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  1. Smoke and Awe

    Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

    Oh yeah, I see what you're talking about! Thanks for the inspiration, and I might have to give that a try, maybe in the smaller pan though.
  2. Smoke and Awe

    Clams Casino Pizza

    Why am I not able to copy and paste with keystrokes? I can't seem to get it right.
  3. Smoke and Awe

    Luck brought me a Akorn Jr!

    That is a very good price and yes, lucky you. I have a back-up Akorn Jr. in case mine rusts out or something as I never want to be without one, but it keeps on going strong. Does everything I need. Have fun with that Jr.!
  4. Smoke and Awe

    Clams Casino Pizza

    I have to confess that I don't do pizza on my kamado anymore since I'm usually just doing a personal pan size and I have a neat pizza oven inside. But I do like a challenge, so for my second attempt here I will do a tried and true version of one of my favorites, a Clams Casino Pizza. It has lots of vegetables, clams, a leetle bit of bacon, and no extra sauce so you almost feel like you're eating healthy. Plus it's pretty. However, next time I think I'll just have one layer of mozzarella because the top layer covers up all the pretty colors. Here goes: I wanted to use my Akorn Jr. which meant finding a pan that would fit higher up in the dome. I decided to use the bottom of a heavy aluminum grill pan I have, and set it on top of my handy dandy canning rack. First I had to prepare and saute the vegetables, add in the clams, and set aside while I let the Akorn heat up a bit and get the dough ready. The vegetables are red onion, red pepper, green pepper, tomato, garlic,a dash of hot sauce and parcooked chopped bacon with the clams added last. The directions call for the dough to be sprinkled with parmesan cheese and Italian seasoning, then mozzarella, then the vegetables, then a last layer of mozzarella and parmesan. Fortunately I had made enough toppings and dough for two pizzas, because when I set the first pizza on the canning rack to cook, right after I took the picture it slid off to the ground. Round 2 went much better because I put a small grate on top of the rack first, then the pizza pan. I was cooking at noon in bright sun so the pictures are light, and it's a white pizza anyway that really needed the color of the toppings to be more evident. Great lunch though.
  5. Smoke and Awe

    Take Out Pizza

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy! We can not only guess, but dream of what ckreef will come up with next! Have a great vacation, and we know you'll take us along.
  6. Smoke and Awe

    Sausage crust pizza

    I know, BobE, who knew there were so many creative pizza gurus? And bigssa, this is a stellar idea, eat with a fork I presume! Great challenge entry.
  7. Smoke and Awe

    Stuffed Pizza

    Your 4-challenge-pizza goal is insane! And I know you'll get it done in typical excellent fashion. Since I'm the only one who eats pizza much in our home, I could never eat that many, but sounds like you have a great crew to chow down. I've never done a stuffed pizza, and likely won't, so good to see one done right.
  8. Smoke and Awe

    Howdy yall

    Welcome to the forum. Hope you don't have fire restrictions and can keep doing all the cooking you have planned.
  9. Smoke and Awe

    English Muffin Pizza made with daughter

    That's the spirit!! Wish we had a picture of her smile, but I can imagine it was pretty wide. Seriously, there is nothing like daughter/daddy cooking, or anything. Oh, and those pizzas look like winners to me!
  10. Smoke and Awe

    Detroit Style Pizza on a windy day

    I don't know where else to make this comment, so I'll just do it here. It occurs to me that quite often the challenge cook is something we've never done before, which means the results may not be the best we've ever done either. That shouldn't keep us from giving a good old college try to any challenge if only for personal satisfaction . So here I had a try and fail, and try again that still isn't the BEST pizza I've ever had, but it was fun to try. My point is, a challenge cook isn't always to win, but to expand our cooking chops. Not whining, definitely not whining. And one for the team.
  11. Smoke and Awe

    New from St. Louis.

    Welcome to the forum. Several here use the Akorn Jr., including myself, so you can do a search for those cooks and learn a lot. The Akorn Jr. is a gem. Happy (smoke) trails to you!
  12. Smoke and Awe

    Akorn Tips and Theories

    you're doing the learning curve very well! The kamados are so versatile for all kinds of cooks, and each one has different "rules". I've always understood that the use of water is more to moderate the temperature than to actually add moisture as you have pointed out. With the kamado, you don't need any water to add moisture anyway.
  13. Smoke and Awe

    Detroit Style Pizza on a windy day

    Things went together a little better today, and the dough was even tastier after a couple days in the fridge. I probably won't do it again soon because it's a lot of bread and more cheese and pepperoni than I usually make. I also drained my sauce as someone suggested, and I think that helped as well. It did slide out of the pan nicely. Delicious with my home made blue cheese dressing and good ole iceberg lettuce. Now on to my next idea.
  14. Smoke and Awe

    Raisin Bread

    I am just amazed at all of these beautiful loaves of rustic bread, and wonder who is eating it all? Really, you definitely inspire us to give this bread a try.
  15. Smoke and Awe

    Vegetarian Chicago Deep Dish

    I'm fascinated with this post, all the prep and the result looked very good to me. Thanks for posting a challenge entry that you might have not otherwise cooked, that's the challenge.