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  1. To create an air gap, use three or four half-inch copper "T"s bought from the local hardware store. Place those on your heat shield and then place your pizza pan/stone/baking dish on the Ts. That helps to manage the temperature. You can also use small bits of tile or granite so long as they are the same thickness.
  2. D. All of the above. That's what works for me. I may never try sous vide cooking, mostly because of the expense and having another $%#@ gadget to manage in my kitchen. But pretty much anything else goes (well, and maybe cooking on a cedar plank. I still don't get that..).
  3. I buy some rubs, but make most of my own. Even though I have a copycat recipe for McCormick's steak seasoning it's so cheap at Costco it's just easier to buy it there.
  4. In NJ? Which exit? (sorry, couldn't resist....) I don't live there but after 25+ years working for various companies I am there a lot, mostly around New Brunswick and Princeton. Looks like you have lots of Ace Hardware stores and they usually offer a good selection on BBQ supplies for either Big Green Egg or Kamado Joe, some of which can work on other kamado cookers. And of course Home Depot and Lowes also sell supplies. All of them sell wood chips and chunks for smoking although supplies and choices may improve as spring approaches. ETA: As you have probably read, lump charcoal is gen
  5. Back to the topic at hand... You might try using a perforated pizza pan. Both a pizza stone and the pan enable the dough to eliminate moisture. Make the pizza on parchment paper and then transfer to the pan.
  6. Maybe that explains a few things about my pants size....
  7. Or you can add a second layer with a grill extender, as in my avatar.
  8. Hmmm...maybe experiment with a small aluminum foil packet of chips, punctured and placed through the vent. That could give a longer smolder, but then I'm not sure it would produce the TBS we all covet.
  9. I've also read that after two hours the food has absorbed as much smoke as possible, and probably as much as you'd ever want.
  10. Errr....if you are using Photobucket, give this a read (had a similar discussion on the KJ forum). http://forum.kamadojoe.com/forum/kamado-joe-owners/what-s-cooking-on-your-joe/3362-saturday-nite-tri-tips?p=3591#post3591
  11. Either way, grill or pan, you'll want to move the heat deflector out of the way, get the grill close to the coals, and let the cooker get hot, hot, hot. If you use a pan then put it in when you move the heat shield and wait for the temp to come up. Put foil over the meat to help keep it warm. If you haven't done so already, check out the reverse sear video from Meathead's web site.
  12. The phone operating system doesn't support direct photo upload to Vbulletin sites like it does for Facebook or email. Ya have to upload to Photobucket and paste the link into your post. Or else use the photo option (not the camera icon) once you start the post in Tapatalk. That icon looks like a small square showing a mountain with the sun in the upper left corner. It appears below every post you type.
  13. Well, then you won't have to worry about burping the KJ!
  14. Yes, check the percentage in the alcohol bottle. Isopropyl comes in various "strengths" and you need the strongest "proof" on the shelf. 91% will do the trick... I tried squirting alcohol directly onto the charcoal but it didn't seem to provide an even fire. And it took a while for puddles of alcohol to burn out; time that was better spent cooking. Using alcohol directly will for sure work, but it requires some practice.
  15. Hmmm... Whenever I buy pork tenderloin, as shown in the photo, it always comes in two pieces. Pork loin, on the other hand, has always been a single chunk. I'd love to buy a single, large piece of tenderloin but I've never seen one at the local megamarts. In any event it looks darned tasty!
  16. Other suggestions: Use a cooler to hold the warmed foods. Ideally at 140+ degrees. To help do so, wrap a brick in foil, put it in the oven or your KJ, heat it up to 350° F, wrap it in a towel (to protect the cooler) and put it in the bottom of the cooler. Your cooler is now a hot holding unit. Use an electric heating pad beneath the foil pans that hold the burgers (or other food) while on the counter or serving area.
  17. Think of them as...emergency BBQ. Kind of like the biscuits you can find in old government fallout shelters from the 1960s. When you really, really need a fix of BBQ and it's -5 degrees outside and you just walked in from work - at 8 pm.
  18. Yes. Fleishers sells pasture-fed beef and chicken. They wrote a pretty good book describing the craft of butchery and what it takes to offer that kind of meat. http://www.fleishers.com
  19. And I bet I know what Bobby will be giving her as a wedding gift! Something in red or black with lots of accessories...
  20. carsonc1974, check out the other thread running on Smoke: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/8067-some-thoughts-on-maximizing-smoke-flavor/ For some cooks (as in one episode cooking on the device of choice) folks want to maximize smoke for at least the first few hours. To that end, we use chunks, chunks wrapped in foil, and now (after reading that other thread) chunks in soup cans. All to make the smoke linger as long as possible. I add the chunks before lighting and I try to bury a few in the charcoal so that they ignite later. Doesn't always work, hence the soup can idea.
  21. There's also a Monorail System that connects seven stops / hotels on the Strip. That said, using the rail line sometimes requires a longish walk. If you do get a car, try to avoid the Strip by driving around it, such as using Paradise Road. (Although even that is getting harder to do.) It may not matter too much but check the event schedule at the Las Vegas Convention Center. During the week large events can fill up some of the hotels or at least add more traffic. If you decide to gamble, avoid the big hotels and their high minimum-bet tables. Go to Fremont street and learn to pl
  22. Took out my ash tray as well. Didn't seem like it helped that much and I ended up using my (rubber gloved) hands anyway to clear out the larger bits.
  23. It might be. Checked the Swift site and it says, at the very bottom, that salt and sodium are included. http://www.swiftfreshpork.com/brands/swift-premium-natural-guaranteed-tender-pork/swift-premium-natural-guaranteed-tender-products/loin/boneless-roast/swift-premium-natural-guaranteed-tender-boneless-pork-loin.aspx
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