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  1. LargeRedJoe

    Why do Recipes Call For Kosher Salt?

    Cooks like kosher salt because it's easier to pinch than table salt so you can pick up a larger portion.
  2. LargeRedJoe

    Costco 2019 Road Show Schedule

    Sorry, unless the Roadshow program has changed the only items for sale are grills (in three sizes), Joestisseries (two sizes) and charcoal. Each grill sold comes with a cover and a box of fire starters.
  3. LargeRedJoe

    Lump Charcoal

    The rocks might be mortar from the retorts where the charcoal is prepared. KJ, for example, sources their charcoal from Argentina and the openings to the retorts are sealed with brick and fresh mortar. The rocks might also be older mortar used to build the retort.
  4. LargeRedJoe

    2019 New Kamado Joe III being sold

    I have wondered if this is a business opportunity: "The Roving Grill Guru. We teach, you cook."
  5. LargeRedJoe

    Where did you buy your Kamado Joe Grill?

    Same as freddyjbbq above; my Classic was purchased pre-Costco. But the local garden shop delivered and assembled the grill, so that helped to justify full retail price!
  6. LargeRedJoe

    2019 New Kamado Joe III being sold

    The incentive worked two ways. The buyer gets a great deal and the KJ rep doesn't have to repack the demo units and risk damage in shipping. It's not impossible to repack the grills after assembly (I've done it) but it's a real pain, especially when trying to close up the show and get out of the store before the warehouse crews leave for the night. Or else come back the next day.
  7. LargeRedJoe

    A little problem with Kamado Joe.....

    They did on Saturday...unless I mis-read the box. ETA: https://atlantagrillcompany.com/products/big-joe®-half-moon-cast-iron-reversible-griddle Just plug in "Big Joe" into their search bar and all BJ products should appear.
  8. LargeRedJoe

    A little problem with Kamado Joe.....

    Agreed, I'm not sure why KJ wants a direct pipeline given all of their other worthy outlets.
  9. LargeRedJoe

    A little problem with Kamado Joe.....

    Apparently for only a few months so it’s new news. https://shop.kamadojoe.com/product-category/accessories/
  10. LargeRedJoe

    Great skillet suggestion?

    I’ve had T-fal pansvfor a number of years, recommenced by America’s Test Kitchen. They work well and are reasonably priced. Tramontina has a similar pan which you can find in Costco.
  11. This is taken from Forkish's book. He notes that you cant leave them in too long without killing the yeast. And I suppose that's true but I haven't had much trouble.
  12. I freeze dough balls and they are fine when eventually cooked. Just give them lots of time to thaw and rest at room temperature. Ideally let them thaw in the fridge and warm up on the counter. I don’t think the long fermentation in the fridge (pre-freeze) will make any difference.
  13. Not the filler, just briquettes like MatchLight which contain petroleum-based lighter fluids. The filler in briquettes is typically corn starch or some other neutral compound.
  14. LargeRedJoe

    Smoke - What You Need to Know

    A partially-burned piece of wood is called....charcoal. Those unburned pieces should not have any effect on the cook other than to ignite a bit more quickly. Maybe the food went on too soon? The ideal is thin blue smoke so if it’s still fairly thick and white then just wait a few minutes more. Many times I’ve cranked up my Kamado with wood chunks and watched as it came up to temp, pouring white smoke into the neighborhood. After a while, distracted by other tasks, I’d look at the grill again and the smoke had changed. Thin. Blue. Gauzy almost. It’s a beautiful thing - but requires patience. The irony of barbecue is that we need far less time to develop searing temperatures. Achieving low and slow temps takes time.
  15. Inject when raw but be mindful of the total amount of salt you’re introducing to the meat. And yes, use a larger grain salt. A teaspoon of fine sea salt, by weight, is a fair bit more than the same teaspoon of kosher salt. https://amazingribs.com/more-technique-and-science/more-ingredients-glossaries/science-salt