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  1. If you search YouTube for “Kamado joe baby back ribs” you’ll find a lot of recipes, both by John and other folks.
  2. Companies are not legally obligated to honor pricing mistakes. If there was some bait and switch or other deception, then that’s different. https://smallbusiness.chron.com/company-advertising-price-wrong-responsible-mistake-73117.html
  3. BBQGalore.com also operates a chain of brick and mortar stores in the west and southwest US. They used to have a store near me but it closed a while back. https://www.bbqgalore.com/stores/ FWIW the link let me go all the way to checkout but I stopped there because I already have a Joetisserie. It looks legit to me although the price is clearly a mistake. Your spyware may have just been seeing cookies, which would be normal. But, YMMV and IANAL.
  4. I can understand wrapping the pieces in foil until the new ones come in. That would make sense. The instructions for the deflectors doesn’t require wrapping in foil.
  5. The biggest problem with using only wood is controlling the fire; you’re pretty much limited to full, roaring flame and screaming hot coals - and that once the smoke subsides. If you only plan to direct grill and sear, then maybe.
  6. Dang, in hindsight I wish I taken a paint and stain approach to my table as well. I really like that dark finish on the tops. What did you use for the gray, stain, and clear coat?
  7. Primo was featured on the show How It's Made and I expect their process is the same for all ceramic grills. Maybe not.
  8. I've heard of other folks wiring the ring to the panels with suspended ceiling hanging wire.
  9. There's also this from the Naked Whiz: http://www.nakedwhiz.com/ceramicbuild.htm Carts, tables and other DIY stuff.
  10. There are no serial numbers embossed on the Classic II or later generations. I think the web site takes whatever numbers or letters that you enter. So if the registration site takes the GM prefix then go ahead and add it. No harm, no foul.
  11. Cypress Grill Tables prepares the table for pickup in several sections. How many sections depends on the table you choose. I moved a 92-inch table (six sections) in a Home Depot rental flatbed; the length of the table top (one section) was the deciding factor for that size of vehicle. ETA: The other five sections would have fit in my RAV4 with the seats down.
  12. You might also consider Atlanta Grill Company. https://atlantagrillcompany.com/
  13. Ah, sorry, missed the bit about rolling it back and forth. A Classic II will fit through the doorway without removing anything.
  14. It should be fine. Worst case you can easily remove the side tables and even their brackets.
  15. I just checked the schedule and the Maui warehouse is on the list at the end of August. I don’t recall the roadshows ever going to Hawaii, so that’s nifty.
  16. Costco is pretty good about detailing everything in an online order so if it’s not listed then probably not.
  17. You may never need them but just in case.
  18. I'll bet that the last time Bobby looked at his Facebook or Linkedin profile George Bush was still president. Bobby and Kerry still have equity positions. Kamado Joe was growing so much (new markets, more reach, more products, growing user base) they needed a better capitalization approach and the Dominus investment was one way to fund the expansion.
  19. It wont affect the performance so technically it's not a warranty issue. That said, if a crack develops a couple of years from now then you'll have the documentation of the crack source. But even then it doesn't matter about the source; if the ceramic breaks at any time, it's under warranty. For a chip like that I would be surprised if they replace the base.
  20. I’m using plain old propane (blue tank) and it stays lit.
  21. We had a cuisinart machine for 15+ Years and recently replaced with another cuisinart. The old bowl cracked and then the pusher. Very good machine.
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