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  1. Better hurry though. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2019/10/15/business/sears-outlook-bankruptcy-anniversary/index.html
  2. The heat gun can help followed by acetone. Then lots of elbow grease with a putty knife or a razor blade scraper. Worst case use a wire brush and drill. There’s no easy answer.
  3. To be clear, are you talking about the felt gasket that sits on the lip of the bowl and on the lip of the dome? Or the gasket material that encircles the dome and bowl on the sides to cushion the bands? What grill do you have?
  4. Other than the cover and fire starters, no. Look at the KJ site to see what’s in the box.
  5. Pretty much ALL of the Costco roadshow sales are cash and carry. I've seen a few (very few) where local delivery was arranged but the norm is you buy it, you take it. Also the grill cover is a nice one. For comparison AGC offers the Classic cover for $79.99. ETA: The Classic II at Costco is sold for $969.
  6. Is the $599 grill new and unregistered? If so that is a great deal because you also get the warranty. The Costco deal includes a cover and a box of firestarters but that’s it. That said if the demo deal is still available at Costco (you buy the demo grill and pick it up at the end of the show) I think it includes a wok or cast iron Dutch oven or some other accessory. But that’s only the demo units and there is only one classic and one big joe demo grill.
  7. So far they have been part of the standard product kit that's sold at the shows, both Classic and Big Joe. It's a popular item, especially this time of year.
  8. It wasn’t $150...it was $130. More details here. The store is in Wales and the kid is the son of the owner who appears in the last scene. Nice! https://apple.news/AwqlXHg2mRS-bLuY3YgeYDw
  9. Well I got one of these beasts and cut it into a bunch of 2 inch steaks. In hindsight I might have done it differently by dividing the roast in half and only cutting steaks from one portion and saving the other half for a spin on the Joetisserie. Decisions decisions...and only so much room in the freezer.
  10. Costco has a one-week special for beef prime top loin and pork loin, Nov 29 Dec 2. $25 off the beef and $8 off the pork. The beef has a hefty fat cap but it’s still a good deal. Packages are all about the same size, else I would have bought two small beef loins (and I only have so much freezer space).
  11. Harry Soo recommends adding celery seed to the rub. The celery contains natural nitrites (or nitrates, I always get those mixed up) and which help to create a smoke ring. This may offer some interesting reading: Mythbusting the Smoke Ring
  12. You might find charcoal at a COOP if you have one near you. I think the one in Firenze carried briquettes if I recall correctly.
  13. Heck, placing fake reviews has been around since the internet was in digital diapers. Policing comments and planting fake reviews is called grooming (and I don't mean the pedophile kind). But it takes resources to enlist the help of off-shore labor so most *grooming is done by somewhat larger companies. Until they get caught. Reviewers need no qualifications and I don't exactly trust Amazon when it says someone is a "verified buyer". Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. It's often amusing to read the 1-star reviews, although some of them can lower my IQ just from the exposure to stupidity. KamadoGuru is a lot like the old DOS-based BBS sites or usenet usegroups. The BBS were replaced by web sites facilitated by products as as vBulletin, and the usegroups were overwhelmed with spam, most of it pornographic. KG and similar groups are highly niche and well-monitored for content, policy and user behavior. They are truly moderated. Facebook groups can be moderated but it's a lot harder because of the massive population of posters. *ETA: here I mean companies looking for bad reviews and trying to get them removed. The Chinese junk sellers don't have the means to do so.
  14. Looks like people started trying this a few years ago: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2013/07/28/line-x-rhino-coatings-bedliner/2588539/
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