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  1. I like the serving tray, that must be new. The nice thing about the fry pan is that it is deeper and you can foil the top of it creating an airspace so your drippings won't burn. I will tell you that after repeated exposure to the extreme heat it will rust and so you have some maintenance you would not have with a stone but overall as a diffuser either would work.
  2. K'man

    Pizza Stone Where? and Pizza Sticking to stone

    R U cooking on the Jr. or the full size Akorn? The dome is a lot closer on the Jr., I've never had a problem doing that but in order to save the seasoning on my grate I've switched to a 2 stone set-up using a canning rack which fits snug into the fire bowl. I have the smokin stone beneath and my pizza stone on top of the rack. It is elevated a little more this way.
  3. K'man

    Recommendations on gloves?

    I like the "ove" glove for handling hot grates or stones. They are not good for handling meats though.
  4. Now if she could only learn how to sharpen that knife collection
  5. You will be a very happy camper. The Jr's are amazing little cookers. I cook for 4 often with it and about the only thing I can't cook is a whole turkey. Enjoy
  6. Outstanding cook KK, very thoughtful! Kudos to you for coming up with this idea. Guess nobody is going anywhere given the fact John is going to maintain the site. On that note your efforts as a moderator are also very much appreciated. I'm glad the family is staying together!
  7. K'man

    Duck Eggs Benedict

    That looks awesome. I get duck eggs regularly. I love their texture. They make a great crustless quiche too.
  8. One of the best cooking sites I've had the pleasure of being a part of. I will be sorry to see it go too. I have no interest in becoming a FB member.
  9. K'man


    Awesome cook. Great result using the rotisserie.
  10. K'man

    It's been a good ride...

    My Keg cooks like a champ. To me the very best accessory is the Tip Top Temp and three small magnets. I've had my TTT now for about 5 years and holding constant temps is still easy. My thermometer is still accurate, but when the time comes, I'll buy a Tel True as well.
  11. If you get rid of the interlock bricks you will come to temperature a lot faster. You really don't need that much thermal mass. All that's doing is soaking up your heat. Raising your cook higher into the dome is the way to go in order to achieve the convection cooking from the dome. The two stone set-up with an airspace in between is a tried and true method. Good luck with your experiment but I don't see it working either.
  12. I have an Akorn Jr. which is pretty much the same size as your Jr. I prefer a 10" stone mainly because it allows for more air flow but as long as you raise the 12" I'm sure it will work. I do personal pan pizzas with the 10" Everyone makes their own and I cook them. The Jr. sized Kamado is killer for pizza.
  13. G-A-R-Y have a look here https://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiWivjXrrLcAhWwVt8KHXk4BNcQFjABegQIBRAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Famazingribs.com%2Ftested-recipes%2Fspice-rubs-and-pastes&usg=AOvVaw1JrXhHeHRpb-Qtq6XlfUTF One of many sites. I really like some if his rubs. You might consider the Big Bad Beef Rub for brisket. I really liked it on beef. I also use the Simon and Garfunkel rub for pork & chicken. There's a lamb rub there too.
  14. I love chicken thighs so the other day I decided to cook 4. I really like Franks Buffalo sauce so I marinated the thighs overnight. Sometimes I will inject the thighs, sometimes I'll take a tsp. and just slip a little sauce under the skin but without a doubt Franks Buffalo is my favourite. I decided to use some Panko crumbs. Thought I had some but no and the stores were closed. I had a part bag of Old El Paso thick cut corn chips. Popped a few into my bullet and made crumbs. Put the wet thighs in a container with the crumbs, gave them a shake, then into the Kamado at 400˚F. There was enough oil in the chips, the thighs almost tasted deep fried. The corn chip taste with Franks Buffalo was a perfect blend of flavours. Very crispy. Note the sun played a role in the colour of the first cook. Did them again with a similar result. Excellent alternative.
  15. K'man

    Pizza Stone Where? and Pizza Sticking to stone

    I'd recommend the two stone set-up for sure. I'm not great at launching off a peel so have resorted to using a steel pizza pan. I've had good success on the Akorn Jr. placing the smokin stone on top of the cast iron cooking grate and then the pizza pan on the stone. Sugar in the crust can become a problem for cooks over the 550˚F range.