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  1. SmoovD

    Mangalitsa Pork

    My only concern would be the amount of grease coming off that bad boy. Use a drip pan to catch all the drippings and you should should have some tasty pulled pork.
  2. SmoovD

    Too-Small Bits of Lump

    Small bits are great for a quick, hot cook like searing a steak.
  3. SmoovD

    Hello from Wisconsin

    Welcome to the forum from an ex-Cheesehead living in Texas.
  4. SmoovD

    The Big Cook

    Best wishes to you both!
  5. SmoovD

    1st Kamado butt

    Nice color on that butt and the sandwich looks delicious.
  6. BSR- more likely than not the smoke during the cook was caused by the fat rendering and dripping onto the bed of coals. If you are looking to keep this from happening you could try a hotter fire with the steak closer to the coals or you try a piece of cast iron on the grate to keep the rendered fat off the coals. Good luck.
  7. SmoovD

    Pork shoulder smoke, first time!

    What is your temp? If you are running less than 300F you might be cutting it close. Wrap it around 160F to push through the stall or you could blow right through your dinner time. I run butts anywhere between 300F and 330F and figure ~1 hr/lb with some cooler time for the butt to rest.
  8. SmoovD

    That filthy pig Jr.

    Nice before and after. I, too, love MCG grates. It is going to force me to buy another Akorn when it outlives my current Akorn. It will probably outlive me.
  9. SmoovD

    Pork Butt Steaks

    St. L style and SV are my favorite methods of cooking butt steaks. Either way, they are fantastic and one of my favorite Q meals. Seriously, if you can try it SV then seared......OMG, so good.
  10. Good night......some nice looking Q.
  11. SmoovD

    North Alabama White Sauce

    Give this a shot: 2 cups mayonnaise 1 cup white wine vinegar 2 tsp of prepared horseradish 2 tsp fine ground black pepper 2 tsp fresh lemon juice 1 tsp salt 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper Whisk all ingredients until blended.
  12. Was the lid seated and latched?
  13. It has been a few years but I think 30-45 minutes sounds about right. BTW- welcome to KG. Enjoy the cooks.
  14. Temp swings can be caused by multiple factors. It may be poor airflow caused by charcoal, food, the environment., or not letting the grill stabilize. To minimize these factors, I always stir my leftover lump and keep an eye on the ask in the pan. I place the bottom vent on the leeward side of wind as much as possible to avoid the wind impacting the flow. I try to let the grill stabilize before cooking (20-30 minutes at target temp for longer cooks, 10-15 for shorter). I don't completely fill the grill to the point that the food impacts the airflow. I learned by lesson by smoking six full spare racks on my Akorn. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Finally, I am one of the few who only adjusts the top vent. I leave the bottom vent wide open for all cooks. For low and slow, I open both vents, light a small amount of lump and wait for the slow rise. About 75 degrees below my target, I close the top to only the tiny 1/2 moon. Then I walk away. 20-30 minutes later the grill has stabilized and is close to my target range. I don't sweat 25 degrees on L&S. Good luck.
  15. SmoovD

    Akorn 3 Year Review

    Nice thread. Useful for owner and potential owners alike. I am on Year 4 and I continue to be impressed by my Akorn. North Texas is a decent home climate and I keep the Akorn covered and under a patio roof when not in use. When I first purchased the Akorn I buttoned it up with nomex and have nary a lick of problems maintaining temps. I did replace the CI grate with a behemoth from Michael's Custom.....love that thing. It will likely out live me, let alone the grill. Only thing I have done to my Akorn was to replace the bottom rack last Fall. t was getting rusty so I put in an order with CG. Replacement was inexpensive and shipped promptly. Good for another 4 years, I suspect. No complaints from me.