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  1. This is not something from a grill store, but I find it works well for me when I want/need to adjust the height of my cooking grate on the Akorn. I use the Weber charcoal baskets sitting at the diffuser lever to get the fire real close for steaks etc; or these type fire bricks to move the cooking grate around as needed; 1 1/2" or 5 1/2", or a total of 8" max. These can be cut if needed to achieve any height you want. Only cost about $3 each so if I drop one, or cut to a specific task I don't have to think about costs.
  2. I looked at the CharGriller web site and they say nothing about a ceramic, Lowes site is not available for in store pick up or ship to home, are these really available or just wishful thinking??
  3. I've not had to move an assembled grill, but I have moved several large, heavy things (for myself as well as for friends). I love my cheap Harbor Freight tilt trailer for these tasks. The bed tilts so the rear edge is on the ground and can be slowly moved back into travel position thus no lifting required and I can use my hand truck or dolly to load without having to lift. You'll still need to secure for transport.
  4. Well, we are "resting". Had to take a big risk and leave it unattended this afternoon to help a friend pull his boat out for the winter. The Akorn did her thing and took care of things in my absence. We'll try some for dinner tonight and the rest goes to the party tomorrow. Almost wish I was making another for Christmas this year! Sorry, photography is not one of my specialities.
  5. We've been invited to a party tomorrow evening, when asked what we could bring the hostess replied " a smoked turkey would be nice, I'd like to serve it cold as an appetizer in petite finger sandwiches." So, on the Akorn it will go. I'll post picks when cooked, so far brined, buttered, and rubbed. I do have the turkey stand so this one will be standing style instead of spatchcock.
  6. Now that will be a new classic, a red and white pie, only in NC can such a thing be invented to go on the Kamado, nice job John !! Can wait for the results.
  7. +1 for the spacers and time to get hot, for me that is the only way I can duplicate the pizza oven concept. I use the spacers, a stone on them, and put a stone on the top rack of my Akorn to help reflect heat back down towards the top of the pie.
  8. It's beginning to look and smell like Christmas around here. We decided today was the day to do the holiday baking and get the gifts ready to go to local friends. For us, store bought gifts are not as thoughtful as something home/hand made from the gift giver.
  9. Update- the pizza was good, not great, but very good. However the focaccia was outstanding !!! Put grilled onions and bacon pieces on top with a drizzle of avocado oil before baking and it was gone by the time I got back from the kitchen. Glad I took a piece before it went to the TV room. Went before i even got a chance to photo. A little "cruncher" than my normal focaccia, with a much nicer flavor. It also did not rise very much, but the flavor more than made up for the lack of a thicker crust.
  10. The taste is very good, nice "crunch" with a taste of fresh artisan crust. Mine stayed on the thin side which is ok with me. Not sure if it was worth all the effort or not. Will definitely try again just to be sure of my results.
  11. Call the meat filled version or the fruit filled ones kalatches makes not difference to me , just be sure to call me so I can enjoy them all !!!! Texas or north east PA are both within reason for a good road trip for good food.
  12. Thanks John, I put one ball in the freezer to see how it does, one will be pizza tomorrow and the last will be focaccia with grilled onions and bacon for the late game snack, looking forward to sunday.
  13. I had it in the Kitchen Aid for 10 minute, speed 2, using the dough hook before the 2 hour rest. However, it has been raining for the past 3 days, and it's cold (for us anyway), so the poor dough had it's wooly coat on when I looked for the first time. Don't know if that had any effect on it or not, but the stretch and fold brought it to a consistency I am used to working with. Now for the home made sauce to get ready for Sundays bake !!! One ball will go in the freezer for a later trial but the other two will be football tasty's. The dough is smooth and elastic so I anticipate no issues. The extra rest times should increase the flavor profile so I am really looking forward to Sunday.
  14. Well, after a 2 hour rise the dough was still very wet and sticky, and would not form a ball. So I used Peter Rhineharts stretch and fold technique to stiffen up the dough. I did not want to alter the hydration by adding more flour. I was able to make 3 balls with it and now have them in the fridge starting the grand finale.
  15. Last additions are in and waiting for the 2 hour rest period before splitting and putting in the fridge. Seems very wet, ball did not stay tight but will wait and see what happens.
  16. Too early to tell about the moisture level. It looked a little dry to me, but after 2nd feeding things are looking good with plenty of moisture. Time will tell, it would not be the first time I've been fooled by initial appearances. That's why it is called experimentation. What the eyes think they see are not always what it really is.
  17. My day 2 adds went in around 10am, 7 hrs ago and this is what I now have; looking very good. Notice the air bubbles in the close up, yeast is really enjoying the 2nd feeding !! Went from oversized golf ball to this in 24 hours.
  18. Mine is still rather flat, although it has "bubbles" and looks like a good dough starter mix. Added day 2 ingredients and await the results. It appears the yeast had a good time last night and are happy campers!!!!! I see nothing that would indicate less than stellar results. Still appears rather tight, which is not uncommon for my coastal dough, so far so good. Will make a batch of home made sauce in anticipation. Do you make sauce or use the stuff from the store?
  19. Mine also is on it's last legs. Rust the primary issue but I too am in the high humidity, salt air (coastal) area and see this on almost everything I own. Akorn is now 6 years old so I have no complaints other than I wish I had bought it years earlier. It is covered and sits under a deck on cement slab when not in use.
  20. I also had not heard of them prior to your post, but look delicious and will give them a try. Excuse my ignorance,, is it basically a pizza dough stuffed with any favorite filling? Don't mean to minimize the effort, just trying to understand the approach. Thanks
  21. Agree, hope this works as well as my other one does, If all goes well, I plan on taking one of the 3 dough balls and put it in the freezer for a week and then make the pie. I love pizza and don't know if I can wait 7 days each time, but if it freezes well, so I only have to take it out the morning of the day I want a pie, this will be a real winner. Thanks for sharing your ideas
  22. Upon review, my thoughts}: -there is not enough yeast to go that long of a ferment unless the native (in your kitchen air) gets involved to keep things moving alone. Think San Fran sourdough. If that's the case each person should experience a slightly different taste because we will each have our own native yeast culture in our crust; -the coast ihas very low humidity this time of year, so my initial dough is very dry compared to what I'd start out with for a normal dough. As most bread recipes say, the water/flour is approximate and will need adjusting for each kitchen. -will be fun to see what we think of the crust when we get to day 7. This will be the most anticipated pie I've ever made. -in the interest of science I'm going to follow exactly as specified and not adjust water/flour regardless of visual inputs -going to attach photos of each day so y'all can compare to yours. If they get bothersome, let me know and I'll stop loading them.
  23. Yummy !!!! Nothing says Christmas like baked apples, sweet taters, and cinnamon sticks. Put them all together and DYN -O-Mite Nice eats.
  24. John- I'm always looking for bread dough improvements. Don't know how much time I'll have between now and Christmas, but after for sure. Let me know your time line and we'll see what we can do. Currently working in the kitchen oven on the Christmas Paska loaves then the nut roll cookies (kolache) and poppy seed rolls. Pizza will get back on the table soon.
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