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  1. I've had mine for over three years. Holding up very well. I keep it outside covered with an Akron cover. I've had to replace seals but that was due a forgotten "burn off" that pegged the temp gauge for an hour or so. Warped the grate a little but still very usable. Still look forward to using it every weekend.
  2. Great looking table. What was your hole diameter?
  3. I too use a chimney for hot and fast. Then I will add more lumps after spreading hot coals if needed.
  4. Can't really see a lot from the video. Haven't seen a tease like that since high school
  5. Cooked some country style ribs last night on my two year old Akorn. Sauced them pretty good before removing from grill. Thought I would leave all vents open to get heat up to burn off sauce on grate. Well alcohol + age + hunger = forgetting to check on grill. Went back out to clean up a little more than an hour later. It was dark so I could not see temp gauge. As I reached for the sauce bowl and brush on the side shelf I could feel the heat, Checked gauge with flashlight and it was bottomed out at 700. Looked inside with flashlight and everything looked ashy white. Probably what it looks l
  6. Will always remember the excitement of taking developed film out of the tank, squeegeeing, and holding it up to the light to see how it came out. Did not matter what was photographed, just how well it came out.
  7. We just painted an used fire pit we found at a yardsale this weekend. Had plenty of high heat paint left. Thought about painting the Akorn. It's only about 1 1/2 years old and does not look that bad. For once just thinking ahead. Has everyone every painted an Akorn and if so how did it look? And did the paint job last after several cooks? Thanks
  8. Kamado looks like a king sitting on his throne under there.
  9. Has anyone in North Carolina seen this deal at WalMart? Live in eastern NC and have been to 4 different Wallies in two different towns and have only seen 8 lbs bags.
  10. Ironwolf

    Big mistake

    Guess you don gear like Walter White.
  11. Welcome. Beautiful table.
  12. Welcome. Sorry for your bad luck. You deserve many happy cooks in the days ahead
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