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  1. S60 Ohhhh so much cooking surface to grill on.... im jealous!
  2. Wow at that price I might pick up another one! I paid 799 Grrrrrr
  3. oh wow I didn't realize that. i purchased mine in Feb of this year at Canadian Tire and contacted them about the electric starter. I guess it did't really come with it anymore but the add said it did so they had to send me one.. Mapp torch and an old computer fan work so much faster anyway.
  4. Daniel if you have the Pro C it should have come with and electric starter, mine was missing when I bought it at Canadian Tire and I called vision and they sent one over. You might want to give them a call, although I dont use it much its nice to know you have it if you need it.
  5. Andy I read about that just 20 mins ago! Looks interesting I might try that route if this doesnt live up to all the hype...
  6. Well its been awhile.. Ive been so busy with work and renos at home that I haven't been here much lately. I have been cooking on my kamado quite a bit though. I finally gave in and decided to replace my gaskets with nomex fro bbqgrill store.com. I was holding out as my gaskets sealed very well until i tried to clean the top cover and the gasket up there just fell apart and the weather stripping material I used to seal the vent door got fried during a pizza cook and shes been leaking air like a broken back door! So I ordered the Nomex specifically for the vision an it arrived quickly.. then it sat on top of the fridge for about 2 months until today. My impressions on replacing the gasket.. well the hardest part is taking off the old gasket and making sure the surface is super clean, that took a lot of elbow grease until i decided to use a multi tool and a sandpaper attachment. After cleaning it up with acetone and letting it dry I opened up the package for the first time.. The gasket is white flet like material, I always thought it was a rubbery foam type of material fro all the pics.. I checked the invoice and it did say Vision Grills Nomex gasket kit. I guess I was wrong about the material it more like white felt and I can see it getting filthy in no time! It went on without any issues but it was thick and I had to adjust the lid tension to make it lay flat. Its now sitting for 12 hours so the adhesive can do its thing.. hopefully I can cook on it tomorrow. Lets see if nomex can handle a butcher cook like me.. Ill post pics tomorrow as its about to rain and I have it covered.
  7. Wow, inventive and impressive but i would not try burping that at 600F the lid may end up in Alaska!
  8. I tried pizza this afternoon, wow it cooks fast! 4min at 550F , maybe a tad too hot. Had the lava stone on the main rack and the pizza stone on the 2nd rack. The bottom was a bit toasty but it was pretty good.. I was so excited to try it i purchased a 60 dollar stone with a metal ring and a thermometer on it, it did come with a pizza peel that was pretty nice. I have a question, how do you get the pizza off the peel and on to the stone? I had such a hard time that I just grabbed the pizza on 2 ends and lifted it then rebuilt it on the stone in the grill. There's got to be a better way! Next cook will be higher up and at 450F maybe.
  9. New firebowl now has the same crack but none on the other side.. I now have dual membership!
  10. I do chicken on he upper grate at 400F, If im lazy ill put a strip of foil on the main grate and cook it and walk away with a probe in one of them.
  11. I dont know if it will fit on the bottom grate with the door and handle on it. Prob on the top grate or flip the main grate over. Not sure as I dont own one......... yet!
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