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  1. I've not heard of injecting lard. Last year the hot prep was to place lard, held in place by bacon, on the skin of the turkey. Injecting butter gives flavor and fat. Don't know how much flavor lard would impart. Let's us know how it turns out.
  2. Try placing a few chunks of smoke wood in the middle of the grate. Lay the brisket across of the wood. Hopefully this will give you a few extra inches to squeeze the brisket on and it will help the moisture from pooling on the top of the brisket.
  3. Nice post. I keep bottle of Steramine tablets under the sink. One tablet into a gallon of distilled water. Decant into spray bottle for sanitizing surfaces. Added bonus is that Steramine solution is recommended to SCUBA line sanitation so I also use it on my CPAP hoses, masks, and humidifiers.
  4. SmoovD

    Kent Rollins

    Kent and Shannon are awesome. "Cackleberries" crack me up. Everytime.
  5. Michael's CG produces outstanding grates. I have one in my Akorn. Thing is built like a tank. It will likely outlive me.
  6. Welcome to KG. I use a Weber Smokey Joe grate in my Jr. It fits on the tabs but cannot sit down on the firebox. Cheap and readily available around me.
  7. Thanks, Mike. Both the SWMBO and I are in this together so we are trying to support one another and check each other in check. The loss mostly has come from switching to low carb, cutting sugars, and removing fast food. I don't even feel like we are "dieting" as much as we are making better decisions.
  8. One month down under new management (low carb and WW) and I can report that I have lost a touch of 20 lbs. The change in diet has been fairly painless. It requires more planning and some will.
  9. These looked so good that I dropped an eye of round roast in the SV two nights ago. I applied a thick layer of Runnin' Wild Brisket rub before sealing the roast. 24 hrs @ 135F before a sear in a cast iron skillet....so tender, juicy, and flavorful. Added a dab of Colman's and all was right in the world. Thanks for the thread!
  10. Our local Winco occasionally stocks El Arroyo branded mesquite charcoal sourced from Mexico and the packaging is very similar to Don Luis right down so the slogan. It is decent and cheap. I have never found anywhere else and it isn't always stocked. If I need lump and they have it I normally pick up a bag or two. Fort Worth has an El Rancho so I may look into the Don Luis brand.
  11. The Sous Vide Everything guys just posted a YT video comparing smoked SV BB ribs. They prepared one rack smoked for two hours @ 140F before a 14-hr SV cook (I don't recall the temp.) and another smoked for two hours @ 140F after the 14-hr SV cook. Their result was the SV before the smoking resulted in a better rib, even though both were good. Awaiting the outcome of your cook, John.
  12. RE: cooking grate Not a fan of the cast iron grate and I love my Akorn SS grate from Michael's custom but for my Akorn Jr I use a grate from a Weber Smokey Joe. In your case, it is more likely to survive the bumps and bruises of travel and cheap enough that if it gets lost, it can be easily replaced.
  13. When the fire burns clean it will exhaust a light blue smoke, not white or grey. I will give the fire at least 1/2 hour after the starter has burned out and I get the lid closed.
  14. Top round can be a tasty cut and your cook looks mighty fine.
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