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  1. I do not have a Komander but when I bought my Akorn years ago I had to seal everything up. I bought some Nomex tape and a tube of high temp caulk. I applied the Nomex to supplement the original gaskets and behind the bottom vent. I applied the high temp caulk to all areas that might have let in water. Seven years later my Akorn is still sealed tight. Depending on the state of the top vent, an Akorn is pretty much self-sealing with build-up from low and slows. The added tubing and the location of the top vent on the Komander may prohibit this buildup. You could run a smoke heavy burn to identify all the areas that are leaking smoke and make corrective actions to mitigate them. Good luck.
  2. I think it would fit well into existing Akorn subfourm. It would keep all the steel-bodied kamado-type cookers in one place.
  3. Welcome aboard, Canned Heat. I was raised in central WI and went to college in the Valley. On Wisconsin>! Enjoy your new toy.
  4. The new Grill Domes units look awesome at a very good price point. I have always like the exterior finish of GD...so shiny.
  5. Welcome to KG. There is a great deal of info to be found on these boards. The cap can be difficult to move due to build-up. In such cases I open the daisy wheel and let the temp come up in the Joe. A little heat will generally loosen a stuck cap.
  6. The bend test is to pick up the rack in the middle and see how far down the ends bend. If the rack doesn't bend down, keep cooking. FWIW, I much prefer using a toothpick inserted between the ribs to test doneness. If the toothpick slides in with resistance, keep cooking.
  7. For searing steaks you can pick-up a Weber charcoal grate that will fit nicely on the firebox tabs. You can either cook on the lower grate or place your charcoal on the grate to lift the fire. As far as the ribs go, I think your temps are fine (assuming the dome temp is fairly accurate). Dryness of the ribs aside, what was the texture of the ribs? Did you cook to time or until they were done? Try checking the ribs earlier in the cook cycle with a bend test or toothpick to dial in the cook to your preferred doneness. Happy cooking.
  8. Smoke volume will depend on fire temp., smoke wood, and air flow. Using the vents, whether top, bottum, or both, will limit the air flow. A few cooks in and you should get a handle on how to control the temps and level of smoke desired.
  9. Nice lookin' butt. Great color.
  10. Good to hear you are back on track, Mike 6 month update: 77.4 lbs down as of this AM. All is well. I have even been able to get back into some sausage making using chicken breast and additives to replace fat. I have also been making pork loin jerky almost weekly. Good stuff. Finally, I have 8 lbs of canadian bacon curing in the fridge. It is all about finding better alternatives and making better choices. Have a good weekend!
  11. Ribeyes look great but peri-peri bird would have been first on my plate. It is a weakness. Charred with enough chilies to make my eyes water and I am a happy boy.
  12. And here I thought it was a John Prine reference. I'm not old, you're old. Looks good from here, John.
  13. I used to remove from pork ribs but now all I do is score it multiple time across the ribs. We prefer ribs close to fall off the bone and leaving it on gives me a little extra leeway.
  14. Congrats, Mike. Hope you are able to overcome the strain and continue your progress.
  15. Fully-fledged nerd here. Wet shaving (brushes, soaps, creams, double and single-edged razors & blades, aftershaves, and EDTs) and fountains pens/inks/paper are my hobbies of choice. I would include camping but I simply do not get the time to be able to regularly do so. I still have managed to collect/use a significant number of fixed and folding blades as well as kit for camping when the opportunity arises.
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