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  1. Smoked Chili

    Nice cook, love the serving platter. When it gets too dirty you could use it to smoke the next batch of Chili.
  2. KK Rotisserie Cornish Hen

    Another tidbit about the salt tater, just like BBQ in the south the small "non salable" new potatoes were taken by the poor to feed their families. Syracuse area had the salt industry that would pump the salt brine from under ground to large shallow ponds to evaporate the water leaving behind pure salt, and large potato farms in the floodplain or muck lands in the Canastota area. The immigrant labor folks would take the free salt water, boil up the cheap 1" taters and feed their families, also taken cold for lunch the next day. One mans scraps are another mans feast !!
  3. Nice pie, chicken & pesto is one of my favorites. Did a pie the other night with left over pulled pork and BBQ sauce that came out okay. Ham for dinner tonight so I see a Hawaiian Pie in my future with pineapple, cheese and a little bacon. I know, not really from Hawaii but from Canada so thanks to all our friends in the North who came up with this recipe. Moral of the store is you can make a pie with what ever you have on hand or like to eat, not just tomato sauce and pepperoni!!
  4. Akorn newbie

    275 vs 300 no big deal, I did find that the dome thermometer is not accurate so it's just a "possible" temp, I use my maverick for true temps. Don't know how you are determining your temps.
  5. grilling with the lid open?

    Agree with the lower temp for these, with the Akorn I am just in the habit of a quick burp before opening no matter what. DWF, I think as you get more cook time with yours you will pick up this habit as well. After several years of use I can't recall leaving the top open for any cook, can't say I wont some day, but so far I've not had the need.
  6. Those are good eats my friend!!
  7. Bomb Cyclone

    Nice machine, did you clear a path to the cookers ??
  8. Bomb Cyclone

    Or Weather Channel speak to get people to tune in. Not too many will watch a routine winter storm show, but call it a Bomb Cyclone and everyone wants to know what the heck they are talking about??
  9. Storm on the Way

    I know, we used to live in a snow belt in NY state, down here they don't even have a pick up truck with a snow plow on it. The 1" that fell on Weds is still on the street, only one set of tire tracks (mine) going in/out. No school, no newspaper, no US Mail, guess the modern day post man didn't learn the "neither snow nor rain nor heat............."anyway can't blame them, the roads thaw than refreeze and really are nasty when we don't have the equipment to maintain them.
  10. Storm on the Way

    The rain has started and the ground is cold so roads getting icy and travel advisories are the norm. So, decided to take the left over Akorn chicken from the other day and make a big pot of roasted chicken soup with some frozen veggies from the garden. Got a hankerin for warm biscuits to go with it, so tried my hand at popovers. Turned out pretty tasty for the first try at them. Let it snow, let it snow, but people down here have no idea what to do with it, so schools closed and store shelves low on bread and milk. You'd think this was the big one !! Last week in upstate NY it snowed 4" and no one blinked an eye nor said a word; down here forecast is for 1" and you'd think the world was coming to an end, schools already closed and town governments are shutdown until further notice. It is what it is, Happy New Year to Y'all and keep them grills fired up.
  11. Indirect cooking/grilling

    This is not something from a grill store, but I find it works well for me when I want/need to adjust the height of my cooking grate on the Akorn. I use the Weber charcoal baskets sitting at the diffuser lever to get the fire real close for steaks etc; or these type fire bricks to move the cooking grate around as needed; 1 1/2" or 5 1/2", or a total of 8" max. These can be cut if needed to achieve any height you want. Only cost about $3 each so if I drop one, or cut to a specific task I don't have to think about costs.
  12. New ceramic Akorn is here...

    I looked at the CharGriller web site and they say nothing about a ceramic, Lowes site is not available for in store pick up or ship to home, are these really available or just wishful thinking??
  13. My Spatchcocked Turkey.

    She's a Beauty !!
  14. Bringing grill home

    I've not had to move an assembled grill, but I have moved several large, heavy things (for myself as well as for friends). I love my cheap Harbor Freight tilt trailer for these tasks. The bed tilts so the rear edge is on the ground and can be slowly moved back into travel position thus no lifting required and I can use my hand truck or dolly to load without having to lift. You'll still need to secure for transport.
  15. Turkey on the Throne

    Well, we are "resting". Had to take a big risk and leave it unattended this afternoon to help a friend pull his boat out for the winter. The Akorn did her thing and took care of things in my absence. We'll try some for dinner tonight and the rest goes to the party tomorrow. Almost wish I was making another for Christmas this year! Sorry, photography is not one of my specialities.