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  1. BBQ Bob

    Need some help with poultry

    Brine the bird before cooking, that's one of their methods to get a moist, tender bird every time. But, they use some chemicals in their brine that I don't care for. Oh ya, low and slow doesn't hurt either with a good rub inside and out.
  2. Sorry Yankee, when we were there yesterday, friday, they had none left. In fact only 1 badly handled floor kettle charcoaler on the floor. At that price I knew they would go fast so I grabbed it before wife even left the produce section.
  3. BBQ Bob

    Gas Insert

    I love the entire Vision experience, charcoal and gas. So far charcoal has the advantage, but gas has saved my butt when running late. Really enjoy the Vision experience.
  4. Got mine at the Sams in Jacksonville , NC for $249. Could not wait to get to the check out to be sure they had them in stock, they did, could not be happier.!!
  5. BBQ Bob

    Gas Insert

    I'm new to Vision so a little help is appreciated. Picked her up @ Sams the other day for $249 to replace my tired/worn out Akorn. It's a B series diamond cut black. Decided to add the lava stone and the gas insert since it was such a good deal and they too were on end of season clearance as was the grill. Mistake #1= Lava stone and holder is included in the gas insert package. I did not realize that, so will return one, not a big deal Mistake #2= Thinking the Vision was so similar to the Akorn I'd have no learning curve. Put on some burgers and dogs for a small get together to break in the V and proceeded to burn the first batch to a crisp. Even the dog walked away from them, next batches were better, but it is a very different grill. Observation= Did 2 test "smokes" to check for leaks and get the feel for damper setting/temperature results. Inside is now charged and smoked. When I did a small test cook with the gas insert, the meat picked up the smokey flavor from inside the V almost as if it were a normal charcoal cook, not quite as strong, but still very nice. I truly feel that for the late weekday cooks the gas will be my go to, and with weekend smokes the residual flavor might carry me through the week when time is short. I'll keep y'all posted. Any suggestions for a newbie are appreciated. This thing is a beast compared to my Akorn.
  6. BBQ Bob

    Vision B Series

    Jacksonville NC store still has 1 @ $299 in the box and floor model which he says he'd discount alittle as of last thursday.
  7. $249 here in eastern NC, fought through Flo to get one of these bad boys, well worth the trip. Bought one in the box, manager offered floor model for a little less, but missing parts so went with boxed for that price.
  8. BBQ Bob

    Time to Jump !!!!

    Thank you misfits, I waited and the local Sams put it on clearance for $249 while they lasted to clean out their inventory!! They had reduced them to 299 but have 2 left in the box and they wanted to clean out their warehouse!!!~~! I'm so pleased!! The floor model was 199 but it was missing some parts. Done a couple of test burns and am ready for the boston butt!!
  9. BBQ Bob

    Time to Jump !!!!

    My local Sams Club has the diamond cut B in black with SS legs, 2 tier rack, cover for $399. Don't think it's going any lower so I think it's time to retire the Akorn and jump to the Vision. Y'all have convinced me that for the $$ it's the best for me to keep my hand in Kamado style cooking.
  10. BBQ Bob

    Fire starter

    +1 for cotton ball and alcohol, low and slow I use 1, for a chimney full I use 2 or 3 placed like a Y in the bottom of the chimney.
  11. Sams Club has the Vision with the powder coated nest, on sale for $399 with free shipping with my plus membership, The two tier with stainless nest Vision is $549. Is there a significant difference between the two other than the 2 level grate? I'm not sure 2 levels is worth $150, I currently have an older Akorn that needs replacing and this looks like just what I need. Your thoughts ??? Sale ends tomorrow night so I need to act quickly. Thanks, you folks are AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. BBQ Bob

    Boston Butt Sale

    Nice vid riverfish, how's things up there??? Used to live in B'Spa before the move south 15 years ago. Still miss the Adirondack Mountains & Saratoga Lake, but not the SNOW!!!
  13. In the local paper this morning.....Food Lion Grocery has boston butts on sale for $0,99/lb this week. Time to stock up for the summer beach season.
  14. BBQ Bob

    Spatchcock Chicken

    Top Notch-----that's how you do chicken right !!!!
  15. BBQ Bob

    What is the Difference

    Sams' has a B series Kamado Grill (ad leads to being a Vision) for 499 sale, and a Classic Diamond Cut B series Vision for 549. The 549 appears to have SS legs and the other is powder coated. Otherwise can anyone tell me the difference?? Looking to replace my Akorn, think this might be a good one.