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  1. Hello my friend, 


    I cooked shoemakers chicken the other day and thought about you and what you might be up to. How's it going. 



  2. Thanks everyone. I have to admit for my first attempt I was quite pleased with the result. The family loved it. Each bite had that crunchy goodness of bark followed with a subtle smokiness and a moist tender center. The sauce complimented it real well. It has been pretty warm here so it was nice to control most of the cook via the smart phone inside the house.
  3. Been wanting to try this cook for some time. Finally got around to it this weekend. Got 5-6 lb roast Deboned, trimmed fat, cubed, and seasoned with all purpose rub. Put in fridge over night. Turned on the Davy Crockett from the comfort of my easy chair. Let them smoke at 175 for about about an hour then cranked up the grill to 225. In the meantime made the sauce for use later. After 2 hours pulled them off the grill. Placed in casserole dish coated with some goodies and wrapped in foil. Placed back on the grill pumped up to 250 for about 1 1/2 hour. Removed foil. Coated in the habanero mango sauce. Back on the grill for another 1 1/2 hours. Planned on letting it rest but couldn't resist cutting into one and taking a bite. All I can say is . Letting them rest before dinner was the hardest thing I did all day. Thanks for taking a peek
  4. I would argue that it is in all our best interest to taste good TriTip vs taste like good TriTip.
  5. And I thought the best part of living in CA was that I live here. Of course those TriTips do rank up there too.
  6. That is outstanding my friend. Perfectly cooked and presented.
  7. 18" you say? Sounds like a fish story to me. Isn't that board 6"x6"
  8. Very nice. You may want to try pancetta instead of procuitto next time. But it looks good as is to me.
  9. I fell for this post hook line and sinker.
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