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  1. I treat them like a brat; simmer in beer or water first, then grill to get some caramelization on the skin.
  2. I used this sauce on some thin-crust pizzas this week and it worked really well during the cook, tasted great, and, most importantly, was well-received by Mrs. LRJ! The uncooked sauce does really well on thin pizza which is on the stone for only a few minutes.
  3. I like Meathead's method but usually there isn't enough time to make a proper gravy (or sauce) from the drippings AND carve the bird AND finish off the sides AND....etc. So what I've done the last few times I've cooked turkey is to smoke some chicken thighs and turkey parts the day before, catch the drippings with some mirepoix and then finish in a sauce pan.
  4. If your rack does not look like the one below then you may not have the Flexible Cooking Rack. The old racks were a simple triangle in shape.
  5. I found them in the electrical dept at Home Depot. I think they are small battery connectors.
  6. I use a pair of these, screwed together.
  7. It’s not a bracket, it’s a whole new hinge. And my understanding is “no”, it can’t be retrofit. You can always reach out to KJ directly and see what they say. The air lift hinge is great, especially on a BigJoe with its large dome. Makes it very easy to open and close the dome.
  8. (cough cough...profile says Pit Boss ) Smoking on Kamados is fairly straight-forward. I like to use 5 or 6 small chunks of hardwood buried in the charcoal and scattered over the top of the charcoal. Then just light the charcoal as normal for the kind of fire you want to build; low and slow or screaming hot. You can use a smoker box if you like but I've never found it necessary.
  9. Apologies for the greatly delayed response but no, I bought the table from a fellow in Auburn, GA. Auburn is on the way to Athens.
  10. Yes, AGC is top notch. Great deals and incredibly responsive. As for warranty issues with a KJ product this is mostly handled directly with Kamado Joe. That said, if it's a shipping issue I'd say you should start with the shipper and then AGC.
  11. You won't find an after-market option for the slo-roller but you can find options for the Kontrol Tower and the heat deflectors. Try Atlanta Grill Company and BBQGuys.com That said, you might contact Kamado Joe corporate and tell them the store shorted you the components. All of that stuff is, quite literally, in the box, so how those parts wandered off is a bit goofy. KJ Corporate might say "sorry about your luck", but it can't hurt to ask. Sounds like the dealer was closing his contract with KJ and dumping gear.
  12. The tools come with every grill, no matter how it's bought. But I'm pretty sure that if you buy from Costco.com you do not get the cover and firestarters.
  13. FWIW I have fed 14 people on my classic KJ (multiple dishes) and more than 50 people making only pulled pork. It's the timing and planning more than grill size.
  14. Unpacked it will fit but you'll also fill the front seat with the unpackings (grates, fire box, tools, metal cart, etc.) And you'll need to bring blankets or other cushions. I am reasonably certain an intact crate will not fit in a Rogue. Even though Nissan says the cargo space has a height if 37.9 inches that's not the dimension of the door opening. (I loaded a bunch of KJs during my Costco sales era.) But if you rip off the wooden feet from the mini pallet, then it might fit (but you also lose some structural integrity). See this video from John Setzler uncrating a Classic and you'll see
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