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  1. The move went well for me - a bluejeans blue 23 Ultimate landed in my backyard. : )
  2. I have the 18 v to 20 v dewalt converter, it is a great setup- brings new life to old tools. I have tools for work as well as at home so it made sense to get the adapter. buy a $99.00 20 v drill and then just the adapter and you are good to go.
  3. I second the recommendation for Schoodic Point, Less crowds but beautiful also take the harder trails = less people. We were there in 2013 so take my food recommendations with a grain of salt- Ruth and Wimpy's near Ellsworth, Dockside restaurant in Northwest Harbor and Westside restaurant in Bar Harbor. Nothing fancy just good food. Enjoy
  4. Ckreef, yes the pucker factor is a major consideration. I just moved a used 23" Ultimate recently, I followed the procedure that you laid out- except I rented a U-Haul enclosed trailer. The trailer was a single axle with a low load height which allowed me to use a makeshift ramp to roll the Komodo into the trailer. The reason I went with the enclosed trailer is that it gave me a convenient tie down height to secure the unit high enough around the body of the Komodo where most of the weight is. Also don't forget a good selection of moving blankets to protect the tiles. Thanks for posting about this subject Ckreef, while it appears to be just common sense it is nice to have the info in one place.
  5. I cut them in half all the time, an 8 pounder is just too much for my family. Even with just a 4 pounder we still have leftover for another meal.
  6. That is one good looking car, it's great that you are happy with it. As was said earlier, my mechanic does not make any money on Toyota's, Honda's or Subaru's.
  7. That has to be the cleanest Kamado I have ever seen, not for long I guess. The food looks delicious-how long did it take to cook the potatoes?
  8. A year or so ago my cooking stone broke in two pieces, I just set the two pieces on an old Weber grate- works fine. I even use it for a half ###-ed indirect two zone cooking, the stone broke into two equal halves so it worked out fine The Acorn is starting to rust out after four years so I am hesitant to buy any new accessories for it.
  9. Very nice setup Bosco, I use the gas grill all the time - the side burner that is. I can't remember the last time I used the grill part, I will not get rid of it though because it was a Father's Day gift. Regards, Dan
  10. That is a great looking meatloaf. Perfect color on the outside and I know what you mean - my family likes everything more well done than I do. Nothing like meatloaf on the Kamado though. Tastes even better for leftovers. Regardes, Dan
  11. Having just gotten over food poisoning ( Cherry pie filling can was only 1/2 filled from factory, my 11 year old used it for a cherry dump cake oblivious to the potential problem), I have a new respect for food safety. Throw the ham away it is not worth the misery.
  12. I was never a big fan of turkey, but if that taste half as good as it looks I might change my mind. Please share more details about the cook. Thanks, Dan
  13. I heat soaked my kamado yesterday for a cast iron apple pie, but that was as much for temperature stabilization as making sure there was no excess smoke flavor added to the pie. P.S. Thanks John for the cast iron Apple pie recipe. It was a hit ! Regards, Dan
  14. I just bring the Acorn up to 450* put some folded foil { as a drip pan} on the cooking stone then the chicken straight on the grill, 45 minutes later it is done to perfection crispy skin and all. I agree that the foiled bricks stopped the skin from crisping by trapping the moisture in the skin where they were in contact. Regards, Dan
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