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  1. As a follow-up I was finally able to use my new spit forks last evening. They performed excellently, better than expected. I was able to conduct the whole cook using only my gloved hands when handling the spit. Here are some observations: The new forks are larger but not excessively so. I tied my leg of lamb into a longer, smaller diameter, shape. Even so the prongs either pierced or held the roast in place with no movement. The approx. width dimensions of the prongs are 3 5/8 x 2 3/4 for the original fork and 3 3/4 x 3 3/8 for the new fork. The collar and thumbscrew ARE bigger and, t
  2. The collars are round (same as the original). When you put the forks on the spit, the thumb screw tightens down on one of the flat surfaces on the spit, holding it in place.
  3. Here's the link to schek's forks; http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B012Z3IDFI?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00 They are dedicated to a 5/16" spit rod with large screw wings. The collar was made longer to set the wings further away from the meat. They should work fine, but I have still have never found an issue with the smaller standard thumbscrews. You don't have to tighten the fork screws down real tight. They will not slide sideways, BUT one issue you will find is that as the meat cooks, it shrinks, so on long cooks you may have to slide the forks closer to the
  4. The new forks are the Onlyfire 6008 (I got them from Amazon). I haven't tried them yet but they claim they'll work on a 5/16 spit. I will try a couple of spins and post my results.
  5. Problem resolved. I purchased a set of forks with larger collars and thumb screw.
  6. Here's a picture of my forks. The thumb screw on them is less than 1/2 inch across.
  7. Freddy, I've been using pliers and I find them less than ideal. Hard to get a grip on with usually greasy hands or gloves and the small size of the thumb screw means it's really tight quarters especially with meat on the spit. If you look at the John's "First Look - Joetisserie" video, his demo unit had much bigger wings on the thumb screws. I guess there must have been some issue or supply problem with putting those on the production units. Maybe I can get some further info from KJ to see if the larger thumb screws can be obtained.
  8. I've used my Joetisserie now for a couple of cooks and love it. I do wish, however, that it had more substantial thumb screws to hold the forks in place on the spit rod. Those little guys have worked but they're hard to get to and turn, especially at the end of a cook. I may just bring one of the originals to a Lowes or Home Depot and see what I can find. A site like McMaster-Carr would probably have something but I'll have to figure out the thread size. I will shoot a note to KJ customer service to see if they can tell me, but I thought I would ask here if anyone found a good substitu
  9. Chuck, thanks for the link to that thread. That may be worth a try if I get uneven cooks or excessive grease in the fire box. I'm not sure how many butts I would try to spin but I love the taste of a "grilled" pork butt (to me, better than low and slow) that is sliced rather than pulled. John, Andy, are you guys of the opinion that stacking the coals with no pan is the best approach? John, you may want to conduct your butt cook before reaching a final conclusion.
  10. Ordered from Fireside Outdoor Kitchens in Ga. I had previously ordered my Classic from them. Good folks.
  11. Ordered my Joetisserie this morning and I'm excited to be getting it. After watching several cooks by John and Andy (and also the video by Fireside), I'm wondering about the use of (or need for) a drip pan. I understand placing the charcoal to the rear of the firebox, but what about all the grease from a chicken or a butt? On a typical rotisserie cook would that grease just be consumed? Thanks for your thoughts or practical experiences. Steve
  12. I saw this on Craigslist. The guy claimed that it's a Komodo Kamado indirectly by using a link to a KK model. It's missing tiles and he says the grout needs repair. Asking $350. I'd appreciate if anyone could comment on the model and potential usability. Thanks, Steve
  13. Design and materials look good to me. I especially like the high risers on the flexible cooking system. That's my only complaint on the current design - hard to get a hold of on a hot grill. One question is the heat retention and effect on the outer ceramic shell of the Joe. I'm in coastal Carolina. Plenty of high humidity and salt water. I'd be happy to test.
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