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  1. Sams Club has the Vision with the powder coated nest, on sale for $399 with free shipping with my plus membership, The two tier with stainless nest Vision is $549. Is there a significant difference between the two other than the 2 level grate? I'm not sure 2 levels is worth $150, I currently have an older Akorn that needs replacing and this looks like just what I need. Your thoughts ??? Sale ends tomorrow night so I need to act quickly. Thanks, you folks are AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. BBQ Bob

    Boston Butt Sale

    Nice vid riverfish, how's things up there??? Used to live in B'Spa before the move south 15 years ago. Still miss the Adirondack Mountains & Saratoga Lake, but not the SNOW!!!
  3. In the local paper this morning.....Food Lion Grocery has boston butts on sale for $0,99/lb this week. Time to stock up for the summer beach season.
  4. BBQ Bob

    Spatchcock Chicken

    Top Notch-----that's how you do chicken right !!!!
  5. BBQ Bob

    What is the Difference

    Sams' has a B series Kamado Grill (ad leads to being a Vision) for 499 sale, and a Classic Diamond Cut B series Vision for 549. The 549 appears to have SS legs and the other is powder coated. Otherwise can anyone tell me the difference?? Looking to replace my Akorn, think this might be a good one.
  6. I have an old pizza stone that broke into 2 almost equal pieces, so I put one of the pieces on the weber replacement grate to make my Akorn divide and conquer. No pic but it worked for me.
  7. BBQ Bob

    Clothes pins?

    Amazon has them
  8. practice, practice, practice but enjoy all your efforts
  9. This is my go to method, gets the crust done nicely while browning the toppings quickly. Crust does not seem to get soggy like it did before if not hot enough, or burnt crust if stone too hot, so I starting using the 2 stones with success.
  10. BBQ Bob

    Deep dish/Chicago style...

    Looks good from here, remember, there is no such thing as a bad kamado pie, just some you like better than others.!!
  11. BBQ Bob

    Akorn 3 Year Review

    I agree with No Complaints about my Akorn. It's a great unit, I bought it with the intention of learning about kamado cooking and if it was for me, without having to take out a second mortgage and it did it's job to perfection. I sing nothing but it's praise and will miss her dearly. I never expected to get a 7 year run out of this grill, that has never happened before, so it's twice as nice as any gasser/coaler I owned prior to this. I roast, I grill, I bake and I smoke all on one grill, my dear Akorn !!!!! Life is Good.
  12. BBQ Bob

    Akorn 3 Year Review

    I am on year 7 with my Akorn, and must admit it is on it's last legs. It's been used hard, kept outside under cover, and covered by a Chargriller cover, but the salt air and use have finally caught up with us. It's like watching an old friend wear down over the years. We share many memories and went through the kamado learning curve together. Don't misread me, it's a great kooker and I'm in the process of deciding on another one, a ceramic Akorn, or a Vision from Sams Club. Here is a list of our war wounds: bottom tray rusted through (my fault for not having the cover on correctly all the time), the "lips" of lower bowl and ash pan have both rusted out so it is not possible to replace the gaskets and get an air tight seal. Rust is starting to climb up the sides of the lower bowl, Legs are getting pretty thin in some spots and expect a total failure any time now on one of them. I'm one of the original purchasers of the Akorn back when they first came out, one with only 2 tabs inside to support any diffuser and the tin top vent cap, and several changes have taken place to improve on them. Having said that, I still feel it is one of the finest kamados on the market at this price point and have nothing but good things to say about Chargriller, this forum, John and all his ideas, and the great folks who love to cook in non traditional ways and are willing to share them with us all.
  13. BBQ Bob

    Crab Cakes

    Fantastic !!!
  14. BBQ Bob

    charcoal basket

    I had these from when I had the Weber, I put them on the lower grate (another Weber) sitting on the stone tabs under the CI Akorn grate. Gets the fire close and it can be both in the center or one on each side for a center cool zone. So far I've found a lot of uses for my Weber left overs. Great set up for smaller cooks if I push them together in the center of the grill, or a true indirect which is what Weber intended, when I put one under each side of the CI grate.
  15. BBQ Bob

    First Keg road trip

    ROAD TRIP, good choice and a great cause !!