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  1. I know it's turkey time, but somehow my taste buds have been craving a good roast pork.  Found this nice little bone-in sirloin roast in the markdown bin, so thought I'd try out my margarita mix brine with a rub heavy on the paprika, and garlic clove inserted in the meat.  I have trouble keeping the sirloin IT at a lower temperature, because I really want it to have the mouth feel of a butt, but the marinade helped, and I pulled it at 145.  Just a little pecan and apple for smoke.  I did the dry rub as a paste, then marinated in straight margarita mix for 24 hours.  Roasted at 300-325 degrees.  Weather's going to turn and I'm only making rolls for Thanksgiving, but looking forward to all of your posts about what you cooked.


  2. On ‎10‎/‎17‎/‎2018 at 6:53 PM, O C said:

    Beautiful! What an outstanding 'one pot' entree.I have relatives in Seattle and an old friend who last I heard lived on Whidby, have visited the area several times, would love to enjoy that dinner overlooking your view :)

    We are so fortunate to live here, especially with the El Nino that is going to happen this winter.  But our Fall has been spectacularly mild and beautiful.  We have a wood picnic table not far from that fire pit, and while it's expensive open space, it makes such a difference on how we live here.

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