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  1. I love my 18 month old Akorn and a local retail store has the Large Big Green Egg on sale for $600. I can't decide if I should jump on this or be content with what I have. Locally used Akorns seem to be selling for $200 so I would "only be paying" $400 more. For those who have upgrade is it worth it?
  2. I was in the Ceramic Grill store recently and they are very nice carts. I'm in the market for a BGE and trying to decide if I want to get this or a table.
  3. I go with 2 and crack the flower to a half moon, light a weber cube on top of the lump and close the lid. I set it at 225 and it always holds there.
  4. Thanks all! Injected with Butcher BBQ Bird Booster, rubbed with Redneck Cooker Chicken Scratch, cooked at 350 in a half pan outlined in squeeze butter until 155 between the breast and thigh. Glazed with Sucklebusters Honey BBQ Sauce and removed it from the pan and back on the grill to set for about 5-10 minutes.
  5. The biggest negative about that place. As soon as you save up for a big item there you want they stop selling it.
  6. I'll always have a gasser on hand for quick week night cooks.
  7. I tweeted Teltru that they needed to make a replacement for the Akorn. They sent me a message to email them the dimensions. I haven't had the chance if someone wants to you can. Info@teltru.com
  8. Currently I have my IQ 110 and Maverick hooked up to my Akorn. Both show 350 and the dome has fluctuated between 30-50 below that. I would LOVE to have a dome thermometer that was accurate.
  9. I keep my top vents barely cracked and the fan on 2. I out a weber cube on top of a pile of lump and I can run 225 wel over 24 hours.
  10. I do not have a covered porch and it's suppose to rain on Sunday. I was hoping to cook a brisket but not sure now. I have a UDS but curious how the Akorn handles cooks in the rain.
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