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  1. DW take a look at the Tip Top Temp(TTT) using the search mode on this site. They're $30.00 or so. There are few pages of posts. Quite a few by people with Akorns. I think you'll find it worth your time to read the various posts.
  2. Briquettes no matter their composition produce too much ash for good burning in a Kamado.
  3. There's no way the Akorn is made from 14 gauge material. It's pretty thinly skinned in fact there have been posts on this site dealing with rivets pulling through. I'd be more inclined to believe 22 gauge.
  4. Turkey test run

    I've not done exactly what you have described but I have cooked often using both racks on my Keg. The ham will block the majority of convection cooking from the dome of your Kamado. The fat will also contain salt & nitrate from the cure dripping on your turkey...just pointing that out. I can tell you your turkey results will be different from the normal spatchcock method.
  5. SRF cowboy steak

    Shuley I'm thinking that just might be the best looking steak I've ever seen in my life!!
  6. Corned Beef

    All I can say is I'm thankful cows have two briskets. I wish they had more. I'll eat brisket most any way, not sure about this boiled thing though.
  7. Two full racks with room to spare, they look great KK. Nice cook!
  8. Akorn Mods & Fixes

    I have a similar set-up as Frank (732) and I totally agree with him about the variations on temperature depending on where you put your probe. In fact food temp can also affect prob temp. I cooked a 22 lb. turkey on my Keg and the proximity of that much cold mass(in the early stages of the cook) affected the probe reading. Placing the probe in the hot zone(outer perimeter not diffused) will give you a higher reading than in the diffused area. The point being you are better staying within a temp range and for that I rely on my dome thermometer as a guide in temp control. Be aware that you will achieve cooking from the dome through convection more so than would occur using a WSM. The difference being the thermal mass of ceramic or the insulation from a steel kamado. Over time I've stopped using my BBQ probe now and sometimes use the meat probe. I mostly use my Thermapen to confirm meat temps. I've also found the actual burn for LNS being so much smaller will wonder off to one area of the kamado creating a hotter spot. That's why I personally like a diffuser with greater thermal mass. A few years back I bought a laser thermometer to help me better cook pizza. I learned a lot from that little device. I can also say that Kamados generally will burn a little hotter at the back near the hinge area at least my 3 do.
  9. Akorn Mods & Fixes

    DW you will find grate temps above the diffuser with a Kamado will be lower than the dome temp which is the opposite of a the WSM. I now find it is not as important to monitor grate temps as I did when I cooked on a WSM.
  10. Lamb Lollipops

    I never ate lamb until I retired. I never really wanted to but.... I agreed to try chops. Well after that came more chops, Costco lamb chops are outstanding, then came a leg of lamb. Now I like that too but chops are still the best in my mind. I'd love to try lamb lollipops. Really lamb when cooked right is more tender than beef and to me more flavourful but in a good way. Give it a whirl KK what do you have to loose?
  11. Bone In NY Strip

    Yes I love a strip loin but they can be tuff. Nice cook though.
  12. tip top temp

    Yes and for the cost I'd buy another in a heart beat. The steel kamado's in my opinion are harder to hold back temps and I was able to do that better than ever before with the TTT.
  13. Right. Spatchcock chicken is a great cook on a Kamado. At 425˚F you'll get crispy skin and still have a moist bird. Indirect is the way to go. I like to catch the drippings rather than let them burn off on the diffuser.
  14. tip top temp

    Mine worked well for about 2 years until it gummed up. I used cleaning vinegar on it and it took the metal finish off otherwise it still works although I seldom use it now as my Keg sit idle most of the time in place of my Jr.
  15. no not at all. I went through 2-3 saucers when I had my WSM. I use a pizza stone on my Keg, a smokin stone on one Akorn and a cast iron frypan with the hand ground off on the other in fact there are times when I use a frypan on each. The smokin stone is just a very convenient fit with the Akorn but there are lots of other options.