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  1. I’m surprised to see only 2-3 days before using it!? I thought I could make now and hold in the fridge till next week to use for my turkey... really 3 days? It’s just salt and sugar in water basically. Why would that go bad
  2. Thanks for the reply Chasdev. So its officially been sitting in the same bag of water I had put it in to rinse some of the salt out since Dec 13, after brining for 9 days. Immune feeling is it should still be ok as long as it doesn’t smell funky in the bag or anything but want to see what others also think. Don’t want to get anyone sick but I’ve been pretty liberal with beef these days
  3. I had brined a brisket to cook this weekend, I just removed from the brine and put into water yesterday after about 9 days brining. I planned on making it tomorrow but now plans have changed and I’m thinking of cooking next weekend instead. Considering that it’s cured, I wonder what the rules are on stuff like this? How long can you keep meat after brining and what is best method to store. Right now this is soaking in water. Thanks!
  4. Can anyone recommend a wifi remote that can send my temps to my phone, so i can leave the house while stuff is on the grill and not have to be in a panic over what;s happening back home. I hope it's something you can find for a reasonable price, would love to pick this up if so. thanks guys!
  5. Hey guys, i was looking to do a cook of 2 boston butts and a brisket (maybe a brisket and an extra flat if it fits) and was looking to have both ready to serve by about 2 pm tomorrow. Im not really sure what way makes the most sense but thougjt you guys might have spme ideas. I could bang out thw butts tonight still and fridge them amd throw brisket on early am tomorrow? Figured something is gonna need to be on overnight. Help me figure this out bbq bros.
  6. Just wanted to make sure this seems like it's all going ok maybe some of you with experience can reassure me... Couple of points about when i sealed: I put my roast in the bag and noticed the entire bag width would fit inside my sealer, so i didn't do a corner or cross pattern seal, i assumed i didn't need to this is on;y done bc some bags being used are just too big for the sealer, but they do instruct you to make a cross seal so want to be sure that doesn't matter. I placed the mouse with the short side facing up, as opposed to using the long side lengthwise across the bag. i could not tell from the instructions which way you are supposed to orent the mouse it looked like they actually showed it going both ways in the instructions. The mouse got a little wet with some juices while i was sealing, but not soaked. I am about 6 days in now and the roast looks like the bag is sealed a decent amount tighter than before, and the color of the roast everywhere is that of a deep red almost as if some of the blood from inside the meat has come to the surface and is now on outside instead of in. Does anything sound off about my process just want to make sure i shouldn't start over or anything, would hate to screw up this piece of meat it was not cheap
  7. I’m about to open a cryovack whole rib I’ll be cooking half of tomorrow for Xmas dinner, I want to carve off 2 steaks to eat on New Year’s Eve a week from now, the rest I want to dry age in a bag I have. So I’m wondering will the 2 cut steaks be good for a week in a vacuum sealed bag in the fridge? Hate to freeze it seems like it might be fine in the sealed bag but it’s probably on the cusp
  8. Great explanation, suggestions and tips, thank you ben and everyone else that commented! my machine is an external food saver style machine and it’s nothing special but it gets the job done. The issue I get hung up on is when doing moist, or saucy foods. The liquid coming straight out of the bag is one obvious issue.. the other is when do you opt to stop suctioning so as not to pull the moisture out of something like say a raw steak, or cooked steak for that matter. I’ve prefrozen stuff I plan to seal but I don’t know if that’s best. Occasionally I’ve forgotten about food I’ve left unsealed in the freezer and come back to find crystals of ice already on the food, which seems to defeat the point of sealing. Ive also tried putting a dry paper towel at the top of a bag to act as a barrier to prevent a saucy item from coming out of the bag they the sealer. I am looking for more tips along those lines so as how to get the best results when using your vacuum sealer.
  9. I’m pretty sure I won’t be eating them, but my brother actually put it in a good light when I asked him what he would do...he goes, look will you get a little bit of the runs from eating that? Probably...but I have em all the time anyways! will I get some sickness maybe diarrhea, quite possible. Would I be throwing up from it? Doubtful. Still, I’ll jjst toss em to be safe.
  10. I accidentally left some beef ribs on the counter in the Tupperware overnight. I know what most of you would say but is I feel like it might be fine...thoughts?
  11. Hey Ben, I’m mostly sealing things like steaks, ribs, chicken, pulled pork etc in a bag. Usually we are talking cooked and warm to start with, but sometimes fresh raw stuff too
  12. I’ve been using a sealer for a while, but I wonder if anyone could direct me to a guide with some tips for how to have good success sealing. My real concern is to ensure I’m not pulling moisture out of my food that could otherwise be retained. Sometimes I will prefreeze a little what I’m sealing thinking that might lock in the moisture but I’m not sure if that’s the best way. I also try to press the seal button before it has suctioned completely to attempt to seal before it starts pulling the moisture out. But I haven’t had an easy time finding good articles about best ways to use a sealer.
  13. Anyone done single cut beef ribs low and slow before? Had some at the grocery store pretty cheap so figured i'd give em a shot today. Would have preferred a whole slab but hoping for the best just the same. Wondering how long to expect them to need and any other good pearls would be appreciated!
  14. Positive update!! The Costco business store in hackensack has ordered 3 cases of PRIME brisket for me, a case is about 40 lbs he said so probably about 3-4 briskets per box I am guessing. The price - $3.29 per pound!! That’s cheaper than I currently pay for angus at RD. Comment here or PM me if you’re interested. I have a couple buddies that will take a few of these babies but I would love to make certain all this brisket sells right away so we can have them order it again.
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