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  1. Weber charcoal for $3.90 20 lb bag at Home Depot. Regular price $19.88. I don't know if this is everywhere or just my local store in Oxford MS, but it may be worth checking. I usually use Royal oak lump in the Akorn but for this price i picked up 5 bags.
  2. Very nice set. I have two ECI Dutch ovens and love them both. Clean up is very easy I know you will enjoy.
  3. So if the new hinge and firebox will be produced in February, when will you be able to buy the Big Joe with the new upgrades?
  4. Looks good so far. I'm sure it will turn out great.
  5. I have cooked directly on grill grates but don't have pictures. You have to keep an eye on it or you will burn the crust. But it turned out fine the wife and kids like the pizza.
  6. DCJG

    Roadshow Pricing

    Thanks for the help.
  7. I am going to buy a Big Joe, I have a Costco roadshow that will be about an hour away. I can get one from a local dealer for $1272 plus tax it can be delivered next week. From what I have read the roadshow prices are $1199.00 for the Big Joe, does that sound right? I would also have to get a Costco membership for $55.00 so in your opinion do you get enough extras at the roadshows to make the hour drive? Just trying to get some information before making my decision. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the suggestions, i have been looking for a while and will probably go with KJ or Primo. From what I have read they cook about the same.
  9. I have an Akorn and LOVE IT. It will be 4 years old in December and is starting to rust around the ash pan. There is also a small amount of rust near the top vent from a rain cap that I use. I feel sure it will last another year or so but I am thinking about going ceramic instead of getting another Akorn. I don't want to get a smaller grill than what I have now so I am looking for some suggestions. I know A LOT of people here have different grills and I would like some input. Thanks
  10. I picked one up from local Ace for $10.00 works great. Thanks for the idea
  11. I cooked yesterday for my wife and kids. They LOVED IT!
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