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  1. Dang! Well, inspect before taking possession and if ok load it piecemeal into the car or truck.
  2. You might try twisting the top so that KJ logo faces right. That helps to keep the daisy wheel from shifting as much.
  3. I’ve had my Classic I on the ceramic feet sitting on a concrete paver for six years now. No problem.
  4. Guess it ain't gonna happen this year. https://biggreenegg.com/eggtoberfest/ [quote] EGGtoberfest 2021 After giving it considerable effort, it has regrettably become clear that we will not be able to host the 24th Annual EGGtoberfest as an in-person event. Although there are EGG events happening elsewhere, there are protocols and requirements specific to the event venues we would be using that would make it virtually impossible to conduct the event the way everyone has come to expect. We hate to see this happen, as EGGtoberfest has been a special opportunity to enjoy the camaraderie and say thanks to all of the EGG fans literally from around the world. We are working on plans that will make 2022 well worth the wait, and in the interim, we will soon be releasing information about how you can join in for another exciting and engaging virtual EGGfest.[/quote]
  5. See if a local restaurant supply store offers paper clamshell takeaway packaging (vs. styrofoam). Drinks? Any opportunity to partner with a local sauce manufacturer? Work out a way to keep the food safe. Steam table, crockpot, etc. Sounds like a fun charitable event!
  6. Interesting. I've heard of using baking powder (and corn starch) to help crisp up chicken skin but not baking soda. That said I've seen soda used to raise the pH of a food so that the food browns better; it helps the Maillard reaction. ETA: Found this video from ATK:
  7. As the old saying goes, if it turned out dry it needed to cook longer. How did it probe?
  8. dJoe 1,639 Posted just now If you mean in-store roadshows then here you go: https://www.costco.com/kamado-joe-schedule.html But if you mean online events...who knows? Quote
  9. Posted just now If you mean in-store roadshows then here you go: https://www.costco.com/kamado-joe-schedule.html But if you mean online events...who knows?
  10. Well, I found a photo....somewhere...that showed the Weber rotisserie on a Kettle Joe, so - asked and answered!
  11. I've got my eye on this as a grill for my in-law's house in Florida. I had been thinking of something lighter (e.g. Akorn) because I'll need to schlep it from a screened patio to an outside sidewalk but this has a lot of appeal, not only because it's lighter than a kamado but also because of the larger cooking surface and the add-on SlōRoller. I also wonder if accessories made for the 22-inch Weber Kettle will fit this new Joe, such as the Hovergrill or the Rotisserie? And which ones are probably rendered moot by the design of the Kettle Joe, such as the Slow and Sear insert?
  12. Smoking Dad BBQ has an unboxing and assembly video. No cooking yet, stay tuned.
  13. Some more on this from the American Meteor Society. https://www.amsmeteors.org/2021/02/bright-fireball-over-alberta-canada-on-february-22-2021/
  14. Nice! It may have exploded so it could have dropped some pieces. Was there confirmation of an impact? oh, never mind. https://edmontonjournal.com/news/local-news/edmonton-weather-waking-up-to-a-lot-of-wind-oh-and-a-meteor
  15. Yeah, i’m blaming the cheap grocery store charcoal. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
  16. And here we go again. No longer relevant comment.
  17. How open was the top vent? In my case it was darned near closed and I only made it 8 hours or so.
  18. In that case the Classic 2 is the better Value. You’ll get the air lift hinge, new fire box, new gasket and the divide and conquer rack system. Plus any accessories you bought will still fit. if you plan to put the new Joe in your current table you may need to raise the grill to allow for the larger hinge.
  19. And yup....most of my charcoal was gone, about 80% and I started with a fairly full basket. It was also cheap coal so that may have played a role.
  20. I would upgrade to the Big Joe 2 to gain more horizontal cooking surface. The slo roller is a nice addition but i would trade that for surface area. I know it would cost more than your other stated options but not much more than the Classic 3. Of course if you want to repurpose your table then this may not work.
  21. Wow that's counterintuitive; you would think the lump would burn faster with the vent more open. I just got a FireBoard and I'm half way through my first cook and my top vent is barely open, so we'll see what happens.
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