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    County Down Northern Ireland
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    Playing with fires and cooking on some of them. Adding needlessly to my barbeque cookbook collection. Sharing good food and drink with family and friends.
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    Kamado Joe

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  1. Super looking chops Jack, I'm sure they made you smile as promised by Pookie G
  2. Thank you, Peter. I appreciate the compliment. How very nice to see you back and posting again. As you can see, I'm still cooking and experimenting. How did the outdoor kitchen turn out? And how are the "Stars of the County Down"? I'll post some pics of my man shack when I'm down home again on Thursday Jack, we've spent a lot of time away from home fixing up my mum's holiday rental property in the last year and a half or so, hence my absence. The "Stars" are both doing well thanks, one planning a wedding next year and the other happily single but attached.
  3. Wow Jack that looks truly spectacular! Glad I've a bit more time nowadays to check out you still raising the bar!
  4. What a feast! I love lamb on the grill and that rack looks perfect CG! Killer veggies too
  5. Good times and congrats on the upcoming anniversary!
  6. You just can't beat that! I've been absent from my spot next to my Joe for way too long and am looking forward to resuming it!
  7. Fantastic looking pies Ben, I've just bought a Weber 26cm pizza stone for my recently acquired Joe Jr and can't wait to try it out. I currently use the artisanal dough recipe from Pizza on the Grill, but yours looks and sounds very interesting. I'm a sucker for new pizza books (as well as bbq books).
  8. That pizza looks epic Jeff, bbq chicken is my favourite. I need to hone my presentation skills!
  9. I'm playing catch up on a couple of years posts, those look awesome Andy! The JOEtisserie looks like a must have accessory.
  10. I've got the meat sweats just looking at that cook! Outstanding CG
  11. Hey old friend, I haven't been around in quite a while, glad to see you're still keeping the wolf from the door in grand style! Your dad would be proud!
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