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  1. What kind of gasket? Old felt style or the new mesh gasket?
  2. As an extra grip point the brackets are Ok but the primary lift points should be the hinge and vent. And of course make sure the band is snug and bolts tightened.
  3. I assume the slo roller was removed for the pizza cook? Were the deflectors in the lowest position? (That can produce a lower dome temp even full open). Higher? Highest?
  4. That makes sense. I had not seen any KJs in any nearby Lowe’s so I reckoned they had quit carrying the product line. But come to think of it I did see one on display at a Lowe’s near Tampa.
  5. It’s probably inventory left over from when Lowe’s first started selling KJ in its stores. I’m guessing it was about $750?
  6. You might try asking on the KJ Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/500015733460665/?ref=share
  7. Well it was....OK. I think my yeast was too old since the crust ended up too dense and it never properly rose. Live and learn. Still darned tasty though. IMG_2206.MOV
  8. Well I don’t have a Lloyd pan but I do have an 18 x 12 monster that my wife found somewhere. So tonight we’re trying the Detroit Pepperoni pizza. The dough is in the fridge and coming out soon and then the dimpling and panning process will begin. Cutting the cheese into tiny cubes was a minor pain...but let’s see how it turns out. Unfortunately the pan size will keep it out of the Kamado.
  9. Just. curious but what temp did you reach before loading the pizza? Did the dough have much or any sugar?
  10. May be too late but I’d recommend using a preheated pizza stone or deflector. And if possible elevate the pan above the stone with another grate or small balled up pieces of foil to create an air gap.
  11. Recipes could be tagged as quick or fast or similar. Then search for the tags. But doing this retroactively will be tough. Going forward is fine but folks would need to apply the tags when they post a recipe.
  12. Wow, great-looking crust in that closeup image!
  13. That looks like a class-action fishing site. “”Hey you! Do you have this complaint too? Join our lawsuit!” Only the lawyers will see any money, especially on a cheap consumable product like wood pellets and which haven’t done any harm to anyone.
  14. Costco and KJ will only bring in limited inventory; grills, charcoal and joetisseries.
  15. It was a deal done last year so it’s kinda old news. Bobby Brennan, the founder of KJ, is now CEO of both companies. So yes, still owned by the family but the equity mix has changed. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/dominus-capital-invests-in-kamado-joe-300717060.html
  16. KJ merged with Masterbuilt, also family-owned. KJ recently consolidated warehouses with MB in Columbus, swapping 50,000 square feet for 150,000 square feet - and not leased. Customer Support for the various product lines is merging and training is going on. My expectation is that support will continue as before and this gives KJ the opportunity for more product development. All in all a good move in my totally useless opinion.
  17. A few differences to the Forkish book so far: The Forkish recipes usually include 00 flour or AP flour whereas the dough recipes in the PPP book are based on bread flour. A major technique in almost all of the PPP recipes is to lay small cubes of cheese over the dough and allow the second rise (over several hours) to envelope the cheese. And then sprinkle lots of cheese cubes over the surface all the way to the edges. The PPP book focuses on thicker crust and no Neopolitan, and you'll also find recipes for focaccia and schiacciata pizzas/breads.
  18. Hey thanks for that. I went browsing and Amazon had the Kindle version for $2.99 (I'm OK with eBooks vs. printed, even cookbooks).
  19. Looks like piggy is still going to market in Beijing. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-09-25/china-preparing-to-buy-more-u-s-pork-as-trade-talks-revive
  20. That doesn’t make any sense. The bolts that hold the shelf brackets in place fit through holes in the lower band. And the shelf brackets fit onto those bolts and are held in place by hex nuts. Heaven knows I replaced several at the Costco Roadshows. There are no bolts cast into the ceramic. You're correct in that that you need a different Big Joe lower band. But is this with the old spring hinge or the new airlift hinge? You should specify when buying the band if you get that far.
  21. The DoJoe will likely not be sold at the Costco roadshows anytime soon, if ever. You'll find all three grills, both sizes of Joetisseries and charcoal.
  22. I can’t speak to the DoJo but as for cooking a butt at 350 it’s something I do all the time. Don’t worry about chasing temps too much. One thought on the DoJo (ok, I lied) and similar to the Joetisserie, you may not need as much charcoal as you would think. These are relatively short, hot fires so a full bowl isn't needed. If you watch some of Eric Gephart’s videos you’ll see that he doesn’t always fill up for hot, direct cooks.
  23. Kamado Joe is having a warehouse sale next Friday and Saturday in Atlanta (well, really it's Duluth). Kamado Joe 3400 Rivergreen Ct NW Duluth, GA 30096-2519 ETA: From Conor Brennan
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