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  1. This was a "stuff for sale" thread so it might oughta be closed to avoid collecting extraneous posts. Just sayin'...
  2. If you use the forum search function for Permatex you'll get a whole boatload of hits.
  3. Unless something has changed you’ll get doublesided adhesive tape. Others may chime in regarding a high-heat adhesive you can use instead. Or even to reglue the current gasket. Permatex I think.
  4. Person A lifts The Joe by the main hinge. Person B grabs the Joe through the bottom vent. Wear a glove, the metal can be sharp. Person C (and ideally D) lift by the table brackets. And do wear gloves, as mentioned. Another way is to use forearm forklifts. The Big Joe 3 is heavy!
  5. Here’s one of the kilns down In Argentina.
  6. Sometimes KJ have no option but to cancel or to reschedule. For example, the sale rep gets sick or has a personal crisis, there's an inventory issue in the international pipeline, Costco required the cancellation, the final mile freight company had a problem, whatever. Rescheduling requires slotting in among other roadshow vendors at any given warehouse. Warehouses can accommodate multiple vendors but there's probably an upper limit as to how many, and the warehouses (and vendors) don't want to show up and find a competitor in the next aisle doing demos. Your advice is spot on - call ahead and verify.
  7. Greetings from Johns Creek, gateway to Alpharetta.
  8. Yep saw that. Sounds like a darned successful sales event!
  9. Just to add, I prefer to use a gasket if only to cushion the ceramic when closing the grill.
  10. i know of folks in the green universe who cook commando; I.e. no gasket at all. Cook on.
  11. You want an air gap between the bottom and the concrete pad or paver. Atlanta Grill Company sells the feet.
  12. Classic II at the Costco roadshow is $969. That includes a cover and a box of fire starters. But you carry it away and assemble (and assembly isn't bad).
  13. Alex, right now Atlanta Grill Company is having a pre-Father's Day Sale which runs to June 15. Classic II - 799.00 Classic III - 1369.00 Big Joe II - 1299.00 Big Joe III - 1999.00 $99 Flat rate drop shipping to the 48 contiguous United States. At these prices the Costco advantage is greatly reduced. In the warehouse you would get a box of fire starters and grill cover included in the price of the grill and the opportunity to take it home immediately and start cooking. No matter from whom you buy the KJ warranty still applies. Good luck!
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