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  1. Turkey trouble

    +1 for the maverick, I use it all the time. On my Akorn I use the temp probe and the large turkey stand, we are rewarded with a great feast every time. With this probe it is much easier to control your temps inside the Akorn.
  2. Agree covers are a must. Mine is under a roof with the chargriller cover on it when not in use. As said, mine is old, used often, but even when under cover this salt air causes everything to rust. The BGE, Primo, and Grill Dome dealers all warn prospective buyers that the "nests/stands" are not going to hold up well at the beach, and are not covered under the warranty. The bands, springs, and other hardware also rusts but is covered by some. My area is not typical but lasting 6+ years on the beach is a pretty good history, IMO.
  3. I have had my Akorn (King Kooker) for over 6 years now, and it is on it's last legs due to rust out, but to give you my opinion on them is; Not a ceramic, does not do everything a ceramic does, but for the price, length of service, and flexibility I'm going to buy another the day after Thanksgiving when the black sales start up. -At 71 if you want a ceramic, by all means buy one. Life is too short to wish for things at our age -I am able to maintain 225 for as long as I want. I did however do several of the mods to seal up air leaks on the original model. -Myself and several others here make pizza regularly along with burgers, dogs, brats, meatloaf, bread, etc -I've not used a ceramic, but if it fits your budget, why not? I'm very happy with the Akorn and won't justify the cost of a ceramic at this point in my life. **********Best suggestion for you is to surf this forum and see all the things people have done, you'll find answers to all of your questions and several different opinions on what works well and what is not so good.******** Than make up your own mind as to what you want/need/can afford.
  4. I used this method very often over the years I've had my Akorn. So far have not had any issue with finish of the exterior. I try to keep the charcoal basket away from the side wall so there is an air gap in between them to help with keeping heat away from the outside wall, and get air flow all around the coals for a better burn. These baskets sit on top of the 22" weber grate sitting on the two smoking stone tabs. Yes, only two tabs as my unit is that old!
  5. ABT's

    Happy Birthday to You, those are awesome !!!!
  6. Nice job, food always seems to taste better when cooked over an open fire and consumer under the stars next to your tent.
  7. A Simple Spatchcocked Bird...

    Looks great, if you have some akorn squash I like to half them, clean the seed cavity and put in some brown sugar and butter/nutmeg and roast on the other Akorn. Or put in some bread stuffing to go with the chicken.
  8. Electrician in the house?

    3-way switches, you have to love them. I have 3 lights controlled form 5 locations, can you say 3 way switch withe 3 "slaves", not diverse but a real head ache when one of them goes bad!!!!!
  9. +1 for the parchment paper, it's cheap and will keep the gaskets from freezing together. I used it for that very thing when I lived up north.
  10. Sitting Chicken

    Looks good enough to eat from here, did the skin come as crispy as it looks? Great Bird!!
  11. Kamado Joe Chicken Under a Brick

    Nice cooking. Tomato, Tamato; for whole chicken I've done the brick and the beer can cooks; For my taste I prefer the vertical technique. I've never tried the brick with chicken pieces so I'll give it try soon. Would it be just as tasty with a breast or does it work best with dark meat? Either way you can't beat a home grilled chicken for dinner.
  12. Chili

    I have both the "raw" and enameled so I'm lucky in that respect. Raw for non acid and bread uses, enameled for the acid (tomato) based cooks. Both do well on the Akorn. Teflon should be okay as long as you don't get it too hot, more than 450-475 will give you a pretty good safety margin, I would think. Makers suggest 500F max so give yourself some room for error.
  13. Tenderizing

    Agree with pushing surface contamination into the meat, could cause an issue if not cooked to proper temps just like ground meats. But I also am still around so I'm OK with it. As for the grocery store with their injected meats, it is really all about getting the weight up over the matter of tenderizing. When profits are only fraction of pennies the food supply chain look for anyway to increase profits; water, salt etc are cheap compared to protein. Think I read somewhere that a "brined" thanksgiving turkey can be 10-15% heavier after brining. So I also look for non brined protein and if I want to I'll do it myself. "As you can see, both the bird soaked in brine and the bird soaked in water gained a significant amount of weight prior to roasting,"
  14. Turkey practice

    I did not have success with stuffing placed under the skin of the turkey while on a turkey stand in my Akorn. Nothing really wrong with it, but didn't taste as good as the batch that came from the oven. Actually rather bland (dull we called it) I did have celery, carrots and onions in the drip pan under the bird while cooking. Put them in with some broth and hit it with the stick blender and than some stuff to thicken to make great gravy though.
  15. Game night cook

    They look as good as your Chiefs do, nice looking wings. As for my Giants, oh well maybe next year. Congrats on a great day.