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    The outdoor life of Newfoundland. I enjoy the backwoods of Newfoundland, summer and winter, cruising the salt water bays, cook-ups, boating, fishing and snowmobiling.
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    Big Steel Keg

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I've been cooking since the '70's.  I started making my own sausage back in the '80's and have enjoyed feeding others ever since.   I have a Keg 5000 and two Akorn Jr's.  I love the Jr., it's my go to cooker now. It does an amazing pizza as well.  Over the years I've owned three kettles, 18", 22" and the 26".  I've also had both sizes of WSM.  I love to cook with charcoal.

I'm retired and moved from Ontario to live in the beautiful Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.  I love to fish, enjoy my cabin on the ocean and run the trails summer and winter.  The fishing here is great!


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