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  1. Chef Merito Carne Asada Steak & Meat Seasoning 14 oz Anyone ever use this stuff? If so, any advice for me? I bought some after seeing people that used it on the Facebook site.
  2. Here is a thorough pizza instructional from when I posted on here...It's got a sauce and easy crust recipe, too. http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/10827-first-pizza-on-the-akorn/
  3. I haven't touched my Weber Spirit since I bought my Akorn last year. The Akorn is so easy to use, if you keep the chamber full of lump, you can either light it in one spot for a low and slow, or a couple places for a high heat cook. It takes maybe 20 minutes to heat up. The biggest downfall is that it takes a couple hours to cool down, and I'm afraid to put the cover over it for fear it will melt. The Akorn cooks everything well once you get a handle on the temps. You will love it even more if you use it a lot. I find that is the case. Also, burgers are pretty amazing on it, so you may end up changing your mind on that, too. Oh, it's also a miser when it comes to burning coals, compared to any other cooker out there.
  4. This is one of the most beautiful posts on this site!
  5. I've been making wings a lot lately. One trick is to steam them in a colander over an inch of water (covered) for about 12 minutes. Then dry them with a paper towel, toss them on a rack in the fridge for an hour or whatever time you can spare. Season them if you want and put them on at around 400 (Akorn thermometer temp). I toss a pizza pan on the main rack and put the wings in the top rack. Flip after about 12 minutes, then go about 12 more on the other side. Maybe flip one more time to get it crisped to taste. I've been doing mine with about 1/3 cup Frank's hot sauce, one clove garlic minced, 1/4 tsp salt, and 2 or 3 Tbsp butter. Butter and garlic first to get the garlic cooked up, then the salt and sauce. Of course blue cheese dressing to dip them in.
  6. Several thoughts I love a reverse sear on an inch or greater steak, especially if I plan to get a little smoke in which I LOVE on some nice thick sirloin or rib eyes. If you don't add smoke them maybe not worth it to extend cook time. Also, the ease in moving the Akorn main grate around is one of the big selling points it holds IMHO. I have a Pyrex pie pan that I set it on to keep it from burning the table or floor I set it on while maneuvering other stuff. If it's a big hassle for you, maybe order a second lifting tool to make it extra extra easy and a two hand affair. Third, if you want a reverse sear without lifting the main grate, then place your diffuser on the main grate and do the lower temp cook on the second level. When you move to high heat, revive the diffuser and move the meat to the main grate once up to temp. Cheers, happy grilling I like your idea about putting the diffuser on the main grate for the reverse sear. That would not be hard at all.
  7. I ended up doing the 500 sear both sides 2 minutes, then top basket and shut the puppy down completely. I took it off at 129, but wish I would have taken it off at IT of 120. It was good, not great. I haven't been in love with this cut so far the 2 times I've eaten it. Maybe it's the Iowa boy in me. I have a better go of it with flank steak. By the way, the seasoning I use for this and for flank is Penzey's Chicago Steak Seasoning. It's the bomb.
  8. I have an Akorn, and I find the thought of the reverse sear a bit too much work and handling of a hot cast iron grate (not to mention I can't seem to go from low heat to high heat very fast). So, was wondering if I could get some pretty high heat, sear it for a couple minutes on each side, then just put my pizza pan on the main grate to act as a diffuser, and toss the Tri Tip up on the higher grate that comes with the Akorn until it hits 130 or so. You guys think that would be a decent way to do a Tri Tip?
  9. You can cook those boneless skinless direct, they are super forgiving, and almost always remain juicy.
  10. I missed my "peeps" as my wife calls the Kamado Guru minions! Glad you are back up!
  11. Do you think grilling imparts anything that a stove wouldn't when you use the gill pan? Or do you use this on the grill because it would smoke up the kitchen so badly?
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