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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions, I threw it on around 4 this morning. I have another quest. The flat seems to be at 200 already while the point is at 170ish. Do I just leave the whole thing on or should I try cutting. If I should cut the flat off and throw the point back on, where do a slice?
  2. Doing my first 14lb brisket on Friday. Want to have it ready around 6. I feel like I have two options but I I'm not sure which way to go 1. Throw it on around midnight Thursday night and pull it when it's done, wrap then throw in a cooler or 170 degree oven till dinner time. 2. Get up and get the brisket on around 6 a.m. Friday and take my chances with it getting done when I need it. I would appreciate any opinions.
  3. I got the BJ and Joe Jr. deal at a roadshow last summer. On the first day of the sale, the deal was already gone. Rep stated he normally offers them to the store manager ( who had already bought it). They were having another roadshow two weeks later at a Costco 30 miles away. He agreed to sell me the demo deal for that store and tell the manager that is unable to offer the deal to him due to the volume of sales at the last location. That was my experience.
  4. My vote would be lid open depending on the circumstances. When I have used my sous vide to do a steak, lid open works better in my opinion. I am not looking for the meat to cook any more than it already has, I'm just looking to put some color on it.
  5. Made some pork belly steamed buns this weekend. Used the recipe from Steven Raichlen for both the rub and the BBQ sauce. Turned out awesome. http://barbecuebible.com/recipe/pork-belly-steamed-buns/
  6. Was there supposed to be a link?
  7. I want to do my first pork belly to make some Asian tacos and have a few questions. 1. Foil or not to foil the pork while it cooks? I have seen recipes both ways. 2. I had hoped to cook it around 250 until IT is around 185/190? Does that seem like a good temperature range to cook at and to pull. 3. Searing, I had planned to let it cool overnight, then slice and sear. Would I want to be around the 500 degree range for searing it or should I go higher? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  8. How much was the table? I am going by an IKEA next week and would really like to pick one up.
  9. Ordered mine from Fireside last night!
  10. Winner still hasn't claimed prize Fingers crossed!
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