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  1. Thought I would share the news... Here until Sunday. I finally got some lump to try out! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hello, I wanted to share my weekend cook photos. I had 2 pork shoulders, one was 7lbs and the other was 6lbs. I tried something a little different with these. Turned out to be my best butts yet!!! -grill set up is a kamado joe classic -heat deflector in low position for indirect heat & drip tray on accessory rack in middle of "divide and conquer" -spicy mustard/siracha to hold the rub -rub with "salt lick" seasoning -5 peach wood chunks for smoke -cook at 250 -brushed on a honey/siracha mixture after 6hrs -Total cook time was about 12hrs (pulled it off at about 198 degrees internal) -rest for 1.5 hrs -Enjoy!
  3. I use a sous vide system a lot, and have had great results, but I have yet to try using it in combination with my new AKORN, I imagine it's a match made in heaven... Short ribs sous vide for 48 hrs at 134 degrees and then seared with the culinary torch is my favorite, I bet searing on a Kamado is even better...
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