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  1. Welcome, and FWIW I like B&B charcoal. When it's available I find it at Walmart for about $10 for 20 pounds. But right now all of the Walmarts around me are sold out. I expect they'll restock as we get closer to "grilling" season.
  2. Still available from some overseas (VERY overseas) dealers. I think the folks in Oz can still buy black KJs.
  3. Yeah, I think a lot of the griping is from folks who bought their KJs in the last 12 to 18 months while the new customer service crew ramped up after the Masterbuilt merger. I can't recall seeing any posts from folks who had registered previously and who were now being required to provide proof of purchase.
  4. I registered six years ago. Changing the requirements for registration means nothing for me, nor for thousands of KJ owners who registered the old way, with the serial number from the user manual. The new registration requirements aren't retroactive; how could they be? ETA: In any case, I think I still have the receipt!! Packrat mentality for documents...
  5. A. Nice AU logo. And welcome to the Guru. B. The insert should work OK, especially in the 200-350° range, but the exterior won't look very good after a few cooks, even with scrubbing.
  6. You assume the photographer was male.
  7. The schedule is updated weekly, more or less. And there are shows scheduled in February 2020 so the program is almost certainly continuing. It’s a good program for both Costco and Kamado Joe. Also this isn’t ”grilling season” for Costco, but it will be soon. So the number of shows will start to grow as the sun moves further north. If you want a show at your local Costco then tell the store manager. They like getting input, especially when it comes to "dense" products which carry relatively high prices.
  8. Doncha just love autocorrect? :LOL If he has bedlinen on his truck he has to turn in his man card!!
  9. I’ve used a rib rack and the ribs came out fine. You can flip them about halfway (like a coin flip) just to more evenly apply the heat. I trim a three pack from Costco into three different lengths to more evenly fit on a round grate; two short pieces, two medium, two longer. Place the short on the ends, next the medium and the longer cut in the middle of the rack.
  10. My last prime rib was from Costco and it was quite good. I bought a 4-bone roast and it would have fed six people, but to have leftovers a slightly larger roast might be better.
  11. Unless you cook the bones with the meat (you can tie them back on) just keep them off and cook separably in a braise or make stock. They don't add any flavor to the main roast. But if you tie them back on for presentation, cover the bones with foil to prevent burning, even at low heat. Your plan sounds OK and is pretty much how I made my last roast, and which came out well. The roast has lots of interior fat so you should be fine. Just cook to your desired IT. Enjoy!
  12. LargeRedJoe


    James, if you are outside the US suggest speaking with the dealer from whom you purchased the grill. You can also reach out to KJ directly, as John says, but in-country sources might be faster. https://www.kamadojoe.com/contact/
  13. Welcome to the guru Sean. Be patient, have a beverage. The grilling good times are about to begin.
  14. Better hurry though. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2019/10/15/business/sears-outlook-bankruptcy-anniversary/index.html
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