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  1. I'm not sure if this is the right place,to post this.But here I go.My son shot two deer so far this year,and I wanna make some jerky.Last year I used the acorn,but didn't get much smokey taste.I think that I would get a better result,using the char-griller.I only use the char-griller,now for smoking cheese.If I use it for making jerky,does the coals need to be right in the smoker,or can I just bulid the fire in the side fire box?
  2. Where are you in De?I'm in Milford.
  3. Jack,i'm sorry that i'm late for the party.I'm trying to get stuff done before my knee surgery Jan 18.Your steaks are a thing of Beauty.
  4. I'm 66yrs old,with two broken knees.Lol.I put my truck in four wheel drive,and just keep on driving back and forth,till the snow is packed down.Lol.I do shovel a path for linda,from the stoop to her car,right through the front lawn. I'm hoping for no snow this year.Jan 18th,is when i'm having my knee replaced again.I'll be laid up for awhile.
  5. Merry Christmas,Jack.I'm sure that you will be cooking something good,over the holidays.Can't wait to see your posts.Can you smell what Jack is cooking?Lol
  6. no.I smoke the cheese and keep it in my fridge for 3 weeks,before I give it to her.
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