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  1. All my previous Christmas prime ribs have been in the oven but this year I decided to use my Vision Komado. It was absolutely the best prime rib I've ever had! Love that light smokey flavor. Started with a 5 bone dry aged prime rib. I cut off 2 ribs and froze for a later date. I applied salt and pepper and slathered it with a paste of evoo, garlic, fresh thyme and rosemary. Cooked at 250 for 3 hours and pulled at an internal temp of 115. This how I will be doing all my prime ribs from now on!
  2. That looks awesome. I have one of those rotisseries on my gasser. Would be cool if it worked on my Vision but no such luck. Great job!
  3. This one went on about 2 hours ago. Smoking at 250 on the Vision. Dry aged prime rib with an olive oil and herb marinade.
  4. Thanks for this post! I made my first batch as part of my hors d'oeuvres for Thanksgiving. It was a big hit! Everyone loved it. I did mine slightly different. I picked up some nice thick cut bacon from Sam's Club and basted it with maple syrup. All I did for the brown sugar was mix in some Chinese five spice powder and some cayenne pepper. It made for a nice exotic flavor with a hint of heat. Very tasty and I will be making this again soon!
  5. I've had my Vision kamado for a while but health issues and life have got in the way of me exploring its capabilities. I also finally splurged and purchased a large adjustable rig and extender from the CGS so I decided to try my hand at baby backs today. Used Royal Oak lump with some pecan wood and while the grill was coming up to temp, I prepped my ribs and rubbed them down with some Oakridge competition rub. I used the 2-2-1 method and after 2 hours uncovered I placed the ribs in foil meat side up with a little apple juice and back on the kamado they went for another 2 hours. After that I pulled them and sauced them for another 30-40 minutes. Wife & kids wanted to eat, so I couldn't keep them on the full last hour. They turned out pretty good but could of used a little more time. Overall I'm happy with the result but definitely need to spend more time getting used to controlling my temps.
  6. I worked in retail for many years and worked every black Friday. Back then I worked for Circuit City and saw so many fights and nasty people. What I saw disgusted me so much, I swore that once I got out of retail I would never set foot in a store during that entire 4 day weekend. I left retail in 2002 and have been true to my word. I stay home and off the roads during the Thanksgiving Holiday.
  7. I have a Vision and it is a good "entry level" kamado at a good price point compared to the competition. I never purchased it expecting it to be on par with the BGE, Kamado Joe or the Primo. I'm happy with it for the price I paid.
  8. I have the same grill. I haven't purchased an indirect set up yet but I'm about to pull the trigger on a CGS large adjustable rig and rig extender. Pretty pricey though. Definitely get a set of Grill Grates for it. You'll love em. I don't use the starter port on mine and just start my lump with a map gas torch. Very quick and easy! Enjoy
  9. At the very least your entire drawer assembly is defective and needs to be replaced. Without seeing a pic of the grill with the drawer pulled out I can't tell if the ceramic was molded improperly like mine was. Call Laurie at Vision. They'll take care of you. The top vent is no big deal, just bend the metal tabs out so they make contact with the ceramic.
  10. Let us know what you think of that stone. I was tempted to get the spider combo but that 13" stone seems too small.
  11. Hmmm... I wanted to purchase an adjustable rig from CGS and sent them an email on Sunday detailing the setup I wanted and letting them know I'm ready to buy. I wanted a price and even left my phone number. It's now 3 business days later and I realized I Never received a response at all to my email. Anyone had this issue with them not responding to emails?
  12. You mentioned you want to do a stone setup. That could mean many things. Maybe you could be more specific. If you google stone block bbq island, there are a few examples of small islands that were built out of block like Belgard Weston wall. Stone blocks are very easy for a do it yourselfer. One of my coworkers built a small island for his grill out of stone blocks like the Weston wall and it looks nice and maybe a little rustic. I built a large firepit and seating area out of the same block and it looks great. Key is to lay it out first on paper. Then build it on your patio without adhesive, then once your happy...pull it apart and reassemble it with adhesive. Making sure the blocks are level when laying each course is key. Otherwise it will be a mess after you glue a few layers. The blocks aren't always even thickness, so shims are mandatory. You can go cmu, but that gets a little more complicated with cutting & mortaring the blocks, reinforcing with rebar and then eventually veneering or applying stucco.
  13. Looks good! Are you using charcoal or lump for your smokes?
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