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  1. Sorry that your transition to kamado-style cooking has not been pain free. I can understand that you would be frustrated by the appearance of a lack of customer support from Char-Griller. I say appearance of a lack of customer service because the company, based on their warranty, should not be expected to be responsible for anything more than faulty manufacturing. No doubt, it is a pain but it sounds like you are making plans to paint the exterior of the ash pan so you can still enjoy some pit time. I also had a warranty issue with C-G that they did not cover but I resolved the issue and have had many years of quality time on my Akorn. What did you cook prior to the burgers? Was it anything that might have dripped grease down into the ash pan? If so, the burger cook might have ignited the pooled grease. I do not empty the ash pan after every cook but I do try to minimize the amount of potential drippings by using drip pans and by regularly performing a high heat burn to keep the cooker clean. When grilling direct I still prefer to keep the lid closed for most of the cook. The temps can really get away and in a hurry. If I plan to keep the lid open for a longer amount of time I usually close the bottom vent. There is plenty of oxygen feeding the fire so there is no need to provide any more. Best of luck.
  2. Oh, man....you are going to love the third season. Darker themes but great nonetheless..
  3. Third season is excellent. Best of the three but even the first two are worth watching.
  4. They do burn clean.
  5. They are okay but are just briquettes in a different form. Even heat, decent burn time but they produce a ton of ash. I purchased a few bags a year or so ago. I still have one and I am in no hurry to bust it open, nor to purchase more.
  6. Low and slow will not produce crispy skin. Low and slow can produce some tasty yardbird but the skin is normally binned. You will find some partial to traditional direct grilling of open flame while others prefer indirect for more of a roasted bird. Grilled direct is nice, IMHO, but my family prefers indirect with crispy skin. This is how I normally cook a bird. Brine the night before the cook. No matter how you cook bird, brine it before you cook it. Leave it whole or spatchcock. Either is fine but I prefer spatchcocked. Remove from brine, pat dry, and apply seasoning. Get kamado set up for indirect cook around 400F. Place bird on cooker. Cook for ~60 minutes. Check at 45 minutes. Breast is ready at 165 (I usually pull around 160 and let the carryover get me to temp). Dark meat is ready a 175. Check breast and thighs. Tips: Brine, Poultry is a smoke sponge so exercise caution adding a ton of smoke wood. Keep the smoke light. Whilst experimenting with different rubs is great and fun sometimes a simple roasted bird is enough. Have fun- don't sweat the temps. Let the cooker stabilize before you put the bird on. Don't chase temps.
  7. +1 on the Vic Bonig knife with Fibrox handle, Great knife, easy to maintain, and cheap. Another decent stainless steel boning knife can be purchased from Cold Steel.
  8. Are you looking for low and slow smoked chicken or grilled chicken or roasted chicken. Is it important to have crispy skin? What are you trying to produce?
  9. They look fresh as in not cured/smoked. All hocks I have ever seen are smoked. Will have to keep my eyes peeled. Thanks.
  10. Use bags that are free of BPA and all is well. That is, unless you intend to swim right after you eat.
  11. I don't believe that I have ever seen pig calves at a market. Is this the cut just above the hock? Looks tasty.
  12. Sorry to interject but when I have my Akorn stabilized but I need to open it for any length of time more than a few seconds I close the bottom vent. When I close the lid, I reopen the bottom vent. Opening the lid causes more oxygen exposure to the coals which can cause a spike. Closing the bottom vent when the lid is open helps mitigate the spike, IME.
  13. I didn't have to bend the hanger for the ash bowl. Actually there is plenty of room, even with the added felt, for the ash bowl to be removed/replaced.
  14. This was just me and the SWMBO so I decided to cook a nice Sunday dinner. Yesterday I picked up a meaty rack of spare ribs and hit them with some Tango Spices :Hot to Trot". The rub have some heat but it is balanced with some tasty flavors. Big thumb's up to Tango Joe! I lit my Akorn Jr and got it set for a ultra low and slow-- ran ~190 with some peach wood. I just wanted to get some some on the ribs so after two hours I pulled them to cool. Then I sealed the rack and cranked up the Anova. The ribs cooked in the bath for 20 hours at 150F. This afternoon I lit my KJ Classic and set it up for some two zone cooking. Heated the rack indirect, applied some ghost pepper sauce and firmed-up the sauce before throwing them over the open flame to give them a bit of char. Next time I will try the SV at 155F to render out more of the fat but the ribs as is were very tender and unreal moist. I always forget to take pics but I did manage to get a snap of a few of the ribs.
  15. I am trying to remember how I set my vent up. I removed the vent but only put felt on the back of the slider and nothing between the vent assembly and the body of the Akorn. I think that some here have applied RTV between the body and the vent but I did not. I only use the vent to shut down my Akorn, not to moderate temps so if I had to do it all over again I would probably would not have been a priority but I still would have done so. Just because. As far as the RTV, I think CG fixed the issue before I got mine because I was aware of the potential issue but have never experienced any problems with the bowl. All I did was to apply the felt to the bottom of the Akorn so the CG gasket has a nice home to seat against. Good luck.