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  1. Larry, At a grill temp of 250, how long did it take the rib roast to reach an internal temp of 120?
  2. The turkey is awesome. We are traveling with it Wednesday and had to smoke it yesterday. If you don't have to make a presentation with your gobbler in front of your guest, I highly recommend spatchcocking your turkey. My 12 lb bird was to temp in 2 hours and cooked evenly because the whole turkey lays flat on the grate.
  3. Agreed. i just ordered another chamber probe from Amazon. I spatchcocked a 12 lb turkey and cooked it at 325 (according to my bbq probe, disguised as a food probe) and it took 2 hrs to get the breast to 165. It was my first spatchcocked turkey and i thought it would take about an hour or so. That caused me to think the food probe was reading the chamber a little low. Oh well, if that's the biggest problem I have... LOL
  4. I have a maverick et-732 and my bbq probe is out. So, I stuck my food probe through a spud and used it as the bbq probe. It gauged a temperature but I just don't know how accurate it is. Has anyone else tried this? What were the results? What was your method?
  5. Thanks for all the help. I picked up the 67 model in black with the black top vent. Now comes the fun part... Open a cold beer and decide what to cook first!
  6. I am really hung up on buying the latest and greatest. There is little info leading me to what's new, but it seems like the 6719 might be the newest model out (with the 6619 being the previous model) I made a phone call to one of the retailers that is listed on Char-Grillers' website and she carries model number 6620, but doesn't know what the newest version is. Can anyone help me, here? Am I getting too caught up in model #s? It seems like if char-griller went to the extent to change the model #, then something had to be tweaked to make I better. Right?
  7. I have smoked with a New Braunfels vertical with offset smoke box for several years, but seriously considering adding a char-griller akorn to the back porch. I have heard John Setzler has some great reviews about this smoker. Can anyone direct me to them?
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