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  1. I too am a Keg owner. I had a 2000 and later bought the 5000. I would agree with the over insulation. I would also say their quality exceeds that of an Akorn. I have two Akorn Jr.'s. One home and one at my cabin. They cook equally well although the Akorn is easier to manage only because there is more heat loss and so it holds low temps easier. Broil King as far as I know still offers a 10 year warranty. If you go for the Keg by the Tip Top Temp and most of your worries about holding temperature will be over. Steel Kamados reflect heat, ceramic kamados absorb heat. Steel rusts, ceramic cracks. The Akorn or the Keg will fire up to temps faster than a ceramic and use less fuel but ceramics tend to hold temps more easily. My 5000 is 5000 years old. It sits covered in the salt air here and so far no issue. I can also move it around much more easily if that matters.
  2. Looks great BB. Have you tried a buttermilk marinade?
  3. I've seen that name on a boat here yes and also "In Cod We Trust" If you would like to try another dish, a chain of Newfoundland Restaurants, Ches's Fish & Chips offers up this recipe;https://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwi957a_j8DhAhVITt8KHUuEDSEQFjAAegQIBRAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.foodnetwork.ca%2Frecipe%2Fchess-stuffed-cod%2F12192%2F&usg=AOvVaw2OgpR4dlH4OT_6Su8yXWsO You could try it without the bacon or substitute possibly, also a low fat cheese. The extra light tasting olive oil would work instead of the butter. The Savoury makes it. I've made the dish as it is and with variations, it's excellent.
  4. I live in the land of cod. Don't be afraid to try it with some smoke. Apple or alder works well.
  5. My favourites; Oak for beef Apple or alder for fish Apple or alder for cheese Pecan or apple for poultry. Most anything can go with pork. I'm not a fan of mesquite.
  6. Amen The Q makes a great addition to cooks at the cabin.
  7. SteelHead is farmed here off the south coast. I prefer it to Atlantic salmon farmed salmon. I often do mine over apple or alder wood smoke. Sometimes I just brine it and smoke it. Your pesto idea would be a great addition to my cook. Thanks for the idea CK.
  8. ....no I haven't and I don't believe that could happen. It can't get any hotter than the temperature beneath the brisket. That cook worked out perfectly. Once the brisket shrunk I pulled the mug and continued as I would normally do. Also consider that if you use one or two bricks under the brisket you will have to give them plenty of time to come to the same temperature as the rest of your grill given their added thermal mass otherwise you may create an uneven cooking condition.
  9. I think the Black colour is exclusive to Lowes. I have one of each and to get the black Lowes was the only provider as far as I know.
  10. Nice looking meat loaf. I like the way you cooked it and let it drain. I love smoked meatloaf done on a Kamado.
  11. You can do it either way. There are plenty of videos out there using both methods. Personally I think I like cold smoking better with the skin on but that's my preference.
  12. Curious to know how you made out? Broil King is pretty good with their service however the Bubba may not ever have had a 10 years warranty. If the rest of your cooker is in good shape might be worth considering a new fire box. Broil King has a flat rate shipping fee or did of $14.95 for whatever. They did make some changes to the now Keg but I don't think the actual dimensions are any different. They have their advantages.....mainly fuel misers, but harder to hold back at low temps. It would be interesting to know....how many people on this site have a 10 year old ceramic cooker without having a cracked firebox?
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