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  1. Really enjoying your post and that roast looks perfectly delicious.
  2. Welcome to the kamado guru forum, and love all those pictures!
  3. I know we all love our meat, but wow, so much more is possible! Thank you for the post; looks yummy. And yes, that cabbage soup would be a good recipe to have; I'm always amazed when my hamburger/cabbage soup with few ingredients turns out so tasty.
  4. Don't think I can say enough about this entry, because not only is it good to look at, but it's inspiring me with possibilities! What a great cook, and glad you got it into the challenge in time.
  5. See, you did it!!! And in a most amazing way, so thank you.
  6. Well, this was a "stand by and watch" cook for me, because I love the finished product but would likely not work that hard for it. However, way to go on a complete meal homemade BBQ entry!!!
  7. Don't give up! Here's a brisket flat cook I did on my Akorn Jr.
  8. Welcome, and love that you are a PROUD owner of the Akorn Jr. As am I, but your price was fantastic. Glad you've already learned some of the benefits of kamado cooking, and we can PROUDLY invite you to binge read this forum!
  9. Welcome to the forum, and you've definitely got a head start on kamado cooking! Glad you now have a space to really spend time with the kamado...we all know how that works out!
  10. Welcome to the kamado forum, and hoping the fire smoke clears so we can all enjoy being outside again here in the PNW. Looking forward to pictures!
  11. The wind beneath your wings and such paid off with perseverance, and excellence of course. Great job!
  12. Wow, that pizza works for me!! Appreciate the effort, and you deserved the bourbon, a treat you didn't have to make!
  13. I enjoy cakes that are that consistency, and blueberries always a hit. Must try!
  14. We both enjoyed the gratin and I finished it off for breakfast. I might have sliced the zucchini a bit thick, but it cooked up well. I'm going to try it again with cheddar and the fresh tomatoes, as I really like that combination also. I did have gruyere cheese on hand but still sealed, and had some asiago that was open so I used that. Maybe didn't melt as well, but the flavor was there. It feels like you're eating well, I mean healthy, and it's so good!
  15. It's my new favorite, the mini-dark chocolate raspberry sorbet ice cream bar from Dove. Being able to be home and get in some kamado time was definitely a birthday treat.
  16. Amazing! Best story I've read all day, a real picture book, and inspirational to boot. Way to bring it!
  17. I was happy to be home all day and get to make my own birthday dinner, inspired by @ckreef's zucchini gratin, and @keeperovdeflame's mayo corn. The pork sirloin chops were marinated in buttermilk, then rinsed and patted dry before applying a garlic and herb rub for a couple of hours. Sirloin doesn't take long to cook, so I did the gratin first, then the chops with the corn mixture on top. This is what it's all about. Lovely.
  18. This is great news, and I know we will all contribute what we can because there is so much positive support.
  19. Cooking in the rain works just fine with kamado's. It's the cook that gets wet! Looks like it was worth the trouble.
  20. Always an inspiration and joy to read your cooks, so glad you're back at it. When you get to the end of a perfect day...
  21. What a fantastic idea, and excellent choices for the first tribute cook. I'm working on that gratin myself today, and I'll post when I finish. Yeah, I like that "Motel 6" ending, hoping we can do that. Here's a picture by my front door with that sentiment.
  22. It's okay if I'm jealous, isn't it? Did not see this before with company and all, but I really like the looks of that Jr. The Primo XL was always too big for me and just sits in my grilling area so I need to clean it up and try to sell it. Anyway, great to see this in action. You should probably update us with a picture of your Bistro .
  23. Not too much I can add to what others have said, except welcome and I know you'll enjoy the journey once you get started!
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