya go! Gatorlane’s review Cellar No. 8 – Easy on the wallet. Not so easy on the palate….but gets the job done. Great for giving to your friends that don’t normally drink wine or for consuming by yourself after you’ve already had a better bottle. I think the pinot noir is a better choice than the cab. Score: 6.3/10 Now, on to the main event… First is to get you some nice sized (fat is better than tall) bell peppers. When it comes to buying peppers for me, I usually go with the green ones. Why? Well, because they’re half the price of the other ones. Why are they half the price? No clue. It’s one of the world’s greatest mysteries. I don’t know if a long time ago there was some pepper race-war and the green ones came out on bottom or what, but anything other than green lives in the nicer part of town. Especially the yellow organic peppers….Holy Moly! Do they import Swedish virgins to pick those things? To me they’re all the same and buying anything different is a waste of money…. UNLESS the Mrs. likes yellow ones for some strange reason… “You got all green ones? We need some color in here. I like the yellow ones.” – Mrs. Gatorlane; Stuffed pepper dinner conversation; circa 2012 “BUT, I’m the man in this house! If I’m going to shop for it and I’m going to cook it, I’m going to buy whatever peppers I want!” So, I did… …and you know, a little color isn’t so bad. Not as bad as sleeping on the couch….but I digress… So, once you stop wondering what kind of cool fishing lure you could’ve bought instead of yellow peppers, you need to clean them up, cut them to roughly the same height, and find a pot that they’ll fit in. Once you’ve found that pot, start working on your explanation to the Mrs. as to how that pot will look the same after it’s been on a grill. I’ve really got no answer for you here other than 1) it’s easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission and 2) use the old boy scout trick of rubbing a little dish soap on the outside beforehand so that when she’s screaming at you, you can get it cleaned up quickly. Now, on to the important stuff….the STUFFing… What an apropos name stuffing has. Who was the idiot savant that named this so brilliantly yet simply? Well, it wasn’t this one. Nosiree, but if you know him I’d like his autograph… Stuffing is great! How can you screw this stuff up? All you need…is…well, STUFF! Are you pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down? My stuff consists of: 1 lb Italian sausage – I don’t know why Italian pigs are tastier, but they are. 1 diced onion – I prefer sweet onions, but you get whatever will roll your skirt up. 1 cup rice (uncooked, but cook it before grilling) – A tribute to my Uncle Ben. Miscellaneous spices – garlic, pepper, oregano, and a little dirt from the piece that fell off the grill. Shhhhh… … Start with the Italiano sausage on da grillo. Brown and spice…. Pull the sausage and add the onion… Then add back the pork and mix. This is about the same time that I put the peeps on… Turn em and get a nice char. I usually pull them when they stop screaming… Back inside I’m making the sauce. I usually keep a couple of different cans of stewed tomatoes around. Two big cans of stewed tomatoes, a little garlic, Italian herbs, bada bing! Back outside and I’ve pulled the peppers and arranged them in the pot. On goes the rice. Give the rice a few minutes to fry up a bit and add back the sausage and onion. At this point, if your mouth isn’t watering from the smells coming off of your grill, then you need to sober up. Start scooping the stuffing and filling your peppers. Start with the yellow ones or they’ll get offended. Now pour in the sauce and make sure the peppers are covered. An alternate step here is to also add sauerkraut to the top, but if the Mrs. doesn’t like it use your discretion. In my case, the sauerkraut doesn’t have enough color, so I refrain. …and put that puppy on the grill! Peppers get to boiling and we’re on cruise control. I’ll add some water every now and then to the top to keep it moist. In to refill and socialize… If you want rolls, you can add those now too, but I’ve decided that from now on they’ll go in the oven, which is where the rest of them ended up. It does a much better job since I’m constantly opening the lid. Oh well, it was worth a shot. Yellow and green peppers…so I figured I’d keep with the theme and add some yellow squash and zucchini to the mix. Once the squash is done, we’re ready to rock-n-roll. Pull and plate. “Tah-daaaahh...” I did get some compliments on this one from the Mrs. and company. I have to say the smokiness adds something to the flavor that gets me goin. Plus, I got to play on the grill. I’ll do this one again. Until the next fire… Cheers!
  5. Well, now she doesn't have to throw boiling water on her windshield to get the ice off.
  6. I haven't, I'm sorry to say. I have done the pork ribs and pork butt recipes. They were awesome. So my guess is the brisket recipe will be great as well. Get to smokin', my man!
  7. Atomic Buffalo Turds... YUM!! Take a jalapeno... slice it long way... remove seeds and guts... take a softened block of cream cheese... flavor the cream cheese with some of your favorite bbq rub... pack some cream cheese inside the "jalapeno boat"... press a little smokie (beanie weenie) into the cream cheese... wrap with a strip of bacon... smoke at 250 for about 90 minutes, or until the bacon if nice brown. The make killer appetizers! I made about 50 of these for NY eve... devoured! Ah...Gotcha. That's how I cook my dove and duck breasts. Everyone loves 'em and I always get a great response when I tell the women they're eating dove. Usually something like this...
  8. Added to the prayer list. I have a niece that went through cancer treatment at age 7. A lot of answered prayers and great doctors and she's with us today and in full remission. I hope the same thing for this youngster. Thanks for passing it on.
  9. I'm cool with doing the dishes since I refuse to touch the vacuum and my clothes are typically washed and folded without a word said. One thing I try to do is to use the same pans to pull the food that I use to take to the grill. That usually forces me to wash the stuff while the food is cooking. I do like John does and have soapy water on one side. Stick the pan in, hit it with a quick scrub, rinse in the other side, and dry it with a hand towel I keep on me on the way back out to the grill. If it's something like a veggie that doesn't have cross-contamination issues, I'll prep it in what I'm going to serve it in and won't bother washing it.
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