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  1. FWIW I have fed 14 people on my classic KJ (multiple dishes) and more than 50 people making only pulled pork. It's the timing and planning more than grill size.
  2. Unpacked it will fit but you'll also fill the front seat with the unpackings (grates, fire box, tools, metal cart, etc.) And you'll need to bring blankets or other cushions. I am reasonably certain an intact crate will not fit in a Rogue. Even though Nissan says the cargo space has a height if 37.9 inches that's not the dimension of the door opening. (I loaded a bunch of KJs during my Costco sales era.) But if you rip off the wooden feet from the mini pallet, then it might fit (but you also lose some structural integrity). See this video from John Setzler uncrating a Classic and you'll see what I mean about the feet. And delivery is always a great option!
  3. Nor found on their web site, which makes me think they discontinued B&B, at least for now.
  4. Costco / Kamado Joe roadshow. No idea how COVID is affecting this, if at all. https://www.costco.com/kamado-joe-schedule.html Oh, and KJ occasionally runs a warehouse sale from their offices in Columbus, GA. But no shipping, just cash / credit and carry. You can find open box items, scratch and dent, and lightly-used KJ products. But those sales are only a couple of times a year.
  5. FWIW I can’t buy toilet paper in my local Publix but I was able to buy two 8 pound bags of lump. And could have bought more. Big.Block is great but in a pinch...
  6. Which is a darn good place to eat in the Big Apple. In the East 20s IIRC. ETA: They've added three more locations, Good for them!
  7. I think Big Joe 1 came out in 2009 or maybe 2010. Big Joe II came out in 2016 or 2017.
  8. Yep. Cook away. Besides, you’re using two of the oldest bacteria-killing methods in history; salt and smoke.
  9. My in laws (Florida) were placed into a nursing home last week. My FIL for rehab and then transition to memory care, and my MIL straight to memory care with some significant medication.We drove down to see them on Thursday from Atlanta and process paperwork and a lot of other steps. We saw them on Thursday and for a short while on Friday. And now all nursing homes are in lockdown. No visitors except for emergencies or dying patients and until at least early April.*sigh*And I doubt Debi's parents understand why we haven’t been back.
  10. Sometimes a roadshow may take place off schedule but it's rare. Maybe because a particular warehouse could not accommodate the roadshow that week and had to shift to another location. All you can do is keep checking the schedule and also calling your local Costco and telling the manager that you want another KJ roadshow. They like the input from members. ETA: Did you mean Maple Grove, MN? 11330 FOUNTAINS DR MAPLE GROVE, MN 55369-7200 ETA2 - never mind, found Maplewood.
  11. It'll be $969 and that includes a cover and a box of firestarters.
  12. It’s not available as an after-market purchase yet.
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