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  1. Thanks all, it is on and I got the remote in my pocket. Since it is not a full up Butt, I'm guessing 160-170 to remove? Cliff
  2. OK all. I need some help and I am confused. My wife came home yesterday with a cut that has me really confused. It's a little over 5 lbs. Thick fat on both sides. The Label says: Pork Shoulder - Ham Picnic Sliced PT1. Not sure they didn't screw up the label. Anyway, just for the two of us as usual. I plan to inject. Throw on at 200 with some apple wood and figure about 5 hours or so. Any thoughts or comments. Cliff
  3. Thanks all for the responses. I cut it into filets and froze it. Will grill them two at a time when we are ready. Just grilled some swordfish last week, and it came out great. Cliff
  4. All, did a search, and found nothing on this topic. Not sure if this is a good idea or not. I have a 3 pound hunk of halibut. Obviously not cheap. I can cook it as is, or filet it and go from there. My thought was to smoke it, but not having a lot of luck with searches finding much info. Has anybody tried this. Thanks all. Cliff
  5. Did swordfish fillets last week on my gas grill just like I would a steak. A little olive oil and smoked paprika. Then Lemon juice after they came off the grill.
  6. Thanks all. I am monitoring temp. And yes, I am burping, but just having a hard time getting it to drop. Yep, I lit way too much. Learned my lesson for next time. Only needed to light that much if I was grilling a steak, etc.
  7. I'm guessing I started too big of a fire. Multiple spots. I did give it a few minutes to react, but temp just kept rising
  8. I have both vents completely closed and it keeps heading up toward 300. Want to be down around 220. Anything I can do now. Have a brisket on and don't want it cooking too fast. Cliff
  9. John, thanks for all of the tips. Some I did do, but others I didn't. Cliff
  10. Thanks for sharing. Doing a 1.5 lb center cut pork loin shortly. Cliff
  11. I did wrap them in foil for an hour. Think the butcher paper is probably the better move. And did do the sauce for the last half hour with both vents closed. Cliff
  12. OK all, sorry I didn't get pictures up earlier, but will do so now. This is at the very beginning. Two racks rubbed and one not. At the very end with bbq sauce. Came out good, but a little bit dryer than I would have liked. Probably should have came off earlier. Cliff
  13. OK all. Haven't cooked at all since the last I posted. I'm doing Baby Backs tomorrow for the game. My thought process is that I want to go indirect, but not set up yet to do it. Could I take my pizza stone and place it on the lower rack to use it to help disburse some. Plan to stay down around 250 and just let them smoke. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Cliff
  14. Temp was holding at right about 225. Then added and boosted it up to get it browned.
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