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  1. LargeRedJoe

    Tough Sausage Casings

    Soak the casings for a couple of hours or even overnight and be sure to rinse, rinse, rinse and rinse some more. Also some people say to add a splash of vinegar to the soaking water. Here's a long discussion about this on Smoking Meats forums. https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/how-to-handle-natural-casings.159729/
  2. LargeRedJoe

    Base Assembly Question

    Yep that’s it. They seem to be shipping now with the screws already placed in the holes. Just back them out, insert the leg, and retighten.
  3. LargeRedJoe

    Real quick question..

    One man’s opinion: Most of the low and slow “rules” came out of the drafty, stick-burning, offset smoker style of cooking (think:Aaron Franklin). In those grills you need a water pan because the air is hot and dry. And you need a lower temp because that hot dry air will suck all the moisture out of the meat if cooked too hot. Kamado cookers work on a different principle; the sealed cooker maintains a very humid environment. I too cook at 300 F in the dome and the food is very good.
  4. LargeRedJoe

    Roadshow - Accessories (Cooking Surfaces)?

    Sorry Chris, the only products at the Costco roadshows are grills, charcoal and Joetisseries.
  5. LargeRedJoe

    Kamado Joe Costco Deal

    The roadshows only offer the three grill sizes, charcoal and Joetisseries. No other accessories. The classic at the Roadshow includes the grill, cooking racks, heat deflectors, cart, side tables and tools. And you also get a gril cover and a box of firestarters.
  6. LargeRedJoe

    Kamado Joe @ Costco

    What he said. ^^^
  7. LargeRedJoe

    Kamado Joe - 2017 Big Joe Cover

    I used these folks from Rhode Island. Not cheap (I covered a 7-foot table) but they did a good job and it’s wearing well. http://grillwraps.com/
  8. LargeRedJoe

    Replacement Wire Mesh Gasket For Pre-2017 Big Joe

    I think that’s a single layer. The factory places gasket material around the perimeter of the dome and bowl and then clamps the bands to the felt to cushion the bands against the ceramic.
  9. LargeRedJoe

    Replacement Wire Mesh Gasket For Pre-2017 Big Joe

    Well, even if it’s two layers of gasket it should strip off same as if it were a single layer. No angst needed. :-)
  10. LargeRedJoe

    Table advice - firepoofing

    Considering the ignition point of cellulose (wood) is 451 F your grill would be VERY hot externally before charring appears. My Classic KJ is in a wooden table with maybe an inch clearance, if that. That said it does sit on ceramic KJ feet and those sit on a concrete paver. And then the wooden slats of the platform.
  11. LargeRedJoe

    New Kamado Joe Owner with a few questions...

    Yes, the airlfow is somewhat better with the KAB. But don't drive yourself crazy trying to chase temperature. If it settles in at 250, that works just as well as 225. Dome and grate rarely agree. I just use the dome temp (see my comment above). You can certainly calibrate the dome gauge but I'd bet a steak dinner that it's accurate. See above. A 25 degree swing is fine. And if you make a change - WAIT. The new airflow takes time to adjust the fire. be patient. Have a beer. Talk to your neighbor. Practice your putting. I often fill to at above the holes in the firebowl, and sometimes go up to the bottom ring of the Divide and Conquer rack. Depends on how aggressively I shook the bag. Don't worry, it'll burn down.
  12. LargeRedJoe

    Getting the Big Joe really hot 600+

    Try this:
  13. LargeRedJoe

    Kamado Big Joe Latch

    Is it a small Phillips head screw? Look down on the latch and see if there’s a hole. If not it might have just been a loose spare.
  14. LargeRedJoe

    Red Sauce

    We like this recipe. I highly recommend the white wine vinegar vs plain distilled. And use the San Marzano tomatos if you can. https://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2010/03/tomato-sauce-your-wish-is-eventually-my.html?m=1
  15. LargeRedJoe

    Hinge upgrade

    Bobby posted his comments on January 9 of this year in the Kamado Joe Grilling, Smoking and More page. Open the page and then use the search field for "hinge". I haven't seen the replacement hinge so I can't comment.