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  1. Hey all, I just recently acquired a Kamado Joe Jr. to use when I don't need the bigger grill in the Classic. I noticed some smoke coming out around the top side of the thermometer where it meets the shell while grilling some burgers. Is this pretty normal or something that should be adjusted with the thermometer being tightened? It didn't feel loose. Thanks guys! Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  2. I'm not lucky yet until it's here. I heard The Garden Gates has a bit of a backlog and is where I ordered it from.
  3. Hey guys, what are your favorite charcoals to use with the Kamado Joe Jr.? Additionally, any tips on what mixture of piece sizes for that grill? I have KJ Jr. on order so just want to get what I need before it gets here. I do have a KJ Classic currently with 2 17lb bags of Royal Oak. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, I'm not sure when the following offer is over. However, The Garden Gates is offering 10% off right now with the coupon code SPRING. Good time for me to get a little brother for my Kamado Joe Classic.
  5. No need to post a photo. Mr. Brennan explained to me how the mounting holes were drilled after firing. Nothing unusual and it is on the inside. They put me at ease. Meghan and Bobby are top notch.
  6. Thanks for the response. Either the pan is too tall or the firebox hole sits a touch too low. Some ceramic colored powder is visible on the sharp edge so I'm not going to try and force it. Its actually rubbing the bottom of the firebox. I've reset all the pieces and same result. Perhaps I will try resetting the components again and make double sure the hole in the firebox is centered up.
  7. Ah man, this is awesome! Any idea as to a time-frame when these may be available to purchase from BBQGuys, etc...? I'm going to have to get one so my Classic won't get bored, .
  8. Hi Mr. Brennan, I will send the email I sent Meghan sometime on Sunday. Forewarning, I am probably the pickiest person ever. It is quite likely no one else would give this a second thought. Two small pieces of ceramic chipped off around the mounting hole.
  9. That it was nothing to be concerned with. I am most definitely ocd, lol. It was a small place. Also that they would be there for me if it does cause an issue.
  10. All is well, I just replaced the washer with one that was a little bit larger.
  11. My KJ came with the ash pan with a screen instead of the screen on the vent slider. The pan rubs on the bottom of the firebox making it somewhat difficult to remove. Any tips on how to orient the items to make it easier? Thanks
  12. Thanks everyone for helping to put me at ease. It is a small place, I'm just in super overdrive OCD!
  13. It could look like my fault later, especially if it does spread. Someone could easily say I was rough on it or something. I don't see that happening with KJ though.
  14. I can take it a bit far sometimes though. I have a humble background and work hard for what I have. That probably doesn't help! My main concern is it will be a problem down the road if I ever have to take the vent out for anything, such as re-sealing or to replace it, that it could get worse. However, from everything I've read, I'm confident I will be taken care of one way or the other.
  15. I'll be taking the pic first thing in the morning! It's dark here already or I would have already done it. I'll throw it up in this thread for good measure as well. Only I would worry about it at all likely, LOL.
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