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  1. Opening the lid introduces more oxygen to the fire so temp spikes are normal. To minimize the spikes don't keep the lid open too long. Open and do your business. Alternately, you could close the bottom vent before opening the lid if you plan to keep the lid open for more than a few moments. Either way, after you close the lid the kamado should settle back to temperature.
  2. Welcome aboard. Mmmm, poppers.
  3. Thanks. Let's hope the rain will settle a bit and we can get back to the pit!
  4. Four months in and down 60 lbs. Blood glucose levels are back in line. Back to Dr in a few months and I hope to reduce or, even better, eliminate some prescriptions.
  5. Score the remnants and call it a day. I am probably in the minority but I prefer the silver skin left on. I simply score it multiple times down the length of the rack and let it rip.
  6. This year I switched over to electric with a Ryobi 40v self-propelled model. So far, so good. Love the forgoing the fuel/oil routine and the possibility of folding up the mower for storage.
  7. The charcoal grate for the 22.5 inch Weber will work.
  8. Nice! I used to make grilled burritos back in the day. Try a bit of your favorite salsa brushed on the outside of the burrito just before you grill them.
  9. I have used this source for harder to find smoke woods: https://fruitawoodchunks.com. Highly recommended.
  10. You could but why not just buy a KJ Joetisserie? I have one for a Classic that fits am Akorn quite well. So we'll that it gets used more in the Akorn than in the Classic.
  11. No need. Plenty of moisture in a kamado. IMHO a foil wrap isn't needed either.
  12. SmoovD

    Caster Wheels

    I have a KJ Classic and a few months back one of the caster brakes came undone. Not quite sure how it happened but it was likely caused by me either pressing down at angle to lock the brake or swiping up to unlock. Last week was my spring BBQ clean-out so I took removed every piece, both inside and out, in order to lift out the ceramic. With the ceramic out, it was much easier to get to the brake and to reattach to the locking mechanism. All it took was to hold the brake in place and pry the locking clasps back over the lock. Performs with a standard screwdriver. You do not need to remove the caster, just prop the stand up so it is easier to access the brake plate. Good luck.
  13. 3 month update: Down 46 lbs thus far. Blood sugars have fallen back in line and blood pressure has come down as well. Hope to get off some meds within the next few months. While the pits have been not been used as much they still get plenty of action with poultry and fish. My wife and daughter have really taken to regular meals of salmon and trout. Better decisions = healthier lifestyle. Cheers.
  14. Breast of lamb is so delicious and your cook looks wonderful.
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