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  1. I am with retfr8flyr. Fire is likely out but heat takes some time to dissipate; however, I applied nomex to the on the edge around the cooking surface as well as the ash pan and slider. She buttons up tight.
  2. That Chicago dog.
  3. Cool. Thanks for the pictures. Looks like you had a good time. Grub looks pretty good, too.
  4. Welcome to KG! You are correct. Indirect cooking is achieved by using a diffuser. Low and slow to high temp pizza baking can be done in such fashion. IMO, Akorns are a great way to try kamado-style cooking but even more they are great cookers. I find that I use Akorn just as much as my KJ Classic. I love my Akorn. I did replace the cast iron grate not long after I bought the cooker and I did button it up with nomex (word is this is no longer a needed mod). It is almost 4 years old and the only maintenance I have had to do is to replace the bottom tray. A bit if rust bubbling under the paint which could have been sanded down and repainted but the replacement cost was minimal so I chose to just replace. And don't forget the Jr.....that thing rocks.
  5. Pork steaks are great. I sear them before putting them in some smoke. Low and slow until they are tender. Every 30 minutes I give them a light brush of sauce and a flip. A few hours later, they are good to go. I made a batch last weekend and had some tasty leftovers for lunch through the week. Happy cooking and welcome to KG!
  6. Flats are just that. If you are looking to cook more brisket shop for a point. Points are fattier and that isn't a bad thing. The extra fat affords some forgiveness with the cook as they do not dry out as quickly as flats. Good luck.
  7. Nice cook. Bookmarked for the recipe.
  8. The dome thermometer will get you in the ballpark....eventually (on longer cooks) but should not be relied upon solely. Use a pit probe if you want to monitor the temps more closely. As far as maintaining temps, what works best for me is to only adjust the top vent. My bottom vent is always wide open. For low and slow, I use one starter. As soon as it burns out I reassemble the diverter and grate and open the top vent completely. When I get around 75 degrees under my goal temp I shut down the top vent to the half moon and walk away. @0 minutes later I check my temp, if it is too low I adjust the top vent ever so slightly and walk away. It is easier to make small upwards adjustments that to calm the fire to bring the temp down. Please note that "goal temp" is not a specific temp but a range of temps. I would ditch the water pan. It is not required with kamado-style cookers. The over-smoked flavor could be a result of not waiting until the harsh smoke from freshly lit charcoal has burned off. Higher temps need a good amount of charcoal to burn. This can take some time for the fire to stabilize. How long do you wait before you start cooking? Keep at it. It takes some time and practice to get familiar with an Akorn. An Akorn was my entry into kamado cooking and I still love to use it to this day. You will get to the point where you will be able to predict how the Akorn will react and you will be able to adjust accordingly. Find what best works for you and all will be golden.
  9. I always cook butts between 300 and 330 will great results. Maybe a touch less bark then rolling low but nothing too noticeable.
  10. Welcome to the board! Enjoy your new Joe and your time on KG.
  11. Congratulations, John and soon-to-be SWOMBO! Must have been the stars as my brother took the jump the very same day. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  12. Welcome to B&B from a fellow Texan.
  13. IME, the Akorn Jr is a rock solid cooker both in terms of build and cooking. While I performed all sorts of mods to my Akorn I have not touched the Jr. Put it together and started cooking. Simple as. No mess, no fuss. The Jr. holds temp like a champion. High heat or low heat, the cooker maintains temps. Granted it is a small cooker so it doesn't take much for the temps to fluctuate. But if you get it steady, it will come back around. Oh, the thermometer isn't great but does it even need to be? It will get you in the ballpark of the desired temp but that is about it. Can't speak to longevity but I have been pleased with the Akorn. Like its big brother, the Jr. gets covered when not in use. BTW- I would recommend also purchasing their Smoking Stone for indirect cooking. Just works.
  14. That is a fine looking plate of food, my friend.
  15. Nice! That 3/4 by 1/4 has got to be a beast.