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  1. It's apple season, and many neighbors are giving away apples so when I saw this recipe, I wanted to give it a try. The recipe actually called for skin on thighs, but when I went to the grocery there was a special on whole chicken breast for .99, so I thought that would work. Did a dry brine of olive oil, garlic salt and herbs for 24 hours. Got my Akorn Jr. started up on a spectacularly beautiful Fall day in the Pacific Northwest, and also decided to use a bit of apple wood chips for smoke. First roasted the chicken for 20 minutes at 400 degrees. Then added the mixture of sliced red onion, sliced red apples, and a base of cole slaw around the chicken breast. Over that poured a mixture of chicken stock and honey mustard dressing, and roasted another 20 minutes until IT was 165, pulled and rested. Just realized I didn't take a picture of the pan in the Akorn, sorry. Broccoli was what I had on hand, but I think brussel sprouts would have been a better choice. A perfect Fall meal on a perfect Fall day.
  2. Welcome to the kamado forum. You'll enjoy it a lot more now that you're joining in, and I second Bgosnell's shout out to try a challenge.
  3. Well, I just have to welcome you to the forum as I do most of my cooking on the Akorn Jr. and never tire of the little guy. If you look at any of my cooks on this forum, you will see how I use the Akorn Jr., which is somewhat different than others in that I usually cook in or on a vessel, and I use a steel mesh charcoal pan so I don't need to worry about wearing out the somewhat fragile prong for releasing the ash pan. Glad you found the forum.
  4. Even though I don't get to eat it, the picture alone is a work of art. Happy Birthday, and a fine happy meal!
  5. I was hoping for some kind of report from you all down there, and glad it's not terrible news. Thanks for keeping us updated.
  6. You did it!! Wonderful meal, beautiful chicken. Love this entry.
  7. I really want to be, I AM appreciative and encouraging, but there's also a bit of envy mixed in because this kind of meal is what I was going for when I started the whole clay oven kamado cooking thing. I'm happy to enjoy it from afar though, and super entry for starters.
  8. Wow, if you haven't entered the September challenge, you've still got a few minutes to do so! Nothing left undone in this cook.
  9. Good to the last picture! Great story and inspired cook. Yup.
  10. My goal was to get this done last Friday, but life intervened. However, today is a beautiful Northwest day at the beach, and I could do this with the ingredients I had on hand. The recipe is for Brazilian Salmon Stew (Moqueca), and I used wild caught Coho Salmon portions, in a braise of chopped garlic, green pepper, onions, fresh tomatoes, cilantro, and the surprise ingredient, coconut milk. The salmon portions were skinless, then marinated in a mixture of lime juice, cumin, sweet paprika, s & p. I've never skinned salmon before, and it's a good thing I didn't have company as there wasn't enough salmon left for more than 2... The recipe called for layering the ingredients, but for just us I halved it, so ended up with only one layer, but no problem. Used my trusty thrift store stoneware pan, no extra smoke. Had to finish the meal with some garlic parmesan rolls from the freezer. Like I said, easy and Nummy, as my husband said, but so simple in the kamado. I used the dome as my casserole lid, so the salmon got a little color on it.
  11. I'm afraid if I had something that good, I wouldn't be very generous. MINE!! Just a crazy good piece of meat there.
  12. Doesn't make me want to be pregnant (4 times was plenty), but that meal would make my tummy happy any day. Great job!
  13. I got a second one last summer in case my first one quit performing, but it just keeps going.
  14. I looked at several paella recipes too, but none as fish forward as this one, so great job!! I love paella, but since I've made several for other challenges and cooks, I didn't go there but was pretty sure someone would. Love it!
  15. I've never cooked tuna steak, so you've inspired me there. Or veal chops for that matter, but a well executed meal and challenge!
  16. I am so glad we have these challenges or I would never get to see cooks like this. What a beginning for this month's challenge!! I didn't see how you used the sauce, so more details on that because it sounded like a killer sauce. Well done.
  17. Well now there's no stopping me! I have to do this.
  18. No kidding, those look perfect! Did you dunk them in soda water and everything? Love these, perfect for Fall.
  19. And now ANOTHER nachos recipe I might have to try. Yep, looks like the real deal, only better. Show me the cheese though...
  20. Love me some nachos and can't seem to make them at home like at the restaurant. HOWEVER, yours just might do it for me!
  21. How DO you do it?!! Too funny, bye bye Larry. Where is your rainbow trout?
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