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  1. Sorry to see this. Just this morning I contacted Maverick RE an ET-85 than bit the dust after only 6 weeks of light use. I found the CSR to be helpful. Hopefully, the returns department will be as prompt.
  2. Welcome aboard. You will find a great wealth of information on the various fora on KG. The people are pretty friendly and helpful, too. You can use a Weber grate and a pizza stone/cast iron griddle in place of the smokin' stone. I would also recommend a good thermometer for pit temp and for meat temp.
  3. Looks great. I love thinly sliced butt bacon so I am going to have to give this a go. Thanks for posting the pics.
  4. I prefer pulled but SWMBO prefers chopped so chopped it is.
  5. Always enjoy watching a master at work. I have watched that video a few times over the years and every time all I can think about is the number of times he has performed that operation. He could do it in his sleep.
  6. I love braised oxtail but your cook looks great.
  7. Ah ha! I knew it was shaving gear. I also have that disorder. I started out over at Shave My Face and quickly developed a sever case of SAD (shaving acquisition disorder). Like you, I have loads of shaving creams and aftershaves. Lord help me! Too funny. I also started on SMF but soon found a home at B&B. It was actually one of B&B's forums, "The Mess Hall", that piqued my interest in kamado-style cooking. And here I am. Have a great weekend.
  8. Welcome aboard from another new member. I may live in Texas but I was born and raised in WI. Graduated from Lawrence a few decades back and always enjoyed the FRV. Still have plenty of friends in the Valley. I miss the summers but not the winters.
  9. My acquisition disorders fall right in line with this line of cooking: wet shaving and fountain pens. All three share the goal of enjoying the experience instead of hurriedly rushing through to the end product. So I have cabinets and totes and boxes full of double edge razors, blades, soaps, creams, brushes for shaving and more boxes and bins for pens, inks and papers. And then there are the bottles of bourbon and gin. As far as my experience with grilling/smokers. Plenty of kitchen experience with plenty oof time logged on charcoal and gas grills. I have also used gas and electric smokers. More hits than misses and I understand that one instrument isn't a panacea for the misses but I look forward to adding to my cooking repertoire. And maybe reversing a few of those misses.
  10. Greetings all, Just what was needed....another AD. Oh well, if a guy is going to invest some time and monies he might as well get some good grub in return. I have been lurking the past few days and have decided to climb aboard. The amount of information available in the various forums is extensive and greatly appreciated. Just purchased an Akorn. I have been gleaning as much info as possible in hopes that my transition into Kamado-style cooking will be relatively painless. Thanks, again.
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