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  1. K'man

    Replace metal firebox with ceramic

    Curious to know how you made out? Broil King is pretty good with their service however the Bubba may not ever have had a 10 years warranty. If the rest of your cooker is in good shape might be worth considering a new fire box. Broil King has a flat rate shipping fee or did of $14.95 for whatever. They did make some changes to the now Keg but I don't think the actual dimensions are any different. They have their advantages.....mainly fuel misers, but harder to hold back at low temps. It would be interesting to know....how many people on this site have a 10 year old ceramic cooker without having a cracked firebox?
  2. K'man

    Same Day Olive Bread

    That's great looking loaf Panchango. Hard to beat D/O bread no matter what's in it but the olives with lemon zest is a winner for sure.
  3. It sounds to me like you based your cook time believing your thermometer was accurate. Here's something to consider. Your 12 lb. of thermal mass assuming it was not long out of the fridge was likely around 40˚F. It's proximity to the dome thermometer assuming it was accurate in the first place would have a pull down affect on the air around it this causing the thermometer to read at a lower temperature at least initially. I suspect your actual cooking temperature was higher than you thought. I would also point out Akorn Thermometers are not known for their accuracy. In my case both my Akorn therms read as much as 80˚ lower at higher temps. I've found them to be more accurate in the 200-250 range. Either or both of these factors would shortened your cook time.
  4. Short ribs are simply a cross cut from the plate ribs. I like to buy the entire plate, cut them in half lengthwise. Each section makes a great meal for two. Malcom Reed has an excellent video on how to cook them. I think foiling is important part of cooking beef ribs. It aids in the rendering and keeps them moist.
  5. I like to used a drip pan too. I foil the pan with an air space between the bottom of the pan and the foil. The juices don't burn that way and can be poured off for gravy.
  6. K'man

    Stuffed Lobster Tail and Filet

    My mouth was watering over that cook KK. Awesome!
  7. Great first cook. It's pretty common to have that kind of variation in the Jr. thermometers. They are not known for their accuracy but they can serve as a guide. Also I should point out the two uncooked birds in the Kamado will have a cooling affect on air temperatures above them as opposed to below. It's just part of getting to know your Kamado and how it works.
  8. K'man

    Veggies and Steak and KK

    ............and just what do you consider cold? Glad you are have finally up and running with the KK. Congratulations.
  9. If you knew any one who worked with metal you could have a disc cut on a plasma cutter. The stone you show in picture could be your stone for pizza then all you need is a diffuser
  10. If you use that stone and buy a canning rack it will raise it up into the dome. Give it a try, there's nothing like experience but I think you could set it up in a better position.
  11. K'man

    Pizza Stone Where? and Pizza Sticking to stone

    Hi Heidi. Not sure why I could not receive messages???? Are you using a pizza pan or trying to launch off a pizza peel? If you have the smokin stone and the canning rack I'd save my frypan and just buy a small 9 or 10" pizza stone
  12. You could do that I think but I would not be cooking my pizza on it. I'd sooner it be thicker if it was mine. There are people who maintain an aluminium foil plate will act as a diffuser. My issue with that is the fire wanders off in different areas of the fire box and I believe thermal mass helps more evenly distribute the heat. So to me more mass to a point is better. Just my opinion.
  13. Lensi I can't see those two stones being interchangeable given the diameter difference but I don't own a full size Akorn. I ideally at least in my experience the smokin stone set in place is too low for the pizza if you just set another stone on top of it. You want to get the pizza up higher into the dome or at the very least as high as the cooking grate so top and crust cook at about the same time. I'm not saying you can't cook a pizza that way but.......................
  14. Yes take that canning rack and set it on your grate for an added second rack or to use it for pizza you can either leave on your cooking grate or I prefer to remove the cooking grate and friction fit it into the fire bowl. I saw your other post so gave you a more detailed explanation of my method.
  15. K'man

    Pizza Stone Where? and Pizza Sticking to stone

    I pretty much always have a bowl full of charcoal, that's up to the bottom of the 3 tabs. If you have a smokin stone, place it on the tabs. If you don't, a 10" Lodge C/I fry will work as a diffuser . What I've done is to take a 3ft. piece of 3/16" round bar and bend it into a triangle so that the points of the triangle rest on the three tabs of the fire box. That way you can suspend a 10" round disc, fry pan(without the handle) or a pie plate. Next remove your cast iron grate and insert a canning rack with the handles removed from the rack. The rack will fit inside the fire bowl by friction and becomes quite snug. This will allow you to raise your cooking height higher than with the cooking grate and save the curing from burning off the grate. Set your pizza stone on top of the rack. I lite my charcoal vents wide open and let my Jr. come about about 450˚ I have a laser thermometer I used in the past although now I just rely on the Jr's thermometer. I set the bottom vent usually to about 3 and the top vent to between 2& 3 depends on the charcoal letting it stabilize at 500-525˚F It may vary a bit as it sometimes does. I want my pizza stone to be around 500 range, not over 550˚ Because I can't launch the dough I use a steel pizza pan, I have two. Dough goes into the pan, make up your pizza , set the pans on the stone and cook about 8 minutes give or take. The more toppings the longer it will be. I open the dome at 4 minutes and turn 180˚ so as to even out the cooking and that way I have an idea how fast the pizza is cooking. At those temps the Jr. can be raised or drop temp fairly quickly so I try to maintain 500-525, no higher than 550. This set-up works the best for me. If you have any questions or need pics let me know. You can also p/m me if you like.