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  1. I'm with dman. Turbo is the way to go. I have good as high as 33OF on butts. Knocks them right out. To the OP, IME if you fill the cooker too full it can adversely impact cooking. As long as there is plenty of airflow, the impact is fairly small. By the time you factor in that each cut can be done at different times, it is more important to keep an eye on IT at the end of the cook. Cooks are done when they are done. In the case of two butts, the time should be fairly close to cooking just one. Good luck.
  2. Oh, man. I can't think of anything worth having to join "social media". Good luck, buddy.
  3. I guess I am not as people-friendly as you fine folks. When I get "volunteered" for events for other folks, I just say "no, thank you" unless it fits into my plans. If they can accommodate my schedule, then I am fine. If not, it won't work. As much as love cooking, there is a line between being accommodating and being taken advantage of (whether knowingly or unknowingly), IMHO.
  4. SmoovD

    old joe

    Yup, Classic I in the better color option IMHO. Yes, I am biased.
  5. Congrats on the new-to-you toy. If I were you I would look at a separate pit thermometer like a Thermoworks DOT or one of the myriad of others. You get a bit more functionality by not having it installed in the Akorn. Happy cooking.
  6. Yesterday I cut a chuck into country style beefs ribs. Gave them an onernight in a marinade that contains sodium phosphate to enhance the moisture content. Two hours indirect at 275F and 2 hours wrapped (no added liquids) before they were done. I didn't temp them but they were probe tender. Tasty stuff, right there. Maybe next time, use the crutch and some liquid or go full on braise to get it where you want it.
  7. Are you referring to the fire box? It should seat solidly. Try turning it inside the grill to find better purchase. Welcome to KG.
  8. Howdy and welcome, neighbor!
  9. If it were my cooker, I would put in the claim and cook with it. When the replacement comes in, switch it out. I wouldn't think you will notice much, if any difference, cooking with the torn gasket as the tear is on the inside and should not impact the gasket seal when the lid is closed. Good luck and welcome to KG.
  10. TexasBBQRub.com has some nice rubs. I have used their Texas BBQ Rub, Old No. 2 Brisket Rub, and Grand Champion Rub. All three are very good IMHO but if I had to choose one it would be the Texas BBQ Rub. It has a nice blend of heat and sweet that goes great on any cuts of pork and poultry. If you want more heat go with the Brisket Rub, less heat go with the Grand Champion. BTW - I have never used the brisket rub on briskets as I favor S&P only with the occasional add of garlic and cayenne.
  11. I have had my Akorn for 7 years and have never had a need to replace the firebox. The grate gets flipped when it begins to warp from the heat. I do any annual cleaning on all my cookers but other than that it is just the standard process of stirring the leftover charcoal from the previous cook before adding more. That is about it. I do keep my grill covered and under the patio roof. What caused the need for replacement? Warping? Rust? BTW - Welcome to KG!
  12. London Broil is not a cut of meat but a style of preparation. Essentially, marinate before a quick high heat cut before thinly slicing against the grain. Different cuts can be cooked as a London Broil. The various cuts tend to be less tender therefore benefit from the style of preparation. I concur with above that smoking it will likely lead to a dry piece of meat.
  13. Having used the Grill Gun about half a dozen time thus far, I have to admit I love this thing. It cuts down on grill heating time for high heat cooks and it sears like a mother. Probably won't be too great at lighting for low and slow but I am cool with that. Happy with the purchase. Even happier that the Kickstarter price was almost half the MSRP.
  14. KJ Classic is main cooker but I also my Akorn a great deal. The Akorn Jr is great for small cooks or when some additional space is needed. I keep a Pit Barrel for larger cooks of ribs and yardbird. Each one works well separately and in combination. Happy shopping!
  15. Turbo those things to blow right through the stall. I've cooked butts at 330F with little impact to the final product.
  16. Mike, Congrats to you. I must admit that I am concerned about making that same transition to maintenance. It has taken some time to rearrange my eating and activities that have all been geared to reduce caloric intake and expend them more efficiently. To now revise them to maintain a healthy weight seems like yet another challenge/opportunity to fail. I guess I still need to work on my mental game to view it as another opportunity to succeed, not fail. Three decades plus of bad choices doesn't just dissipate over 14 months. Thanks for the support. May need more in the future
  17. Another good week at "Fat Camp" aka WW. I am know back at the weight I went off to football camp my freshmen year at college. Hoping to get another 10-12 lbs down to get to a goal weight.
  18. It is similar to a weedburner adapter but with a more focused flame. It can take 1 lb propane canisters or be used with a hose adapter to a larger tank.
  19. I got in a Kickstarter campaign last year for a Grill Gun. Essentially it is a cross between a paintball gun and a flamethrower. It can be used to ignite charcoal, sear sous vide-cooked meats, or scare the bejesus out of your neighbors. Company claims that the torch's max output is near 400K BTU. I don't know about that but it does throw a great amount of heat. Last night I seared a chuck roast. It took about 30 seconds a side. Tonight I used the GG to ignite a bed of charcoal in my Akorn for a high heat cook. Less than a minute at full blast and I was ready to close the top of the cooker. So far, so good. Here is a little clip. Not one of those tech savvy guys so I hope this works. https://youtu.be/N4R6jmTqVK8
  20. Down 107.2. Less than a pound to realize full recovery from the holiday season. Once surpassed it will be my lightest weight since high school....many moons ago.
  21. Welcome to KG from another Metroplexer. Enjoy your new toy!
  22. A support system has helped me. It aids in keeping me focused. As much as I don't care for group meetings, there is the occasional topic that I can incorporate into my daily routine of trying to make better decisions. I think I have a better handle on what and why I used to eat the way I did. You hit the nail on the head with meal planning. It is a pain in the neck but I have to admit that it is one of the keys to my loss. We plan meals whether in the home or out at a restaurant. Also, WW converts foods into a points system based on nutritional information. The WW app is quite helpful in try to determine and the track food/points. You can take control of what you put into your body. It is one of those "simple" things but "simple" doesn't mean "easy". Good luck!
  23. A person must learn to be creative in the kitchen because the "healthy" choices are limited. Thankfully, my family is supportive and since I do most of the cooking we walk a fine line between eating what works and avoiding too much repetition. Lots of chicken breast, pork loin, and fish, with the occasional lean cut of beef and lamb. Non-starchy veggies and low-fructose fruits, leafy greens, and non-fat dairy pretty rounds out the menu. No potatoes, no rice, no sugar, no pasta.....but it isn't all bad. You get to try all sorts of recipes trying to soup-up chicken breasts for one more meal. Kidding,....sort of. Learning how to substitute recipe ingredients is essential and part of the fun. Want mashed potatoes? How about mashed cauliflower, turnip, squash (some types), daikon, or radish instead. Want breaded chicken breast? Try crushed pork rinds or whey protein powder instead. Spaghetti squash instead of pasta. Non fat greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Cauliflower is so versatile that it is almost crazy. Alfredo sauce, to rice, to pizza crusts, to tortillas....good thing my family like cauliflower. Both my wife and I joined WW last January and it works for us. This is mostly low fat foods and taking responsibility for goes into our bodies. Based on my health, I also included lower carb restriction. I was not interested in keto but I also knew that I had been eating way too many carbs so I decided to keep carbs between 25-30 grams/day, on average. Also cut out added sugars as well as limiting natural sugars. I try to not think of my new eating habits as it as making one big change (latest fad diet) as much as a bunch of little changes (better options and better decisions). If I encounter an issue with a minor change I can deal it and endeavor to make a better decision the next time.
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