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  1. Oh boy, this meal really speaks to me and I might have to do some shopping. Thanks for the inspiration.
  2. I've been hungry for the perfect ham that I don't have to grow myself, so maybe, just maybe I'd better try your approach first! Sounds like a doable solution.
  3. This is definitely a "because I can" cook!! But I've never heard of a pineapple casserole. Everything else yep, I'm there.
  4. Sooo beautiful! You'd better take a picture book to your dinner, and of course send us a picture of the ham plated. Excellent job.
  5. Yeah, I know, it's not about the kamado but about the kook (I mean cook) when it's that cold.
  6. I know it's turkey time, but somehow my taste buds have been craving a good roast pork. Found this nice little bone-in sirloin roast in the markdown bin, so thought I'd try out my margarita mix brine with a rub heavy on the paprika, and garlic clove inserted in the meat. I have trouble keeping the sirloin IT at a lower temperature, because I really want it to have the mouth feel of a butt, but the marinade helped, and I pulled it at 145. Just a little pecan and apple for smoke. I did the dry rub as a paste, then marinated in straight margarita mix for 24 hours. Roasted at 300-325 degrees. Weather's going to turn and I'm only making rolls for Thanksgiving, but looking forward to all of your posts about what you cooked.
  7. I thought I was done buying things for my addiction, but now...because I love smashburgers!
  8. Congratulations on keeping the faith and ending up with a win. As far as next time, you might consider a honey glaze of some sort for the finish, but it would only be on the outside (and look good, granted) when what you really want is all the flavor on the inside. Your brining is the first step. One of my favorite brines is margarita mix.
  9. I'm on roll duty for our Turkey gathering, and these are very inspiring. Hmmm, do I dare?
  10. Healthy meal, healthy portions, good cooking!
  11. Nice birthday meal, beautiful ribs. Is your son interested in kamado grilling?
  12. Great meal, and good to keep that heat going once you get started. It does take planning, but usually makes for leftovers too.
  13. And that's how you play the game!! Love this post, your tacos look delicious.
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