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  1. Costco / Kamado Joe roadshow. No idea how COVID is affecting this, if at all. https://www.costco.com/kamado-joe-schedule.html Oh, and KJ occasionally runs a warehouse sale from their offices in Columbus, GA. But no shipping, just cash / credit and carry. You can find open box items, scratch and dent, and lightly-used KJ products. But those sales are only a couple of times a year.
  2. FWIW I can’t buy toilet paper in my local Publix but I was able to buy two 8 pound bags of lump. And could have bought more. Big.Block is great but in a pinch...
  3. Which is a darn good place to eat in the Big Apple. In the East 20s IIRC. ETA: They've added three more locations, Good for them!
  4. I think Big Joe 1 came out in 2009 or maybe 2010. Big Joe II came out in 2016 or 2017.
  5. Yep. Cook away. Besides, you’re using two of the oldest bacteria-killing methods in history; salt and smoke.
  6. My in laws (Florida) were placed into a nursing home last week. My FIL for rehab and then transition to memory care, and my MIL straight to memory care with some significant medication.We drove down to see them on Thursday from Atlanta and process paperwork and a lot of other steps. We saw them on Thursday and for a short while on Friday. And now all nursing homes are in lockdown. No visitors except for emergencies or dying patients and until at least early April.*sigh*And I doubt Debi's parents understand why we haven’t been back.
  7. Sometimes a roadshow may take place off schedule but it's rare. Maybe because a particular warehouse could not accommodate the roadshow that week and had to shift to another location. All you can do is keep checking the schedule and also calling your local Costco and telling the manager that you want another KJ roadshow. They like the input from members. ETA: Did you mean Maple Grove, MN? 11330 FOUNTAINS DR MAPLE GROVE, MN 55369-7200 ETA2 - never mind, found Maplewood.
  8. It'll be $969 and that includes a cover and a box of firestarters.
  9. It’s not available as an after-market purchase yet.
  10. Just to ask but are you using a temperature controller like an ikamand or flameboss? The air pressure from the fan can force smoke up through the gasket. if not then maybe the latch needs adjusting for a slightly tighter seal. Also, unless the smoke is pouring out like a tire factory that's on fire, don't worry about it.
  11. Well ya can’t call out “show us your...wings!” Just doesn’t work. Nice cook!
  12. Well AGC offers free shipping on anything over $80 so you can save the drive if you like. And their Jr price is the same as the roadshow but they do charge drop shipping $79 for the Jr. https://atlantagrillcompany.com/collections/kamado-joe-1/products/kamado-joe-joe-jr-™-1
  13. Check with Atlanta Grill Company for the Joetisseries, or if you are Costco member wait for a KJ roadshow near you. In either case the Classic Joetisserie is $184.99. https://atlantagrillcompany.com/collections/kamado-joe-1/products/joetisserie®classic https://www.costco.com/kamado-joe-schedule.html
  14. IMO it's unlikely that Kamado Joe (Masterbuilt) will start having roadshows at BJs. The relationship with Costco goes back several years and has been a good one for both Costco and KJ and I can't see KJ messing around with a Costco competitor. But...I've been wrong before and will be in the future so...who knows? And technically Costco doesn't carry Kamado Joe; the only time you can find KJ products at a Costco is during a roadshow, similar to Cutco (but not Viatmix).
  15. If it's truly bent you might still want to file a warranty claim. That way if the latch breaks you have a new one ready to go.
  16. Welcome aboard, you're about to enjoy many years of kamado-style cooking. As a quick note you don't need to season your new Joe - just start cooking. That said a lot of folks like to load in some lump, fire it up and play with the vent settings, either with or without food. The user manual has lots of good information and I suspect you've already found the Kamado Joe Youtube channel. Happy cooking!
  17. Maybe find some oven-proof silicone pads and place them between the KJ and the feet/bricks/whatever. And maybe some below. I just use the feet and a concrete paver in a wooden table. So far so good after fiver years.
  18. I doubt you will see the Gen III products at Costco. Never say never but I’ve always thought that the Costco program was meant to “seed” the marketplace and gain tremendous exposure to the brand. To those ends the products with the more mid-range price points seem best-suited for the Costco membership. Pricing for the Gen II products seems to be the same as last year.
  19. Now that's the way to sunset a logo! (Wonder if he'll live on with the product packaging.)
  20. Welcome, and FWIW I like B&B charcoal. When it's available I find it at Walmart for about $10 for 20 pounds. But right now all of the Walmarts around me are sold out. I expect they'll restock as we get closer to "grilling" season.
  21. Still available from some overseas (VERY overseas) dealers. I think the folks in Oz can still buy black KJs.
  22. Yeah, I think a lot of the griping is from folks who bought their KJs in the last 12 to 18 months while the new customer service crew ramped up after the Masterbuilt merger. I can't recall seeing any posts from folks who had registered previously and who were now being required to provide proof of purchase.
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