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  1. Welcome! I had a lot of fun in Denton back in the day, great town....
  2. Looking good so far! Let us know how it goes!
  3. That video is inspirational! Looks like i don't have a capacity issue after all. Thanks for the effort on it Larry!
  4. Looking at the Costco packages, the butts seem to be ~8-9 lbs each and it looks like there are 2 in each (17-18lb) cryovac bag. I was shooting for ~40 lbs precooked weight for ~35 people. Do you guys think that will be enough?? Thanks for the advice!
  5. I have a graduation party coming up for my son and I'm going to be making pulled pork. Based on the number of people and John's estimation of weight loss in the finished product, I figure i need 5 or 6 butts (from costco, boneless). Has anyone tried that many in the Big Joe? I have the extender, but the most I have ever done at one time is 2. If you have packed them in, could you post a picture please? I have a partyQ that i was planning to use for this cook as well. Thanks in advance! -Glenn
  6. For uneven land and towing, I'd try to find a used Deere GX series tractor. You should be able to find one in the ~200 hour range for ~3k. I did and it's a great garden tractor (GX325). Stay away from the lawn stuff you find in big box stores if you need to tow and have uneven / hilly land.
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