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  1. Imitation Butter is based on soybean oil and can go rancid. It would would smell like soured oil. I assume you made it yourself? It’ll probably last a few weeks in the fridge, you’ll just need to warm it to room temp prior to use since the oils will congeal. And the apple juice makes for a lovely growth medium. ETA: I know Myron Mixon uses this recipe and he says it keeps unrefrigerated. I wouldn’t.
  2. LargeRedJoe

    What cover

    Don’t know for sure but the height and width is about the same for both. The KJC III has a deeper bowl. Send KJ headquarters a note through their customer service site. They can tell you for certain.
  3. Is this on your iPhone and says "you won a contest!" or similar? Or seemingly tied to Amazon? If so it's a problem throughout the Apple iPhone world and not tied to Kamado Guru. The short term answer is to close Safari, put the phone in Airplane mode and clear the browser cache and cookies. Long term is hunt down these con men and send them to Siberia in their pajamas. https://macsecurity.net/view/254-congratulations-you-won-popup-virus
  4. I’ve had grilled ostrich breast. Almost like filet mignon. ETA: No, seriously. It was in a nice cafe in Utrecht, grilled like a steak and medium rare. And it was very good...
  5. Emu? Ostrich? Extinct dinornis?
  6. Typically, no. A few of the Costco KJ reps would provide delivery for a fee but it's not something Costco provided. At least, in none of the warehouses where I worked. It's been a cash and carry deal; pay for it and take it away. The warehouse might hold it for a day so a customer can arrange for pickup. But the store managers don't like doing that for very long.
  7. Roadshow charcoal is 73 cents/pound. The Costco online charcoal is 99 cents/pound. Still, that’s better than other sites.
  8. Right. No cover or the box of firestarters. The price is higher than during a Roadshow, I suppose to cover the S&H.
  9. Well, not exactly. The online price is $100 more for the Big Joe and $30 more for the Classic. But that includes S&H. The joetisserie, however is the same price online or in the store. The sale ends April 28.
  10. IIRC the Costco road show, in-store prices are: Big Joe II $1,499 Classic II $969 Jr. $399 If Costco online includes the shipping then you're paying $30 more for the Classic and $100 more for the Big Joe to avoid going to a store (and of course waiting for a roadshow to come your way). The online deal ends April 28. ETA: It looks like the Classic Joetisserie price is the same price online as in the store. Plus free shipping. Charcoal is a fair price but the roadshow is way better.
  11. This video even tells you how to make your own sea salt. Or...salt from seawater.
  12. If you don't see whole belly in the fridge cases but you do see sliced belly ready to be turned into bacon...that's your sign.
  13. Trying to put Naked Whiz out of business?
  14. You might also grab a bag of BB from Walmart. I’ve been satisfied with that lump so far.
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