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  1. Guys, can you please provide me with a little bit of clarification regarding foiling? HOW are you foiling? Are you tightly foiling it? Loosely in a pan? Do you add water or something else when you foil for moisture? (In case you haven't figured it out, newb here. I've smoked two butts so far and neither of them turned out like I wanted them to). Thanks for your help.
  2. Thanks for these pictures. They are good visual aids. If I recall, the butt I cooked was a lot more fatty looking than these shown in these pictures. Where I live, we don't have any real butcher shops close by so our meat predominantly comes from Wal-mart. Their steak selection is hit and miss. A lot of times the steaks may be labeled as fillet mignon but even I (as ignorant about steaks as I am) can tell that they are really bad cuts. So the cut I got may be part of the cause too.
  3. I trimmed very little prior to cooking. I left the fat cap as is and only scored it. I had a drip pan during the cook and caught some drippings but I can't say whether it was a lot of drippings or a normal amount.
  4. Thanks a bunch everyone for all your input. I guess from what I've read in this forum the average is around 12 hours so I thought I had plenty of time. Again, I appreciate your help.
  5. I will try comparing the PT-100 and the ET-732 with some boiling water. I do remember that for the most part the KJ Dome thermometer showed 220-225 even during the temperature swings of 230-280 I saw on the ET-732 but I just assumed the area near the grill was hotter than in the dome.
  6. As I was probing the temperatures, it probed mostly like butter except around the bone. But I can't say whether the bone came out easily or not because my wife actually shredded/pulled it while I was busy and when she did, she didn't pull the bone out. She just started pulling it so it wasn't till after we ate did I look at it. I think it came out easily but I don't have much to compare it to. Like I said, I''m new at this but based on what I've read, I agree it does sound like it may not have been done. But have you ever heard of cooking one that long and it not be done?
  7. Yes I checked at several locations. Like I said, the ET 732 said 210, but I checked several other locations with my PT-100 and only got 190-195.
  8. Guys I was wondering if I could borrow your knowledge for a moment. This past weekend I smoked my second ever pork butt on my KJ Classic. I did everything that I was supposed to do based on information I've been able to glean from this great forum. I prepped the 9.25 lb butt with some yellow mustard and Bad Byron's Butt Rub with a little brown sugar in an attempt for some bark. I got the KJ stabilized at around 225 per the KJ dome thermometer. I put the butt on at 7 pm on Friday evening. My Maverick ET732 showed a temp of around 250 even though the dome thermometer showed 225. I went to bed with the grill alarms set at 325 high and 200 low and they never went off. I woke around 4 am and monitored the temps myself and saw some minor fluctuations but nothing outside of the limits. If I remember correctly the meat temp at 4 was around 160. I continued to let it cook and it seemed the stall hit around 175-180. I was planning to eat around 1 pm Saturday but when the meat still wasn't to temp by 9 am I started to raise the temp to 250-300. At 10 am I raised the temperature to 300-350. When my Maverick said the meat was 210 I finally pulled it at around 11-11:30, foiled it and put it in a cooler even though my Maverick PT-100 said the meat temp was only 190-195. It rested in the cooler for about an hour. It had a good smokey tasted and smoke ring from the hickory chunks but in my opinion it was very greasy/fatty compared to BBQ restaurants I've been to. My first butt turned out the same as well. Both butts were bought from Wal-Mart. I've read that if you don't cook the meat long enough to render the fat from it, it may turn out greasy but after 16 hours I think it should've been done by then. What are your thoughts? Thank you in advance for your help.
  9. Yes this is Ozark Oak Charcoal made in Yellville, Arkansas. The review on Nakedwhiz is "highly recommended."
  10. My local Harps grocery store has 10 lb bags of Ozark Lump Charcoal for $5.54 (give or take). I don't have any experience with this lump but thought I'd pass it along.
  11. Long time lurker, first time post. Just wanted to let everyone know that Ace Hardware is having a 50% off of any $30 item. So you can get a 22 lb bag of lump for $11. I purchase on line and free delivery to store.
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