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  1. LargeRedJoe

    Air lift hinge adjustment question

    Maybe this video can help. The bolt has two small slots intended to hold the arms of a crescent wrench while the larger wrench adjusts the nut .
  2. LargeRedJoe

    The random pictures thread...

    Pretty sure they meant to say ROLES....but...holy crud.
  3. LargeRedJoe

    Who’s smoking what for Xmas dinner?

    I'm planning to cook a rib roast. I don't know what my wife is planning.
  4. LargeRedJoe

    Here's my photos for the COOLER

    Yep. Not much snow budget for those who live in the South. And as I learned a while back when working for a Boston-based company, there's also no cottage industry of off-work landscapers moving snow around in private parking lots, shopping malls and office complexes. In the northeast and upper midwest if you have a 4x4 you can mount a small snowplow to the front and hire yourself out for small-scale plowing. Down here...not so much.
  5. LargeRedJoe

    KJ Replacement Gasket: New or Old?

    No sweat. The question comes up a lot on the KJ Facebook site.
  6. LargeRedJoe

    KJ Replacement Gasket: New or Old?

    No. The latch is needed because the new air lift hinge removes about 90% of the dome weight. Retrofitted to older Joes, the gasket compresses ok.
  7. LargeRedJoe

    KJ Replacement Gasket: New or Old?

    Assuming this is for a newly-acquired but older Classic 1 which has the felt gasket? In either case - Classic I or Classic II - the gaskets have a one-year warranty. If yours was / is felt IMNSHO you'll likely get a felt gasket in return. Open a ticket or give them a call and see what they say.
  8. LargeRedJoe

    We have the cheapest gas in the country

    Per gallon. I paid roughly 50 cents per litre today (sorry... :( ).
  9. LargeRedJoe

    Prime Rib

    The no-sear approach also works well with slathers so that the herbs in the rub don't burn. If I sear a large piece of meat I only use salt and pepper and then add a flavored, herbacious butter sauce (and thank you chef Tom for that new adjective)
  10. LargeRedJoe

    Finally getting an Instant Pot

    It makes great and fast chicken stock without the hours of simmering on a stovetop. Dump in roasted chicken bones and scraps, add some carrots and celery and onion, pour in water to the fill line and let ‘er rip.
  11. LargeRedJoe

    We have the cheapest gas in the country

    ???? Who - or where - is No. 2? We only know of one civilization - ours. ETA: And here's the equation.
  12. LargeRedJoe

    PK360 Walk Around Demo / Review

    Good to see you again too John. We actually first met at Grindhouse Burger in midtown Atlanta a couple of years ago during a Recreation industry trade show that Bobby and KJ were attending. Chef Eric was there too making pork bombs.
  13. LargeRedJoe

    PK360 Walk Around Demo / Review

    They look great - almost indestructible.
  14. LargeRedJoe

    Using Artificial Sweetners in Rubs

    Don’t think any artificial sweeteners will give you the caramelization that sugar provides and which is the main reason for having sugar in a rub.
  15. LargeRedJoe

    Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

    He’ll leave you more presents if you put out some bourbon.