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  1. Pork Butt Steaks

    They are very popular here in NL. Often sold in freezer packs of 6 or 8 at a time.
  2. Late Night Guajillio Chicken

    Looking forward to the rest of your pics and the result KK. I'm really interested in how much smoke flavor you get cooking this way? It looks like it would be delicious.
  3. If I'm not mistaken I'd say in the first graph, your meat went on at around 3:00am(if your clock is correct) and progressed beautifully from there until 3:00pm or so when you hit 200˚F and shut down. Awesome result. Not sure what to make of the second result. It's all in learning how to use whatever equipment you have.
  4. I had an ATC once, used it with my WSM but we did not get along all that well, probably just me as I'm not a tecky kind of guy. An observation I did make however when doing brisket on my Keg was there was no place I could put my grill temp probe(18" cooking surface) that was not affected in the beginning by a big chunk of cold meat hitting the cooking grate. So my thoughts would carry over to the ATC grill probe. If I interpret @damascusmaker's chart properly looks like his meat temp probe took a big drop shortly before 3:00am suggesting the meat hit the grate then but the fan did not seem to over compensate which counters my concern. I have no practical experience to share but it does remind me of lessons learned in the beginning of my cooks when adding meat would cause the dome temp to drop and me to over re-act by opening vents to compensate. That is until I thought about it. Really the fire never changed by the addition of the meat. Also then as the meat cooks it will have an affect on the dome temp as well showing temps rising as the meat cooks. I'm thinking it's like anything else....seems to be a balancing act and I'm thinking the further away you can place the grill temp probe from the meat being cooked the better.
  5. It looks like the fan did not over compensate which was my concern. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Looked at your graph. I see your meat temp. begins at 105˚F is that when you activated the Flamboss? Looks like a nice steady cook.
  7. I've done them on mine and I find the Jr. requires very little attention. Given the cooking range of a butt I would not be afraid to leave mine unattened 4-5 hours but I guess it's all about your comfort level. One thing I would mention for your consideration is if you bring that much cold thermal mass into the confined space of a Jr. I would be afraid the probe would be calling for more heat than necessary given the reduction of the ambient temperature inside Jr. Just a thought.
  8. Help me with a Greek idea please

    When I think about flavouring meat I think about making sausage. If you look at some of the seasonings used in Loukaniko I'm sure you could incorporate them into the your pork shoulder idea either through a brine, injection or a rub. Another idea could be to use a finishing sauce with Loukaniko seasonings.
  9. Awesome cook DerHusker. Red kettles do cook better
  10. I love the simple things in life and that includes a good feed of wings. Awesome cook with the wontons KK. Really nice touch.
  11. Simple Steak and Shroom Dinner

    I guess those Komodo Kamado's don't cook well in the driveway. Nice cook none the less. I'd love to have that plate.
  12. I like the fact you did not over cook the roast. The colour of the meat sliced is perfect. A brine really helps lean cuts of meat like that. Well done
  13. Brisket cook

    If your brisket was cooked that early I suggest you check your thermometer for accuracy. That seems pretty quick considering the temperatures you have mentioned. In saying that I presume your internal temps are above 200˚F?
  14. Wing Experiment

    I liked the way you rubbed them wings KK